DiRT Rally 2.0 review – good old rally racing simulator

Do you like good racing? Yes, yes, it’s good driving, not games where you can easily fit into a turn at a speed of more than 200 km / h, and where the emphasis is on the driving and behavior of the car, but on mediocre tuning and a rather banal plot. If you appreciate the very process of a good and well-developed ride in racing, then the Codemasters studio is ready to offer you something.

Rally as it is

If you set yourself the task of getting into the game DiRT Rally 2.0, then first you need to understand the essence of rally as a kind of racing. And the essence of this type of racing competition is extremely simple – as quickly as possible to get from one point to another on the track that is least adapted to driving, and even more so to driving at fast speeds. Rally tracks are usually 15-20 km long, and cars are used, albeit not the fastest, but the most reliable for such roads.

The essence of these races is that the driver must be able to choose the right strategy for the fastest and safest overcoming of the track. That is why, in such races, you always need to find a balance between speed and safety in order to get there as quickly as possible and at the same time not to leave the track. Therefore, a very important role is played by the navigator, who notifies the rider about all the details of the track during the race.

DiRT Rally 2.0 overview

The longest track to the whole world

The game DiRT Rally, which was released about three years ago, was well received by fans of realistic racing. A year later, the release of DiRT 4 from the same Codemasters took place, which simplified a number of aspects of the previous game and distinguished itself by the generation of tracks, which was skeptically received by fans of “hardcore” rallies due to the lack of variety.

In DiRT Rally 2.0, Codemasters decided to do the same as before, namely, to create all the tracks manually based on real ones. There are six countries in the game, the tracks on which differ both in terms of weather conditions and in terms of complexity, length, and the number of difficult elements on them.

In addition to tracks in the game, you can create a team of specialists, as well as improve your car or prepare it for a specific track, which, of course, is very interesting and makes it possible to have a good rest and switch after the main races.

DiRT Rally 2.0 overview

Only races and nothing more

In a difficult time for fans of good old races, when almost every racing game has an unnecessary detailed plot, a jumble of different pumping and a “unique” open world, Dirt Rally 2.0 is true to the old canons. The gameplay in this game can be described in two words – realism and driving. Before us is a good and high-quality car simulator and nothing more.

The driving process here is as close as possible to real driving for rally racing. The engine roars, the wheels skid, and if you use the handbrake at high speed and turn the steering wheel to the side, the car frame will begin to bend.

The number of cars in the game is pleasantly surprising – more than 50 unique cars, each of which is individual and differs from others in a number of technical characteristics. The game contains models from 50 years ago, as well as the latest representatives of rally racing.

Any sharp turn on the track can easily cause difficulties and problems, because in front of you is an arcade race in which if you crash into a post at high speed you will simply be carried a couple of meters away. Any mistake here can cost a torn wheel, a crumpled body or a wrecked car and the inability to continue the race.

It is very sad that such a complex game lacks any kind of training. If in the last game there were at least videos, then in DiRT Rally 2.0 there are not even banal control tips. From this we can conclude that it will be hard for beginners to play, which is a small disadvantage for any game.

DiRT Rally 2.0 overview

How is the new game different from its predecessor?

If about everything that was said above, it is fair to attribute to DiRT Rally, then the sequel has several of its own unique differences. One of them is the ability to choose whether to take spare wheels for a ride or not. Do you think this is a trifle? But no, because a few extra pounds in such a car simulator seriously affect the behavior of your car.

In DiRT Rally 2.0, you need to use strategic thinking not for one race, but for the entire series. This also applies to the repair of your car, when it is necessary to give preference to the most significant damage and take into account the upcoming arrivals. There is a track ahead at night – forget about minor dents, but be sure to fix the headlights. The repair in the new part has been slightly simplified and looks more like the repair in DiRT 4, which is simpler and more understandable for ordinary people. But at the same time, the tuning in the game has not changed much, it is still the same detailed and allows you to customize your car for any track individually.

Another important aspect of the game is the so-called “track degradation”. This is when those who had the worst result go on a “clean” track, and the more successful riders start later.

In DiRT Rally 2.0, there is also a rally cross, when all the riders start at the same time and the one who first came to the finish wins. These races are more colorful and dynamic and it is most interesting to participate in them with real players in the multiplayer that is in the new game.

DiRT Rally 2.0 overview

Rally on the network

The developers are actively working on multiplayer in the game, constantly adding and improving it. Although racing on the network in the form of the aforementioned rally-cross, as well as competitions for faster passage of the track with real players, is interesting, and the network mode in DiRT Rally 2.0 is done very well, there is a slight drawback from the multiplayer in the game. The fact is that the game requires a constant connection to the network, and this is not always convenient. In addition, DiRT Rally 2.0 is a rather complex game where you want to concentrate and distract yourself from all other aspects, so the need to have a constant Internet connection in the game seems unnecessary.

DiRT Rally 2.0 overview

Are the slopes and dirty cars so beautiful?

In the videos and pictures DiRT Rally 2.0 looked at a very high level, although this is nothing more than a trick of the developers. The fact is that such material was created on a PC with a 4K resolution, and the devices themselves in terms of power far exceeded the recommended requirements for hardware for the game.

In reality, the game looks pretty good, but there is nothing supernatural as it was in the trailers here. Nevertheless, the picture in the game is pleasant and only improves the experience of the game. The console versions work stably at 60 frames, which is also a big plus.


DiRT Rally 2.0 is one of the slightly solid and high quality car simulators in the last few years. The game has well preserved everything for which we loved the original so much and improved the game with minor but useful changes.

The game, of course, has its drawbacks, such as the fact that it will be very difficult for beginners here, and the need for constant connection to the network is a little annoying. However, we have before us the same good auto-simulator that will definitely make you fall in love with rally racing.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


A real car rally racing simulator that can easily transfer you to the cockpit of the car for long hours. But beginners here will need to “get involved” a little and get used to everything that happens at first.

The game, of course, differs from the trailers, but many developers resort to this technique nowadays, and the picture itself on the release looks very good.

The roar of a car, grinding of brakes and other sounds will make you feel like a real racer. The sound in the game is made at the highest level and does not cause any complaints.

Races with real players and competitions for the fastest passing of the tracks are certainly good, but the need to be constantly online because of this is a little embarrassing.

Single player campaign

Races, races and more races. They are well made, they are the most important in the game and therefore if you love them, then you will definitely love the single player campaign. However, too few traces, even unique ones, is the reason why this mode cannot be rated as highly as possible.

In any car simulator, management should play an important role, and here Codemasters did not let the players down.

An excellent car simulator that immerses you in rally racing. If you are a fan of a good rally and you are not embarrassed by the need to be always online and the lack of training, then feel free to drive.

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