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The Devil May Cry series has long been a true classic of Japanese slashers from Capcom, and the franchise itself has almost 20 years of history. The DMC games had both good projects that were able to form a loyal fan base, and quite controversial games that caused controversy and resentment of these very fans. The last part of the series, Devil May Cry 4, was released already in 2008, and the restart of the series in the face of DmC: Devil May Cry in 2013 was not a full-fledged continuation, since it was developed by another studio and the action in this game took place in opposition to the events of the series. And now, after almost 10 years, Capcom pleases fans with 5th part. Did she hear her audience and go back to basics? Let’s check.

All the same heroes, all the same problems

If you describe the game in one phrase and at the same time answer the question above, then yes, the new Devil May Cry 5 is everything that fans love the series so much for and what they love so much about it. So the plot. In the town of Red Grave, another invasion of demons took place and the main characters, represented by all the well-known Dante and Nero from the last part, will have to resist the onslaught of this evil. The latter, by the way, after the events of the last game, founded his own agency for hunting demons, and at the beginning of the events of the 5th part he lost his demonic hand, which was so pleased to crush enemies in Devil May Cry 4. In addition to Dante and Nero, the game has another playable character in the face of a skinny guy named “V”, whose gameplay is significantly different from Dante and Nero. If we finish the topic with the plot, then everything is quite simple: the city is filled with demons, all people need to be saved, and the demons must be killed, so we have weapons in hand and go to battle. Very beautiful cinematic cutscenes between missions and a van for pumping weapons and skills are included.

Devil May Cry 5 review

How we will destroy enemies

In terms of gameplay, the game also remains true to the tradition of the series. We are waiting for a lot of colorful fights, where you need to kill demons as colorfully as possible performing a variety of combo attacks. All this is accompanied by magnificent special effects, and what the heroes do using their weapons and skills is simply impossible to describe in words. Nevertheless, in part 5, there are still certain changes in the gameplay and they are related to the plot. Due to the loss of Nero’s demonic hand, he must now use prostheses, which can be very different. Some turn into deadly melee weapons, some are shot with projectiles, and some prostheses can even be used as powerful bombs. All weapons and magic can be purchased and pumped in the aforementioned van, which arrives at the very first call of one of the heroes. As already mentioned in the game, there are three playable characters – Dante, Nero and V. And if everything is clear with Dante and Nero (well, except that it is worth clarifying about the latter’s hand), then the gameplay for the hero named V is very unusual and causes completely new impressions from the game. The fact is that this frail and tattooed hero uses not swords with pistols as his weapons, but his demons, who go into battle instead of him, and V controls them from a distance, only occasionally intervening in the fight. This kind of gameplay creates a strong contrast between playing as the familiar Dante and Nero, and gives a completely new experience of the game. In general, playing for all three heroes is pleasant and interesting, and a convenient pumping system and a variety of various combos and types of weapons make it possible to create your own style of play for each of the three heroes, thereby making the process of disposing of enemies more interesting and enjoyable.

Leveling up in the game is very simple and convenient. She is engaged in one of the key characters in the game in the person of the cute gunsmith Niko, who controls a special van in which the hero is pumped. You can buy anything here: new combos, weapons, skills, prostheses for Nero and much more. The way this van deserves special attention. If in many other games for pumping the hero we need to visit a separate location, where the maximum will be boring animation, then in Devil May Cry 5 in order for a van with pumping to appear, you need to find a special phone booth and after the hero’s call a beautiful and spectacular cutscene follows, where Niko comes to the hero at great speed. It all looks colorful and bright, thereby prompting more and more to turn to pumping your hero.

Devil May Cry 5 review

A few words should be said about the presence of puzzles in the game. Usually, in slashers, they help to relax and take a breath between battles with enemies. In the new part of Devil May Cry, there are quite a few different riddles and puzzles. Of course, sometimes you have to deal with the simplest puzzles to go to the next location, but there are very few of these in the game, which is probably not surprising.

Although in the new DMC, the developers did everything so that the fans of the series could see all the most familiar and familiar, the creators of the game also did not forget about the new audience, which may not be familiar with the series or even slashers in general. This applies primarily to the difficulty level of the game. If you are a beginner and choose easy or medium difficulty (here they are called Human and Devil Hunter), then most likely you will not have serious problems in the game. Of course, even on such difficulties, demons and even more so bosses will not let you relax, since to defeat each of them you need your own techniques, as well as competent use of combo attacks and skills. You also need to be able to alternate the use of one or another weapon and know several effective combinations for different types of enemies. Well, if you are a fan of slashers and went through all parts of the DMC, then you can safely test yourself and choose a higher difficulty. In addition, the game has a huge number of tests, the completion of which promises you to open many bonuses in the game, such as secret levels. So even after completing the game once, you can return to familiar locations in order to collect everything that you could not get during the first passage.

Devil May Cry 5 review

How does it look and sound?

If we talk about the visual part of the project, then the game deserves all praise. The game is full of colors and special effects, and the levels through which the hero roam are individual and memorable. The demons and bosses themselves in the game are also well done and sometimes it is not only pleasant to beat them, but also to watch them. You involuntarily think about the imagination and creativity of Japanese designers. As mentioned at the beginning, the game has colorful cutscenes that are full of dizzying stunts and special effects. In addition, the humor in the game has not gone anywhere either. The characters now and then joke and let go of various jokes in the direction of the clumsy demons and each other.

The soundtrack in the game is also made at a fairly high level. As befits Japanese games, where there is a confrontation between good and evil, the music in the game is full of pathos and tension. This only enhances the experience of the gameplay and motivates you to quickly join the next battle.

Devil May Cry 5 review


The new part of Devil May Cry from Capcom is a vivid example of a game where the developers want to go back to the origins and show in the game everything that the series is so fond of, in this case – these are charismatic heroes and colorful battles, bright battles with demons of various calibers. Devil May Cry 5 is easy and fun to play, and the characters are fun to watch. Of course, the plot here cannot be called original, and if a similar game is released every year, then soon, due to the lack of new mechanics and ideas, such a series can easily get bored even by the most devoted fans. However, to date, Devil May Cry 5 looks very good, both in terms of gameplay, as well as visual and sound components. I would like the developers from Capcom not only not to forget the origins and why the fans loved the franchise so much, but at the same time bring something new to the series and improve it, and not just use the already familiar mechanics. Well, as for Devil May Cry 5 itself, it can be recommended to all fans of good action games, from those who have been playing Devil May Cry games for a long time to those who are just getting acquainted with the genre of slashers for whom such a project would be very good experience.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


The process of destroying demons and pumping weapons for this lesson will captivate you for hours, if not days.

Nice and colorful effects in the game and levels that sometimes look a little cardboard.

The soundtrack in DMC 5 leaves only positive impressions and enhances the atmosphere in the game.

Single player campaign

Bright battles, simple and convenient pumping, a few puzzles and charismatic heroes – we have always appreciated all this in the series and this is in full in the new part.

Controlling the game makes it possible to deal with enemies easily and simply without unnecessary problems, which is what you need in a good slasher game. Except that the most difficult combos here will not be easy to give.

Devil May Cry 5 is a good slasher and a good continuation of the series, which has everything you need for a game of this genre.

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