Dark Souls 2 Review

Life is always full of various challenges. It doesn’t matter if you are moving up the career steps or trying to catch the train – in any case, you need a good strategy that will allow you to overcome difficult obstacles and achieve your desired goal. The situation is similar with video games. A long time ago, lives were saved like money, but at the moment the games have now begun to feed the players literally with a spoon, thereby restoring the lost health, setting many checkpoints in the most convenient territories. And now, players do not even think about whether they will be able to complete this game or not. The only question that still remains is how long will it take.

This is where games like the hardcore Dark Souls 2 come in. The game serves as the continuation of a series of merciless games like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 may not be the most difficult game in the world, but in return for your victories, it generously rewards for the work done. Defeating a Boss gives players so many emotional explosions that games cannot match that they literally lead the players by the hand.

That is why everyone who played the last part of the game was able to feel at ease. At the beginning of the game, an unknown portal opens to the protagonist, where he is soon sucked. The main character comes to his senses already being in Drangelik – a fallen kingdom that suffers greatly from the cursed undead. First, you decide how your hero will look, after which you decide on his class. The choice is not very wide, but also not very small, something in between. Unlike the previous part, here now you will not immediately have the opportunity to throw powerful fireballs at your enemies.

Although the skills of pyromancy are generally absent here, this does not mean that From Software has decided to limit you in any possibilities. Now you can, for example, use two types of weapons at once and spells will now consume stamina. The mechanic of hidden strikes is now more situational and some enemies will have to be killed about fifteen times! But you can still hold a weapon with one or two hands, and the ability to roll, as always, works much better than blocks. When you start to fend off enemy attacks, you really feel like incredibly successful warriors. Even if the changes are not global, but the combat system has become much more integral because of them.

When you start talking about the “Souls” series at all, you immediately remember the difficult Bosses. Dark Souls 2 is no exception. The memory immediately retains an unimaginable feeling of helplessness when meeting the first serious enemy.But if you just find yourself in a foggy forest full of ethereal ghosts, or in a tomb filled with rodents, then you begin to understand that the mythology of this world is incredibly rich. Drangelik certainly cannot impress like Lordran or Boletaria, but from the point of view of the artist’s taste, From Software has wiped its nose on many games.

Bosses are the most important elements of the dark universe of Dark Souls, which is why From Software has had a hard time surpassing themselves! A huge Gray Wolf with an even bigger sword, terrible guards Smaug and Ornstein – these monsters are very hard to forget now. In the new part, there are a total of thirty terrible Bosses, which are more secondary and each battle takes place on some territory that is flooded with acid or other filth.

And don’t think that the Boss in the finale will be the biggest challenge of the whole game. The entire award goes entirely to the multiplayer society. As in the previous part, you can also fight in PVP mode, simultaneously penetrating into the worlds of the players, representing a red ghost. You can also act and vice versa, that is, help the players by placing various markers that help in the passage. The basic elements of the game have not changed at all. The only difference is that now there are many more assistants. Heirs of the Sun, which are more similar to Soler (from the original part), will be very useful to you in the attack, but other allies – for example, the Bell Keeper or the Rat King – will help you with protection.

Death is as usual an integral part of the game. She is also present in Dark Souls 2. Now, every time you die, your maximum health will decrease and the only way to avoid the penalty is to find a unique item that exists in the game in a very limited number. Healing cans will no longer simplify your task, but, on the contrary, will complicate it, because dependence on cans of healing potions, on the contrary, increases the chance that you will use it again. If you spend all the cans of potions, then you will surely lose and there will be nothing to return back. A confident flask with Estus will increase the chances, but you will have to get to it.


Dark Souls 2 has only a small drawback – the fear of breaking the universe that was built by the previous games. Game enemies, the world – everything resembles the past. In any case, both beginners and veterans will still be happy to plunge into this game with their heads – the game also continues the traditions of the series. Some games present you with an easy, medium and hard level of play. Dark Souls 2 will make you just gather all your will into a fist! In general, fight and die, or die and fight again.

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