Elite: Dangerous Review

Elite: Dangerous is trying to be like its original, its kind of “father”. Veterans of the game will immediately find familiar features in the ship, in docking, and even on long flights from system to system. And that is where the beauty of the game lies, but it just so happens that this is what served as a curse for Elite: Dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether the player is prepared or not prepared to play – in any case, everyone will have to get acquainted with Elite: Dangerous. We immediately warn everyone that at the beginning of the game she is so unfriendly to the player that she can easily scare you away.

And the thing is that the original Elite literally threw the player in space and he could do anything. However, at that time it was considered and was normal, since then no one went through and had no idea about the long training, plot bindings and so on. It must be admitted that today’s gamers are accustomed to the fact that they are constantly taking apart everything brick by brick: all the details and nuances of the game, controls, gameplay, features, and more. Well, after a long training they are sent to free swimming. The problem with Elite: Dangerous is precisely this – there is nothing to explain. Where it would seem that there should be at least some kind of prologue, where they would tell briefly about landing on some planet, purchasing goods or attacking pirates – in general, where there would be at least some short video course.

Instead of training, enemies are constantly being thrown at you, whose difficulty level is higher and higher each time. Small videos should have closed the “gaps”, but even they do not tell much. And as practice shows, players do not like to simply observe – give them practice. And this is not even the whole trouble of the situation. At the initial stages you are given such a weak ship that the first hours of the game you simply suffer. It is inspired by the idea that David Braben, together with his studio Frontier Development, simply forgot that as many as 30 years have passed, and the gaming industry has not ceased to live, so there are new technologies, manners, orders and even rules.

It is interesting that as soon as you gather your strength, figure it out and save up for a normal ship, you will immediately discover an unrealistically large, exciting, interesting and just a couple of great game. No matter how incredible the further words may sound, it is true – the Elite: Dangerous galaxy corresponds to the size of a real galaxy, with all its systems, planets and other things. Just imagine, there are about 400 billion star systems available for players to explore! Yes, the number is really hard to imagine, let alone fly around it all. Many people probably think that most are simple decorations – but no! Here you will also find systems with double luminaries, gas giants, stations and much more. Some systems are government-owned and relatively quiet, while others are swarming with pirates in couples. Undoubtedly – Elite: Dangerous conveys absolutely everything the vastness of space.

Here you really feel that you are just a tiny grain of sand in this vast universe. The distance between the planets is so huge that it takes a year to overcome it, so it is best to use hyperdrive. But keep in mind that having accelerated, you may miss the desired planet at high speed. As expected, it will be difficult at first, so practice is needed, but thanks to this you understand and feel the full scale of this game. Just admit that you will not find this anywhere else!

It is worth separately praising the quality of the soundtrack, which is simply incredible! The incredible beauty of stars, planets, interdimensional and cosmic tunnels – all accompanied by wonderful sound! Now think about the maneuvers of the ship, shooting, explosions and squeaks of on-board computers. You think right – everything just sounds incredible. The atmosphere of space is only just getting better thanks to high-quality soundtrack.

To everyone’s surprise, the plot is present in the game, but it moves only in real time and with the active participation of other players. Unlike the original, Elite: Dangerous is a multiplayer game. But do not be afraid, this is not EVE for you, you can meet players here, but extremely rarely, because the galaxy is huge, therefore, based on this, players can often be found at the starting inhabited stations and plot territories.

Surprisingly, in Elite: Dangerous, the usual laws of MMORPG work for everyone. After killing the “bad” pilot – you are encouraged, and when you meet a stranger – treat with suspicion. But everyone is trying to somehow cash in on the players. As you already understood, good friends are irreplaceable in this harsh galaxy, so it makes sense to play together with your friends. Together you will be not only fun, but also safe!

The key feature of Elite: Dangerous is probably more that the game doesn’t try to impose anything. Do you feel like shooting? Go to the mercenaries behind their heads and join their ranks. Want to trade? Billions of star systems are at your disposal. In addition, you can even engage in mining on the planets, but the problem is that this business is so hardcore that you will not be enough for a long time. However, this is perhaps another problem with Elite: Dangerous. Most of the tasks take not only a large amount of resources and strength, but also nerves. As a result, the easiest way to go into smuggling.

With regard to pumping, the game is more like some kind of shooter. Of course, the equipment and the ship are undoubtedly important here, but a skilled pilot can easily crush a ship on his shuttle that some newbie helped for helping to develop the game. In other words, it is not the virtual avatar that should swing, but the player.

But don’t think that getting away from fire is the pinnacle of skill. Here you need to correctly sit on the tail of your enemy, clearly and competently navigate the radar and be able to throw power cables on the fly. The arsenal will have a wide variety of weapons: from all kinds of laser systems and in the flesh to machine guns. Now the game has not done without consumable weapons, such as, for example, rockets. It will turn out to be correct only with time, having gained enough experience in skirmishes and in general in space, so get ready for the fact that in the first stages of the game you will often end your journey very dramatically.

But do not immediately get upset with shortcomings, bugs and shortcomings – the game is constantly being improved and refined. The game is constantly evolving, the developers of the game promise to add a huge number of new skills and functions.


David Braben can be said to have partially revived the legendary original. Yes, the game is beautiful and yes, it gives complete freedom of action, a huge and beautiful space, but still the game did not reach the same level of interest as the original game. It remains only to observe how Elite: Dangerous develops further, at the same time, we can wish good luck to the game developers, since the game is already unusually interesting, exciting and bright.

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