Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review. Not the same Call of Duty

For the fifteenth time, fans of the Call of Duty series are ready to spend their hard-earned savings on the next part of their favorite franchise. It would seem that the more it comes out Call of Duty, the sooner everyone gets tired of it. After all, this rule applies to almost all areas of human life. But then something went wrong – it looks like Activision revealed some secret of success or hypnotized millions of players around the world. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to explain more and more commercial records of the next part of the series. Yes, this time everything is not so smooth – sales of the version on physical media sagged a lot compared to the previous game, but the digital ones for PS4 and Xbox One are beyond praise – the shooter sold in a day better than any other game in PS history. Store and Xbox Live platforms. But is everything so smooth? Anyway, please meet Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!

Not the same Call of Duty

For more than ten years (since the hegemony of the Medal Of Honor series) CoD has made us happy with a seemingly integral part of any AAA shooter with a claim to Hollywood proportions – a solid single player. The palm in the fight for the title of shooter number 1 in the world was finally captured Infinity Wards with their legendary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare back when the developers were under the wing of publisher Activision. It is thanks to the gripping plot, good characters and the dynamics of a single company so severe that even five minutes the player could not catch his breath from another exciting plot twist, MW became the undisputed leader in its segment. Good old Treyarch colleagues in the shop gave a painful click on the nose, and the team began to develop the franchise as a laggard with much greater zeal. And their sub-series Black Ops ultimately became a must-have for all fans of colorful action movies. The developers did not strive for realism, did not try to win the love of hardcore fans. Cranberries hung literally from every corner, but this is what made millions love CoD with its simplicity and fun multiplayer. Everyone knew that buying another box with a game from Activison, he would get what he really liked: love clear and dynamic multiplayer – please, want to feel like a hero of a real Hollywood blockbuster – you will, there is a desire to crumble a couple of hundred zombies after a single company – and in that case you are here.

And what was the surprise of the players when Treyarch, announcing Black Ops 4, announced that the game would be completely missing … a single player! This has never happened in the history of the franchise. And, of course, this disappointed many. Approximately a third of the players, according to analysts’ estimates, turned away from the project even before the release. But so far, real numbers suggest otherwise.

Gameplay and mechanics

Black Ops 4 has 3 modes that can keep fans of casual multiplayer shootouts busy for a long time – battle royale (PUBG, good evening!), Zombie grinder and good old wall-to-wall shootout in the best traditions of Modern Warfare 2. By the way , in every element of the game, you can see how the new CoD strives to reclaim an audience that left after the frankly weak multiplayer mode of the first part of Black Ops. Treyarch tried to reach the MW2 level, but failed. A new part of their creation, without undue modesty, wants to regain the laurels of one of the must-haves for every fan of online shootings.

The main thing that first of all catches your eye is just a monstrous TTK (time-to-kill) in standard multiplayer mode. You literally need to fire 6-7 shots at the enemy to earn one frag. With such a mechanic, it doesn’t matter how you know how to use the map, how you move around the available space, because even starting to shoot from the back, your opponent will almost always have time to turn around, jump into cover and heal completely. At first it seems like a huge omission, but then you realize that the target audience of CoD, perhaps, will meet this kind of rendering much warmer. However, if you consider that you will never feel that adrenaline rush when you climb a group of enemies in the back and shoot in cold blood, then this mechanic seems rather boring and sad. The lion’s share of the skill is lost.

The second is monstrously out of balance abilities. Treyarch boasted of the variety of bonuses and abilities available to characters, but in fact, some of the abilities turned out to be almost irreplaceable – how about replacing a regular first aid kit with a shot that restores all health on the go, without interfering with shooting? Is there an alternative to this? Yes, the introduction of the characters themselves – the so-called specialists – only exacerbates the imbalance in the game. Look at any MMO with its classes and races – equal opposition is impossible in such games. Shooters could boast of a pure dependence of success on the player’s skill, but with such innovations, this becomes impossible.

The battle royale mode, which appeared in the game thanks to the huge popularity of the well-known mod for ArmA 3, is executed at a high level. It’s interesting to play, there are very few bugs, the dynamics are much higher than in PUBG. By the way, here for the first time in the series you can use vehicles in multiplayer, which is a definite plus for Black Ops 4. I’m sure that Blackout (the so-called battle royale in CoD) will be the main feature of this part of the franchise and the main reason for the purchase. In general, many fans of casual shooters have already dubbed Blackout the killer of PUBG. Let’s see, there are chances, because the huge conveyor belt under the auspices of Activision is clearly better able to provide the game from the technical side. And with the gameplay, everything is so great.

In general, a constant fan of the series at first glance recognizes the good old Call of Duty: the emphasis is on dynamics and entertainment – everything that a consumer returning from work wants to see, who has decided to while away the evening in front of a console or PC. As for the zombie mode, everything is simple. It is executed in a classic style and is perfect for those who like a similar theme. There is nothing more to add about this.

It is also very pleasing in the game that Treyarch perfectly understood what to get rid of. More here you will not stumble upon a crooked vertical gameplay – that very attempt to replay Titanfall on its own field. Only a classic casual shootout with minimal skill dependence.

The technical side

The picture and sound in the new Call of Duty are very decent, everything is at the level of an AAA project. Explosions, animations, sounds of shots are made in such a way that you can undoubtedly be able to plunge headlong into another exciting shootout. By the way, the developers did not deceive and in Black Ops 4 you will really find a bunch of different weapons and all kinds of different cosmetics. Shooting at a good level, each type of transport has its own character. It is very pleasant to manage all this too. Treyarch did their best.

What’s the bottom line?

Black Ops 4 is more of a bold experiment than a full-fledged release in the CoD series. Of course, each new “spell” only seeks to strengthen its position in the online shooter market, but such radical changes are not quite her face.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


Good old dynamics, drive and explosions. But the lack of a solo company ruins the lion’s share of the enjoyment of these familiar Call of Duty components.

The picture is decent, watching what is happening on the screen is a pleasure. But everything is quite expected, no frills.

In such aspects, you can feel the multi-million dollar budget of an AAA shooter. The weapon sounds good for a casual shooter, just like the engine of the next transport.

Be that as it may, Black Ops 4 will be the # 1 game for a very large number of people. And precisely because of the implementation of 3 multiplayer modes, Blackout will be the ace in the sleeve. In general, it was possible to release a game with this mode alone as a DLC for $ 15-25. It would be more honest that way.

An AAA project in this aspect cannot give serious misfires. No wonder, everything is expected to be good.

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