End of Story – Van Helsing III Action RPG Review

Players who are waiting for the continuation of any game in order to see the long-awaited number “three” are forced to sit and think about it for about five to ten years. And apparently, the Hungarian action RPG violates this “holy” law for the developers of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III, because the sequel with the number “three” came out only one year after the release of the second part. But this achievement cannot be called a result, let alone a full-fledged game. Dear friends, the large gaming portal presents for you an overview of the role-playing action The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III.


Van Helsing III is all the same gothic, dark humor, a lot of gore and an in-game booth that you can’t rake at all now. Here you are again given to deal with the crowds of ghouls who are just waiting for the moment when you come up to them, and they will pounce on you.

And since the third part is the finale, it is intriguing on several issues at once. For example, what kind of bitch is behind all the problems that have appeared in the city of Borgova? What secret from the past is Lady Katarina hiding and does she have real boobs? And when will all this shit finally end?

And in order to find answers to the questions that were presented earlier, the players, as usual, have to go there, bring that and cut off the eggs to that. As a reward, you will receive gold, experience and equipment as usual. Enemies live in all locations that you come across. Ten minutes ago, you fought hordes of monsters on the blue-colored streets of the Necropolis, and a little later you already have to wander over flying pieces of earth, plant potatoes and fight beetles that are trying to devour it.

By the way, if you haven’t had the opportunity to play the first or second part before, then dear friends I don’t envy you, because mastering the Hungarian interface is not easy. All the pussies presented on the interface are so small that it is very difficult to understand them in pairs. In addition, there is also a bunch of bitch tabs, some buttons and, again, pussies.

Well, as expected, after a long and tiring day, Van Helsing Jr., along with busty Lady Katarina, can dump into a shelter, where they can fuck until they get bored, and then, having bought a couple of useful things from a merchant with a blacksmith, again go to chop the hordes critters on the shitty streets of the evergreen Necropolis. By the way, you can also get additional experience if you send detachments of young and green soldiers on missions, or even a chimera that waits for an hour for him to be able to rip off someone’s arm or leg on command

Young Combatant Quick Course

The Van Helsing series has always been distinguished by the fact that it is a very advanced “loose” parody. The destruction of monsters was constantly influenced not only by your parameters, skills, rocking chair and proteins. In the process of killing monsters, perks, unique tricks (like putting a light bulb in your mouth), various auras, combinations and other passive bonuses, of which there were a lot, played the role.

And, it would seem, the game should become much more difficult to master, because there are also three new classes added. But there was some kind of paradox – it became much easier to play, and the role-playing system became impotent altogether – it lost all depth and variety. That is why the game at this stage is not saved by any game pills for the riser. And the cut tricks and the opportunity to create your hero literally from scratch deprived of the chance for a successful future.

Gone are the days when games of this genre could be studied for a long time. Then you went in, went to piss, and you have already told all the basics of the game. And if you add to all this the lack of Russian localization, then it turns out just tin. The characters there are talking about something, you understand their dick, you perceive them as a lump, which you do not understand either. In short, it’s better to keep silent about the voice acting, because it’s like an open wound.

For that, now there are endless jars of health that you can drink constantly. And this is not to mention the fact that there are especially powerful skills and just a huge fucking imbalance. For example, a mechanoid with a constructor hammer all other classes in the ass and they have nothing to do. In the language of a fierce nerd, these classes are “imboy”. The first will freely shoot other people’s perdaks with the help of his powerful flamethrower and at the same time cause air strikes as in some action movie, while also wearing an exoskeleton. As for the second, he constantly runs around in a group of some kind of freaks and naturally knocks down everyone who meets him on his way freely.


Speaking of classes, it’s worth mentioning that the game is mostly intended for heroes who fight at a distance. If you are some kind of an ardent fan of close combat and love being punched in the face, then you have to choose either the Assassin or the Defender. The rest of the heroes are pussies who fight from a distance. The style of this game is simple – hit and run. In general, I advise each player to switch the controls to shooter at the beginning of the game, because it will be much easier to play with him.

Well, so that the players do not get excited about the grafon, the game was “screwed” with a quite beautiful picture and a well-optimized engine, so in the game not only downloads now work faster, but it also became more comfortable to play. By the way, with the sound, the game is just as good. The shots are well-voiced, although the characters speak English, they have an accent, and each location will greet you with a brand new melody. The music is both pretentious and even epic. So if you play The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3, then your ear membranes will not burst, but you will not end up on the spot from the sound either.

Somehow we weren’t very impressed with the design of the cards, because almost a third of the game has to be constantly played within the walls of factories, city streets and factories. And instead of vast locations, the game now features very winding corridor locations.


After playing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III, one gradually gets the feeling that the developers did their best to send the new hero to retirement in order to move on to something new. That is why they probably just took and threw away some of the possibilities, an imbalance appeared, greatly reduced the time it took to complete the game, forgot to remove bugs and make a more open world. Of course, some people may like the game with its ironic and colorful action role-playing, but if you are a fan of the series, then it is better for you not to enter the game, because disappointment is inevitable and you will cry tearfully because of what these ghouls have done. developers.

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