Darksiders 3 Review – “It’s Not the End Yet”

So we waited. After THQ closed, but before that managed to release two parts of Darksiders, the fan community of the series was left with a ragged storyline and unfulfilled dreams of a sequel. However, a little later, a miracle happened – Nordic Games bought the rights from the bankrupt publisher, republished the first two parts, earned money and announced the third part. It is worth noting that Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition were formally made by another studio, but many of these developers at one time worked on the original parts. Meanwhile, Nordic Games decided to rename itself THQ Nordic. And, despite the fact that Darksiders 3 is the purest water project of the B-class, the developers demand 45 pounds or 60 euros for it, which in fact is closer to the price of a triple-air project (AAA-class). But the game costs 2,000 thousand rubles in accordance with the regional price.


Darksiders 3. Review

A new part of the adventures of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse tells this time the story of Rage – about the third warrior from the famous four, who was called by the charred council in order to bring a balance between Light and Darkness. As in the case of the second part, the storyline in the third part starts before the final events of the original game, taking place with it in parallel. The Council gives the only assignment to Rage – to find on Earth and subsequently catch the “Seven Deadly Sins” that have broken free. And while the main character is engaged in this, players are told the key details of the overall plot, throwing up more and more new intrigues.

The development of the storyline in Darksiders 3 is weak. Dragging the whole game is only the ending with a few twists and a couple of scenes with plot bosses. The rest of the time is boring. It’s hard to wait until the final part of Darksiders 3. At the same time, even after the final scene, there is no sense of satisfaction. The general narrative did not really move from its dead point, because the players were once again brought to the end of the first part, telling about the general story of everything. The only thing worth praising the third part for is that the players were explained why the premature apocalypse began in the first place. The third part simply explains what was the starting point for the beginning of this whole long history, but no more.

Combat system and pumping

Darksiders 3. Reviews

In terms of content, Darksiders 3 is similar to the first part, although the game itself passes a little faster. Based on this, the third part does not have a huge world, as it was in Darksiders 2, there are no additional (side) tasks and the game is simply overflowing with corridor locations. Also, during the development of the third part, many mechanics were cut out. For example, the developers removed the inventory with a bunch of loot, which changed the appearance, but, as in the first part, here you can also find some armor.

Even in Darksiders 3, there is almost no horseback riding, about which all of us, however, even showed a whole video. From the merchant Vulgrim, you can no longer buy any tricks and abilities – from now on you can buy a variety of stones to restore characteristics, passive runes for weapons and many other improvements.

All techniques are available immediately upon receipt of a new “toy” of Fury: a whip, a spear, daggers, a hammer and a spinner for throwing. Discord’s pistols were not brought this time. Apparently, they had already distributed everything that had been given to the brothers-riders earlier.

The combinations of strikes were greatly simplified. However, as well as the movements of the main character. And the finishing effects, thanks to which earlier angels could pull out wings or demons to cut off their heads, were completely removed. Even bosses Fury falls somehow sparingly, cutting against the wall. At least the majority. During the entire passage with dignity, spectacular and tough will have to deal with only a couple of bosses. And even then all this looks much more censored than it was before. I think it’s already clear that darksiders 3 isn’t like that. Even if you compare the game with the first part and this is not to mention the differences with Darksiders 2.

For some reason, the developers decided for some reason to be inspired by the games of the From Software studio. By the way, what the developers themselves admitted. The most interesting thing that many people say, they say, “In Darksiders 3, the combat system has become like in the Dark Souls series.” This statement is explained, as a rule, by the fact that the entire battle is built on dodges and subsequent attacks. But honestly, that’s not the point. If you’ve played past installments of the Darksiders series, or have at least seen the gameplay, then you should know that bounces have always been present in the series. So it’s unclear why people are touting this as a fundamental change in Darksiders 3. After all, as before during the battle it was necessary to use R1 or the right “bumper”, and now all these buttons also need to be used.

In fact, in the third part of the Dark Souls series, completely different details of the gameplay “smelled”. From now on, mobs inflict much more damage – because of this, Rage can kill even a “pack of homeless people” or 1-2 stronger monsters. Perhaps for this reason, many people say, like, this is the combat system from Dark Souls – you need to dance with ordinary enemies, like the last time. Although it is still necessary to carry out rebounds and use combinations.

