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It already seems to me that whatever tanks are taken in Russia, success will come anyway! It so happened that the Russian gaming community (and not only it) loves tank battles just to the point of madness. Let’s at least remember the success of World of Tanks, War Thunder, Armored Warfare: Project Armata (and this is not counting the lion’s share of other “tanks”). Our compatriots are behind the development of each mentioned game. Nevertheless, now we will talk about a smaller project, but which also adequately represents tanks on its platform.

WAR BOXES is a multiplayer 3D tank battles. The game is completely dedicated to multiplayer and rather bizarre, original tank battles. Developed by WAR BOXES for Android and iOS. But it would seem, what is so interesting there? Firstly, the game was developed by our compatriots from the “Game Mechanics” studio (aka “Game Mechanics”), and this is at least worth taking a look at. Secondly, the game is made in a colorful and pleasantly cubic style + has full internal game destructibility.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, quite recently I plunged headlong into cubic tank battles, destroying everything in my path, and just wreaking havoc on the map. Therefore, I am ready to tell you what WAR BOXES represents from the inside, how it stands out from the background of other similar games and whether it is worth playing at all.

The classics never get old

In any tanks, the task is simple: you need to either destroy all enemy combat units, or the enemy base. In WAR BOXES, you need to destroy the enemy base in five minutes. Each of the two teams has five players, each of whom skates on his own “tank”.

Thanks to the huge and varied hangar with tanks, each of the players will quickly be able to find a suitable tank for themselves. The heavy equipment set is really impressive. The developers clearly tried to please every player. For example, there are classic tanks like T-34, T-90. And there is something more fantastic like the winged “Nightmare”, which resembles Batman’s cool black car. But that’s not all, because there are more than four dozen interesting models that I recommend to examine with my own eyes.

Tanks, in turn, not only differ in appearance, but also have different characteristics: strength, damage, speed, rate of fire. That is why each of the players can have their own tactics of fighting, adjusting the advantages of technology and their talents. Some may rely on speed and rate of fire, while others may rely on power and stamina. Naturally, each type has its drawbacks, but playing as a team, each of the players will complement each other.

By the way, about a well-coordinated team: it is usually not easy to win a battle alone. Although, of course, there will always be those who want to stand out from the general background with statistics of murders. Nevertheless, this does not change the tactics: you can defeat the enemy only with competent well-coordinated work and, of course, having “straight hands”.

For each killed tanker, not only precious experience is given, but also equally important silver coins, which are the main in-game currency. The winners get all the delights of the game: there is more experience here, and there are a lot of coins. In addition, there is also a rating in WAR BOXES, followed by especially avid players. So if you want to appear in the window of the best players, win.

In the heat of battle

In fact, the simplest thing about WAR BOXES is the gameplay. It is clear, simple and no unnecessary details get in the way of the eyes. You can control a multi-colored cube tank, destroying everything that catches your eye. Although the controls can be changed. For example, you can use movement joysticks and shooting on the sides of the main interface, or resort to the principle of “shooting on a click”.

By the way, a little training is provided for beginners before the match, because, as a rule, due to inexperience, a meeting with an opponent can end in defeat. Yes, in order to die less, you have to get a good grip, build up to the pace of the game, etc. This cannot be avoided in any game like this, so don’t be too upset or upset if you are defeated.

But this does not mean that the enemy cannot be defeated. As mentioned above, it is necessary to have combat tactics and a tank for it. In addition, boxes periodically appear on the map, giving a wide variety of bonuses, for example, you can temporarily close yourself with a shield, use a first-aid kit, or change ammunition for shot, rockets, etc. By the way, some bonuses can not be used immediately, but you can hold them until a special moment. In general, there is always the opportunity to defeat the one who offended you. In the end, you can set up a sneaky ambush, making the enemy tanker feel sorry for smashing your tower into cubes.

The main thing is not to be limited. The tactical capabilities of WAR BOXES may not be what we are all used to seeing in larger tanks, but nevertheless, everything is quite solid for this platform. Arrange ambushes, attack with friends ahead, use the received bonuses wisely, or even demolish a couple of objects in order to get to the enemy’s rear! This is also possible.

The battles are to be fought on a wide variety of tanks. I am glad that the game does not have some kind of “gray” monotony, from which, as a rule, the game gets boring. Constant updates bring not only new battlefields, but also brand new models of tanks. The maps themselves are well built, so there will be buildings, and various city transport, and all kinds of animals (from which you can make a chop). The maps are of medium size, so you won’t have to look for your enemies for a long time.

Golden cubes

But I will return back to the tank hangar in order to understand the technique in more detail. There are several ways to purchase equipment. The first way to purchase equipment is to use the in-game currency (silver coins). The second way is to use the local game of “thimbles”, where a war machine can become a prize. And the last option is the golden cubes.

Gold cubes represent the local elite currency, in other words – “donat money”. And for this “money” you can buy absolutely everything: from regular tanks to elite ones. To be honest, elite vehicles will be better in some parameters. However, no matter how strange it may sound, technology does not decide in battle. As in World of Tanks, skill, dexterity and attentiveness play a special role in WAR BOXES. Any player on a premium tank can be easily disassembled into cubes.

Dear friend

By the way, I didn’t just say that you can always make out the enemy in the company of friends. Because WAR BOXES has a kind of profile with a mini-chat. This is where the main social in-game communication takes place. This is where players get to know other players. It is there that you can assemble an excellent and competent platoon. This is where you can make true gaming friends. And it is there that you can simply have fun drinking tea in the early morning.

Before and after a match, you can look for future partners. Discuss upcoming or past battles and even just chat about life. After all, in WAR BOXES you can always meet interesting people and even girls if the male sex is interested. In fact, creating a game chat is a great idea. Especially in “tanks” on such platforms. It is convenient, comfortable and simple. Is not it?


If you look at the game from an adequate point of view, and not from the one that some users write on the “Play Store”: “Game Mechanics” is working hard on its first serious project, improving the balance, improving the gameplay and fixing bugs. Constant reports in social communities confirm this.

After all, developers also need to be understood. They create their first project in which they share all their ideas. Some people have a wrong opinion, as if the developers are “phoning” and doing nothing. And where does this information come from? That’s right – just out of pure air. Moreover, I always say: “Errors and optimization are a matter of time.” Considering the way Game Mechanics employees work, the game will be fully optimized soon.

If we think globally, then killing projects with vile (not even negative) reviews, we will never give domestic developers a chance to develop, thereby killing the gaming industry in the CIS. Therefore, friends, be a little loyal.

As for the sound, it’s good. Everything is voiced in WAR BOXES: from destruction and gunfire to killing cubic sheep. There is nothing that cuts ears, and in general the sound, together with the style of playing, creates a pleasant atmosphere.


So what happens? WAR BOXES is definitely not a bad game. Reviews really do not say anything sensible, because they are often either written not loyally, or with some kind of “fever”. To find out what the game really is, it’s better to go in and see, all the more, it’s worthless for you, because the game is based on the “free2play” model. Any fan of “tanks”, a lover of active communication, teamwork and action will love WAR BOXES. And the reason to return to the game will serve as frequent updates, which are aimed not only at fixing errors, but also at diversifying the gameplay as much as possible with brand new maps and tanks. And, I think, if the developers of “Game Mechanics” continue to move in the same direction, then soon we will be able to see new exciting modes, clan battles and even new animals, which can also be “delicious” to move!

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