Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

Perhaps over the past ten years, games like Halo and Call of Duty have occupied the main plot-based shooters. Having started in the early 2000s, these games were able to overshadow games like Unreal and Quake in a couple of years. Even larger, they have become the largest shooters in terms of budget, scale and sales. For a while, they went very smoothly, but closer to the fourth part, Halo began to lower its positions in circulation and quality. Even fans of the series with a lot of patience couldn’t get through Halo 4.

But this year, the situation has changed dramatically. Studio Bungie has released the well-known gorgeous MMO shooter called Destiny, which has similarities to the legendary Halo only somewhere on the level of sensations, where the events took place in a different world and with different mechanics. The creators of the Call of Duty game also did not remain silent for a long time and announced the relaunch of the series, in which, as they claimed, Advanced Warfare would become a “new era” in the series.

The events of the brand new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare take place in the middle of the XXI century. The geopolitical alignment and other threats remained the same (the Americans are also waging a war with the North Korean army somewhere on the streets of Seoul and of course they are holding Iraq under them), but nevertheless, the appearance of the war has changed its color. This time, the soldiers are dressed in exoskeletons and have personal drones, and unmanned drones fly in swarms through the streets. The sky now belongs to the long-time descendants of the V-22 Osprey, and on the ground you are controlled by walking mechanical tanks with their railgun missiles.

This time, the conflict flares up because of a worldwide criminal organization called KVA, which is spreading power plants all over Europe and the United States for completely incomprehensible purposes, and run by a man with an Arab appearance and a Georgian name Iosif Chkheidze. The Atlas Company, headed by Jonathan Irons (has the voice and appearance of Kevin Spacey), has to fight this man. Due to its military-industrial power, the Atlas soon gained immense power and became a problem even for the United States.

In general, the struggle for world peace, therefore, by tradition, this is all distinguished by the widest geography: Greece, South Korea, Iraq, Bulgaria, USA, Antarctica. Naturally, there is also an international character, for example, a Russian girl named Ilona. As usual the sweat of the tradition of the game, any performance has a globally light representation: everything around you constantly collapses and explodes. Your partners still don’t let you catch your breath, they constantly send you somewhere, so there is not enough space for your improvisation – the scripts force you to play by “notes”, and for any mistake in the cut-scene you are punished with death.

It becomes clear that the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is full of new ideas. There is an exoskeleton that will allow you to jump very high and land safely from a great height, to smash various armored vehicles with your bare hands. Also in the game there are gloves for climbing the wall, eating a harpoon, which allows you to move very quickly on roofs, etc. There are even six types of grenades, including illuminated and controlled ones. There is simply a drone and an insect-shaped reconnaissance drone. There is a shield built into the hand and of course invisibility. It remains to say that the game has a huge variety of brand new gadgets that undoubtedly bring pleasure to the game.

But the trouble is that in a single company you will not be able to enjoy all these delights, and you will not have to. You are simply given every “charm” to experience in some specific place, but otherwise all the wonders of the future industry are either not available to you, or you have no time to apply them at all. After all, this is “Cold” and here, as always, you have to constantly run, run and run again. Although a couple will cope without them it will not be difficult.

As for pomegranates, they probably create more problems than benefits. You can choose the type of grenade only before throwing it, and if you pick it up, you will need to throw it in any case, as it can explode in your hands. Very often you have to sort out grenades under a hail of bullets and quite often you throw the wrong thing.

The multiplayer mode has become very good indeed. Finally, players were given the opportunity to customize a normal hero. That is, you have your own separate editor, where you can select an individual soldier and equip him as you see fit. The most interesting items you can earn only in the process of pumping the hero.

There are a lot of modes in the multiplayer game. In addition to the old versions of the game: capture the flag, team and free combat, new ones have also been added, for example, the “ball-drone” mode. And for those who like to compete, even rating modes were specially assigned, and for those who could not still master the exoskeleton they were given a special “Classic” mode.

The maps are very well done. There are a lot of maps and they are designed for different gameplay, that is, you can find maps with vertical structures, there are maps with many ledges, bridges, etc. In general, in the end, I must say that the game has become more active – here you have to run and jump, so there is enough action in the game.

Thanks to the new engine, the game looks much better. As expected, the PCs and next-generation consoles have the best picture. The engine has all the delights of the new years – excellent and very clear textures, very high quality hero models, realistic lighting, well-designed weapon textures and much more. In technical terms, it should be noted the complete absence of physics, since the feeling that you are holding a weapon in your hands is not felt at all. This is where everything becomes quite understandable from the point of view of the game itself – the exoskeleton takes on most of the recoil, has tremendous power and even saves you from falling in a couple.


We can safely say that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was able to bypass the “Ghosts” with a spit in the back and continued the path of the famous Black Ops 2, while adding the already familiar mix to the game. Everything turned out very well. One huge step has been taken, which should help the new “Kolda” gain a foothold in the modern shooter market. Of course, the game has drawbacks, but they are small and barely noticeable. In the end, the new project is very pleasant to play, and after the failure of the two previous parts, it costs a lot.

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