Days Gone review – how bikers fought zombies

There have already been a lot of games where the main character survives the apocalypse and fights with the living dead. Some of them focused on co-op (Left4Dead), some told us an interesting and touching story (Last of Us). There were also frankly walk-through games that just wanted to copy a successful concept and make money quickly. Nevertheless, games about survival in the zombie world have their own specifics and audience, and the topic itself is very interesting, although it has been used many times. Will the developers from Bend Studio, behind whom the games of the Uncharted series offer us something interesting in the new Days Gone, or are waiting for us, by analogy with other projects, boring and constantly exterminating dummies of the dead?

Days Gone review review

The story of a biker

As you might guess, in such games a very important aspect is the plot and story of the protagonist. It is she who can reveal the characters, show all the feelings of the characters and make them “alive” in the eyes of the players. What is Days Gone ready to offer us here?

And she is ready to offer us the story of Deacon Saint John – a biker and a former criminal who, during a global pandemic, lost his wife and is now forced to lead a wandering lifestyle in an almost extinct world. During the epidemic, most people turned into freaks – infected patients who look like rabid zombies, and the remaining parts of the survivors, as is customary within the genre, began to feud among themselves, grouping into gangs. It was in such a world that Deacon found himself, who has to save his wife and friends and at the same time manage to survive. I would like to note that the main character turned out to be a little cardboard and the creators of the game did not reveal much about him, and many minor characters look like stereotyped characters. Therefore, unfortunately, you are unlikely to find colorful and memorable heroes here. As for the development of the plot and tasks, the situation here is about the same. Of course, there are interesting moments and unexpected twists in the game, but most of the tasks here (especially the secondary ones) are banal quests in the spirit of “give it, bring it, kill it and take it away”. And with this a good high-quality modern project can hardly surprise anyone in our time. So in terms of plot and story in Days Gone, not everything is as smooth as we would like.

Days Gone review review

We drive a bike from a crowd of zombies

The story and plot are certainly good, but the main thing in the game, as always, is the gameplay. What can this game show here? In Days Gone, we have an open world that can be traveled both on foot and by motorcycle. At the same time, the iron horse needs regular repairs, searching for parts and, of course, gasoline. In addition, your favorite bike can be pumped, increasing the volume of fuel and improving other characteristics. In Days Gone, you can pump not only a bike, but also a weapon and a hero, but it is unlikely that you will surprise anyone in current open-world games.

When the hero is not driving his motorcycle, he performs various tasks. Most of them boil down to finding some items or destroying freaks’ nests – places where they live and where you need to throw explosives or a Molotov cocktail. There is also stealth in the game, but it is quite simple and primitive and boils down to carefully walking behind a bandit or freak in order to silently kill him. The game will need to resist both zombies and live opponents. The latter can get hold of weapons and equipment, while sometimes it is better to run away from zombies so as not to waste extra strength and ammunition.

Days Gone review review

Crowds of freaks

One of the features of the game, which the developers have been promoting in trailers, is that freaks can attack not only one at a time or in groups, but also in a huge crowd, resembling a kind of living avalanche. This element of the gameplay dilutes the gameplay well, because you can not only escape from such a crowd, but also use it for your own selfish purposes. For example, when attacking the base of local bandits with the help of sounds, you can easily set a crowd of freaks on other opponents, and then also lure it from the base to pick up all the necessary supplies. By the way, the chase from the crowd looks especially impressive when you ride the bike, because, as you know, it also makes sounds. However, even this aspect does not provide an opportunity to introduce any serious variety into the gameplay and distract you from your daily routine in the form of monotonous and sometimes annoying quests.

Outer shell

Since the game is exclusive to PS4, it simply must have the highest level graphics (especially considering the high cost of such projects). The picture in the game is really good and the rocky mountains, rivers and forests of the USA can be admired for a long time. We are also pleased with the animation of the characters, which is made at a fairly high level. Nevertheless, the visual component of the project can hardly be called “unique” or “extraordinary”. The picture in the game simply meets modern quality standards – no more and no less.

The sound in the game is also very good. The creators of the game have been attentive to this component of the game, and therefore during the passage you can enjoy many good compositions. Summing up these criteria, the game looks and sounds pretty good from the point of view of picture and sound.

Days Gone review review

What can you say in the end?

Days Gone is a pretty good project that is exclusive to the PS4, but in fact this game is not something unique and will not be able to compete with other similar games, exclusives like God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man. And the point here is solely in the gameplay. Days Gone has a large open world that is pretty boring. Yes, there are bandits, there are zombies that can form a living avalanche, but we have already seen all this more than once or twice, but the developers here cannot bring something new and surprise the gamer. If we talk about history and heroes, then the situation is similar. Yes, there is a plot, yes, there are several charismatic heroes, but the game cannot offer anything more. Banal missions, banal characters, albeit sometimes revealed from an interesting side. All this is painfully familiar and this is very little in order to rate this exclusive at the highest mark. Therefore, in the end we have a good average project, which, alas, does not pretend to be anything more. Is it good or bad to decide for yourself.

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Chasing a bike, capturing bases with bandits and running away from a crowd of freaks is initially very exciting and looks interesting. But after several hours of playing and an abundance of monotonous quests, this process gradually begins to get bored and can already get a little bored.

Sony exclusive is a kind of quality level. Therefore, at least from the point of view of the visual component, the game looks very good, although it cannot offer something unique. The special effects, animation and the general appearance of the locations in the game look pretty good and will be able to please fans of good pictures in games.

The game has a pretty good soundtrack, which allows you to well dilute the boring gameplay in some places. The game sounds good, and the presence of many good compositions allows you to enjoy not only a good picture, but also a pleasant sound. So for music lovers and fans of good tracks, Days Gone games definitely have a lot to offer.

Single player campaign

As has been said more than once in the review, Days Gone has little to offer. Unfortunately, the game does not have any variety in both the quests and the plot. All the heroes here are not very good at revealing themselves, and the tasks are very monotonous and banal in places. Of course, there are good moments in the game when this or that story about a hero is told or an interesting quest begins, but in most cases the game looks very gray and inconspicuous, which is very bad, all the more so for an exclusive.

There are no complaints about the controls in the game. Whether it’s a bike chase, a stealth murder or a shootout with several bandits – it’s easy and simple to control the main character here, and therefore, according to this criterion, the game can be rated at the maximum score.

Days Gone is a good project from Bend Studio, which can easily captivate you for several evenings and leave a good impression. However, at the same time, the game in places looks very monotonous and boring, which does not allow it to be put on a par with such loud hits as The Last of Us or God of War.

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