The mobs themselves as a couple can pounce on rage so much that it will not be possible to simply get out of this mess alive. At the same time, you miss all the timings, catch every blow. In addition, evasions do not always save. First, the mechanics of evasion in the game work strangely or, rather, periodically do not work, so the heroine misses the blows. Secondly, it is often not clear where the blows are coming from. And for this it is worth saying thank you to the local camera, which periodically blocks the whole view with some wall. Sometimes nothing is visible because of the enemies themselves, who have plastered the heroine from all sides. However, the most unpleasant thing is attacks from blind spots, when opponents are off the screen. This kind of attack seems to be warned about by the icon that appears next to the Fury, but it is so invisible in battle (plus it is also translucent) that there is practically no use for it in battle.

Still, that’s not the point. After all, in the previous games of the series, the heroes could also pile up, but there they had to die much less often than in Darksiders 3. The most infuriating thing about the third part is that now after death, Rage throws not to the nearest checkpoint, but to the last point with Vulgrim, who here play the role of bonfires from the Dark Souls series of games. Of course, there are noticeably more of them in the game than before, but sometimes you have to run unforgivably long, and at this time all the mobs will be revived on the way of the heroine, as in Dark Souls.

Pumping in Darksiders 3 is the same – it is also tied entirely to souls. Killing monsters, we find fragments of souls, which not only look like From Software (in the form of small lights), but are also hidden – in various corners, next to corpses. Next, they need to be handed over to the Fire Keeper Vulgrim to pump the characteristics. With each new level of souls, more and more is required.

Only three characteristics can be improved in the third part: health, physical damage and damage when parrying (when you need to make a timely rebound and then make a retaliatory blow in slow motion). Pumping builds are a whole sea. And the funny thing is that among other things, the developers decided to remove even chests with showers or other loot.

Like Dark Souls, Darksiders 3 also has a blacksmith, an old acquaintance, Ultane. In his workshop, you can improve the resulting weapons for a variety of fragments (again, hello studio From Software). On top of that, it will be possible to improve the runes, which can then be inserted into the weapon. And in each of them there is only one available cell.

The combat system is not fully felt. When, after the mighty blows of the War, it was necessary to start for Death, then it became clear how slow the blows of the first were. After all, Death cut enemies at a terrible speed, while each of these two horsemen had a good sense of blows. In the case of Fury, it feels like you’re just whipping the air. To feel it turns out only that blows with a hammer, which the girl will receive far from immediately. In addition, despite the fact that the heroine will receive several types of weapons, in fact, she will most often use a whip. And in general, you often do not understand that you have to play as the mighty Horseman of the Apocalypse. And not for anyone, but for Rage, which in the plot, in strength, was much superior to the rest of its brothers.

At the same time, there is no tin, no finishing. For that, the player is beaten by everyone who is not lazy. And if earlier it was possible to switch to the form of Chaos and solve especially difficult battles, taking all the blows without problems, then now if you do not evade even in this form, the heroine can easily score.


Darksiders 3. Buy Now

And they, too, degraded in Darksiders 3. In fact, there are now only three of them: it is necessary to clear the passages with the help of bombs-bugs; it is necessary to drive huge living creatures (which are springboards) to certain places and it is necessary to activate either crystals or swords with the help of blows to open the doors. Everything else is banal and simple: moving across the abyss with a whip, moving along the walls in the form of a huge ball – all this takes place on an intuitive level. There is no advanced parkour from the second part here. Therefore, Darksiders 3 looks rather faded against the background of previous games, because it really does not have any of its own chips.

And the gameplay is boring, because outside of combat you almost always need to run somewhere. Although in one place Fury tries to ridicule all the previous parts, talking about the boring number three, it looks rather stupid. Yes, the second part consisted of errands for Death, who was made just an errand boy: bring three keys, open three doors, and so on. Only here was absolutely the same system in the first part: the whole Darksiders had to collect the hearts of the bosses for the passage, to which you had to find 3 swords to open the doors, then you had to find the keys to them and everything like that. And hearts are essentially the same keys that allow you to go to the final location. And about the identical portals for the destruction of 3 shackles, I am completely silent – nothing original.

Either way, after Fury has ridiculed the moment of finding three key things, she dutifully sets out to search for the three swords. It turns out that the authors do not have any creativity, while they are trying to expose the main character as a rebel, who graphically interrupts the pathetic speeches of the Council, such as joking about stereotypes.

