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Crackdown 3 features those 3 person shooters where you have to destroy everything that moves. In a nutshell, the game is a mixture of Prototype, Saints Row and many other similar projects. Such games simply dump a sea of ​​action on the player and thereby give drive and fun for a long time, for which they are loved. But does Crackdown 3 have it all, and is it the kind of fun drive we need? To find out, we need to turn on our jetpack, check the weapon and hit the road.

Evil corporations and a brave hero

The plot in this game takes only a couple of lines. The only thing that pleases is that the famous actor Terry Crews is present in the videos and voice acting, who, with his charisma and humor, slightly dilutes the boredom in the game. However, firstly, it is negligible here, and secondly, it is impossible to leave on Kruse alone. But back to the plot. We play as another nameless special forces soldier who fights against evil. The evil in the game is represented in the form of the Terra Nova corporation, which has taken over the metropolis of New Providence. Having landed on the site, we immediately proceed to our main task – to clear the streets of the city from evil and save civilians. As you might guess, all forces in the face of ordinary enemies and large and small bosses will be thrown into the fight with one single hero, so we have a lot of work to do.

It is stupid to scold the game for such a banal and primitive plot, because in similar action games the situation is far from better. Always the hero is the only one who can save everyone, always the “bad guys” in the face of corporations and other evil capture everything that is possible. But all the same, I wanted at least a little variety and interest, well, maybe tell a little about the main character or think over the setting a little better. After all, it would benefit the game, and the players would become more interested in what is happening in the world of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 review

We clean the city and pump the hero

The gameplay in Crackdown 3 is based on two pillars – action and pumping. As you might guess, the second aspect serves solely to diversify the first. The game itself takes place in an open world – the city of New Providence, which is divided into several districts. Each of them must be cleaned of enemies and at the end fight the boss. You can destroy opponents in a variety of ways – using a wide arsenal of small arms, spectacular hand-to-hand combat techniques, or using various vehicles. What is important, the more often you use this or that option to eliminate enemies, the better it is pumped, opening up more and more combo attacks and weapons for you. The game has the opportunity to use a special jetpack, which makes it possible to climb almost any hill and makes the shooting in the game more dynamic. The open world in the game, albeit very beautiful and full of futuristic buildings, is rather empty and uninteresting. Yes, it is sometimes cool and fun to climb the location, but even a fan of colorful action is not surprised by such an uninteresting open world now. There are no interesting tasks, secret locations, stories of its inhabitants or anything similar. We just move from one point to another and eliminate the next group of enemies. In such conditions, even the brightest and most colorful action game can get bored over time.

Let the world of Crackdown 3 be empty and boring, nevertheless, the city of New Providence, like any metropolis, has a variety of locations. Here you can find both business districts full of skyscrapers with offices, and residential buildings, industrial districts and other zones inherent in a modern city. A similar aspect introduces albeit small, but still variety in battles with representatives of the Terra Nova corporation.

What pleases me is the opponents in the game. In addition to the fact that there are a lot of them here, they are also quite diverse. At the same time, the game does not dump all types of enemies at once on you, but intelligently gradually complicates the task. Now you have learned to scatter basic patrols and are already glad that the enemies do not cause big problems and various droids and armored cars with machine guns immediately attack you, not allowing you to relax and feel omnipotent. This approach motivates you to constantly go forward and pay great attention to the same pumping, taking care not only of your strengths, but also of your weak aspects. However, the variety and number of enemies does not negate the fact that they all behave like empty dummies – that is, they chase the main character, attack him and die from his bullets. The only way they can defeat the protagonist is with their pressure and quantity. So if you are expecting some unique tactics or unique moves from the enemies during the next shootout, then here you will be completely disappointed.

Crackdown 3 review

New Providence and its beauties

If we talk about the visual component of Crackdown 3, it is unfortunately necessary to state the fact that in terms of graphics, the game lagged behind its competitors for a couple of years. Of course, this does not negate the fact that the game is very bright and colorful, and the locations of the city are varied and interesting, but nevertheless, the scarcity of textures and the poverty of special effects is felt on the face, especially in comparison with modern competitors, where the detailing almost touches the very minor details at the location. Although for a large number of gamers, graphics are not a key component in games, and the main thing is the same drive and fun that the gameplay gives, this still does not mean that you need to completely forget about the visual aspect of the game. The only thing that can be noted is that the developers did a good job on the design of locations and enemies. Opponents in the game, from ordinary patrols to key bosses, look bright and unusual. But this does not negate the cardboardness and scarcity of graphics in the game.

Crackdown 3 review

Terry Crews and voiceover

When it comes to the topic of sound in the game, then the game also has nothing to stand out with. There is no epic soundtrack in Crackdown 3, and the same Crews, who soaks up good jokes and took part in the voice acting of the game, does not always help out. In general, in terms of sound, the game is not particularly different from another medium-sized project, roughly speaking, there are a couple of melodies and lines of characters, and that’s enough.

How are things going online?

Crackdown 3 also has a multiplayer mode where you can fly in backpacks and shoot live players. However, due to the same boring locations (which are even destroyed a little) and the monotonous gameplay, you will hardly want to stay here for a long time. A maximum of a couple of fights after completing the main campaign.

Crackdown 3 review


What do we end up with? Crackdown 3 is a corny 3-person action game that can be quite entertaining in the first few hours, and can be a couple of battles in multiplayer. However, due to the ill-conceived plot, boring open world and monotonous battles along with rather outdated graphics and soundtrack, such a game is not enough for a long time. It can captivate you for a couple of evenings, but you are unlikely to play it for a long time, and even more so to replay it. But to be honest, the developers did not prepare us for some kind of global project, but simply made a standard game as they can. But still, gamers want to be surprised and pleased with something interesting and unique, but this is not the case.

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At first, the game is quite fun and it is interesting to deal with hordes of enemies in the shining and colorful New Providence, but due to the monotony and dullness of the open world, this process quickly gets boring and even a good pumping system and a variety of enemies does not help much here.

Visually, the game is noticeably outdated and this can be seen in all its aspects: elaboration of locations, special effects, animation of the actions of the hero and his opponents, and much more. If you love beautiful pictures in games, then Crackdown 3 will most likely disappoint you.

The soundtrack in the game cannot stand out with anything special. And the voice acting in the game somehow stands out because of the charismatic screensavers with the voice of Terry Crews. In general, in terms of sound, the game also cannot provide you with something unique.

Online battles in destructive locations are also not distinguished by any uniqueness or original mechanics. We also fly on jetpacks, try to kill the same flying other player and jump from one skyscraper to another.

Single player campaign

In the beginning, Crackdown 3 is capable of captivating well with its flamboyant style and drive. But after the destruction of another hundred enemies, you realize that there is nothing special in the game, except for bright battles and a pumping system. Nevertheless, the action component of the project is at a fairly high level and will definitely delight fans of the genre.

There are no complaints about this aspect of the game. Even if the game is boring and monotonous, it is easy and convenient to deal with enemies in it.

Crackdown 3 is a pretty good 3-person shooter set in a futuristic set with an open world and a pumping system. However, due to the boring open world, outdated graphics and monotonous gameplay, this game is unlikely to become a loud and bright project, tightly occupying the category of “good average”.

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