Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC “Jaws of Hakkon” Review

Apparently the time has passed when full-fledged additions came out. From the last sensational announcements one can only remember Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. In general, such large DLCs have supplanted small additions, which should keep the public interested in the project for as long as possible. Let’s remember the company Electronic Arts, which love to release a number of add-ons, and Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably no exception. But only one thing is not clear: does this game still need an add-on?


Returning to the past and remembering the beginning of the series, the game Dragon Age: Origins, we also remember a great addition to the original game called The Awakening, which practically outgrew the original game in terms of interest. The same scope could be expected in the Jaws of Hakkon add-on, because the money for the DLC is asking for quite good money.

The plot of the supplement offers the current Inquisitor to get acquainted with the history of the previous one, who hunted one dragon for as long as 800 years ago. The new storyline takes place as it should be in a new location. Once in this new place, you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible beauty of this territory and the uniqueness, because if you remember the locations of the original part, you could notice that the locations are of the same type: forests, mountains, deserts and others. Now you have to get acquainted with the region in which everything is succinctly combined together.

Inspection from the inside

The location is not small in comparison with the locations in the original part, moreover, in terms of study, it is just as interesting. You can just travel around this area and carefully consider some flowers or something else. In general, the landscapes of the first expansion are simply beautiful.

As for the changes in the gameplay, they are not here: as usual, you move where your eyes are looking, take on a bunch of tasks, find some beautiful rare items (which, by the way, have become much more) and completely immerse yourself in the secret stories of some Avvars (mysterious inhabitants of these lands). In addition to the main storyline, as usual, there are secondary ones, but they are not so interesting and exciting, since they relate to the principle of “bring it, collect it.”

The supplement is completed in a total of seven hours, and this is if you fully study the area and trample every path in the location. It is worth noting that the addition was made exclusively for those players who have fully explored the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition (fans). Enemies are very strong and weak Inquisitors do not belong here, but in general the passage of “Jaws of Hakkon” is best to start somewhere from the twentieth level.

So far, the add-on has only been released on PC and Xbox One, but in May the add-on will be available for other platforms. The only thing that discourages players from going through this add-on is the price. For one location and a plot that is not very addictive, you need to pay 800 rubles, and if you remember, Dragon Age: Inquisition costs 1800 rubles. However, any fan of the series will definitely like the new location with beautiful landscapes.


What can I say, the addition is of course of high quality and “from the inside” it is just wonderful, but still, for that kind of money I would like to get much more, or the price is lower. But if you look at “Jaws of Hakkon” as a whole, then the first DLC is great, but again, the success of The Awakening, which was once released, cannot be compared.

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