The Darksiders series has always been dominated by extremely old gameplay like you can’t get through the door until you spend two hours collecting 3 swords for the statues. And imagine how interesting it would be if Rage took it simply and broke down some doors with the words, like, she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time collecting these keys.

However, there’s nothing like it in Darksiders 3, so she’s bored. No interesting situations. There are no jokes or self-irony in the game. There is the most stuffy and outdated gameplay of the early noughties. There are not even interesting enemies except the Seven Sins. But there are no complaints about them – the design is just super. However, as always in the series. The art design, but not the graphics, Darksiders 3, even if it’s now being swept away by Warcraft, turned out to be cool. And it always has been. But even he does not save when you have to loop all sorts of standard cockroaches, crabs, spiders and much less often angels with demons for several hours. The game seemed to be censored because of which spectacular finishes were lost and reducing humanoid enemies to a minimum.

By the way, there is no minimap in Darksiders 3. Only the compass is present at the top of the screen. Because of this, in some places you can get stuck simply because it is not clear where exactly you need to run. And not how to go, but where to go.

Music and atmosphere

Darksiders 3. Review

Darksiders 3 doesn’t really have music, which could have been depressing even in the first part. To understand the difference, you should play the second part, where already in the Prologue included an incredibly epic soundtrack, which was not even on the final boss in the first part. And then the players were covered with a Scandinavian atmosphere with landscapes and music. In the third part, it is difficult to feel the atmosphere. Solid corridors, caves and ruined locations of the Earth.

Technical side

Darksiders 3. Description

It is not clear why the game is so demanding and makes many modern “machines” make noise as if there is a built-in miner inside. Playing Darksiders 3 as a couple is scary, because it feels like the hardware is about to explode. And the game can easily fly out with a fatal error and without any prerequisites. And given the local checkpoint system, it is unpleasant to fly out, to put it mildly.


And here we come to the main thing. Darksiders 3 doesn’t have a bunch of gameplay mechanics. There’s no decent soundtrack. No cool cutscenes, no cameraman’s work. In the third part, they saved on animations and bloody murders. Only here you should not criticize the game of category “B”, because this is a B-class game, where in principle there can be nothing super-top. Only here the price of the game suggests that this is still a project of AAA-class, so other games can wipe the nose of this project. For its middle class, it’s a good game. Darksiders 3 clearly shows that this is not an expensive God of War 4 (2018), but at the same time it is not an amateur project that parodies Dark Souls, which is launched with difficulty. Darksiders 3 is a classic medium project from the mid-noughties, which are incredibly few in our time. Therefore, the value judgment indicator jumps from extremes to extremes – many reviews say this.

About 15 years ago, many would have played this project without condemnation, but now it is 2018 and it must be recognized that Darksiders 3 is a mid-range project. No one will be able to look back at other projects and not compare this game.

The game Darksiders 3 will appeal only to those players who missed the projects from the zero. At the same time, it will not be possible to fully feel the spirit of the series. Darksiders 3 is a stripped-down piece that’s only fun to go through because of the ending. And the ending explains only a couple of points and clearly hints at the fourth part, the fate of which depends on the sales of the third part. The only good thing about this is that a hundred thousand copies will be enough for the payback of the project.

Reviewer’s verdict

Playing Darksiders 3 is hard. It’s difficult because of redundant and misaligned mechanics, disgusting optimization, boring gameplay, and lack of content for which the series is famous.

The only thing that can attract a game is art design. The graphics are old. No epic effects. No enemies of all kinds. The locations are nice, but no more.

The game does not contain any music that accompanied during travels or during battles. Because of this, the atmosphere is lost. Considering that the second part was distinguished by this, it is sad to look at Darksiders 3.Single player campaign

Unfortunately, the developers did not give detailed answers to all the questions of interest. Darksiders 3 is only worth it because of the ending, which could have been better.

The management is partly disgusting. The game has the most inconvenient camera, which constantly interferes during battles. Indicator – does not help. Minimap – missing. You don’t feel a character in battle.

Darksiders 3 deserves attention only if you are a devoted fan or you just miss the projects from the zero years. The game is not able to offer something new and in some places is even able to disappoint.

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