Fable Anniversary Review

Well, the players were given once again to save the unfortunate Albion, walk through the cities and towns, kick the chicken in the ass as hard as possible and again win the fishing tournament. Improved graphics have made their way to the PC, so there’s no better reason to visit the world of Fable!

The Fable game has always occupied a special niche in the gaming industry and in the RPG genre in general. The first part of the game became its own people’s revolution. A huge number of very difficult decisions had to be made, and this was before the legendary Geralt switched from books to video games. In addition, I had to get a family, build relationships with others in between epic battles, but then it was not as natural as it is now. At that time, Fable was a kind of hero simulator. In the game, you could live the entire heroic life from the very beginning to the end. Life as it should have consisted not only in saving the whole world, but also in the extermination of whole crowds of various villains and monsters, and a couple would just like another beautiful girl from the village.

The main character was constantly growing, gradually began to become covered with gray hair, received more and more knowledge and experience, and in a couple it turned out the other way around – he grew a beer belly along with demon horns, which adorns many tattoos. In general, everything depended only on how the main character behaved. In the final chapter, they looked at him either as a noble knight in shining armor, or as an greedy dark sorcerer, whose soul was completely rotten. Of course, before the release, Peter Molyneux promised just incredible things in the game, but in the end, everyone saw not quite what they expected, but still, it was enough to conquer a millionth audience.

Soon after the first part, the second came, in which the game developers were able to develop better all the features of the first part of the game. Everything turned out simply with a bang, but still there was no atmosphere: there were no hidden magic keys, no talking doors and much more. The third part became a kind of large-scale content for Fable 2, but at the same time it still remained a very good RPG, even though the same principles that were laid down in the first two parts worked in the game. The flamboyant system of government for the whole kingdom still could not work exactly as it was originally invented. Everything gradually came down to the fact that you had to plant your money in the budget of this very kingdom.

Further, the series turned into some kind of entertainment for the Kinect, therefore, against the background of other great games with the free world, the series began to be forgotten. But this until the re-release of the first part for the Xbox 360 was announced, after which the turn finally came to the PC. Many could tell the studio Microsoft that it would be better if they released the second part on the PC, and in this they would be absolutely right. But at the moment, we have what we have. And it’s not all that bad. Many veterans of the first part cannot miss such a re-release, miss the opportunity to play a game that has long stuck in their souls.

The game is like this: new improved textures, complete with improved visual effects and, of course, Full HD resolution – all fulfill their role – the graphics in the game have become noticeably better. But despite the fact that the picture in the game looks very beautiful, the sins of animation from the past haunt the eyes and immediately catch the eye. The situation is saved by the fact that the game is made in the same fabulous and completely not serious style, so those errors look like advantages. The universe of the game turned out to be soft, bright, magical and quite cozy. Looking at this reissue, it seems that the game has not been able to stretch from a decade ago.

As for the game content, nothing has changed for the PC. You will definitely not surprise anyone with The Lost Chapters add-on, and the added bonus sets of clothes in the game do not represent anything serious either. Separately, it is better to talk about the old controls, camera and interface. The game looks so frank and rudely “licked” from the console that it is extremely difficult to enter the game without a gamepad. If you have a gamepad, then there will be no problems with an idea, since you do not need to use a mouse and keyboard. Even the most ardent opponents of the controllers will have to take advantage of them, because if this is not done, your torment will be simply endless.

The control scheme can be said to be “wild” – for example, the familiar “Esc” button has now been replaced with the “B” button, and the “Enter” button with the “A” button. In this situation, you don’t even want to enter the game as a pair. Yes, and if you drink any elixirs for the entrainment of key characteristics, you have to press a whole bunch of keyboard shortcuts again in order to finally drink this damn can. Almost at the end of the game, the controls become simpler, but this still does not negate the fact that you are presented with the most miserable and impolite interface in the entire game history.

Your camera will have another “disease” that came from the same Xbox – shaking. Each time you turn, it will spring back, which, with the huge display size, starts to wobble and nausea. But it is quite possible to get used to this, although at the first stages it will be very inconvenient. Well, the last problem of the game is its optimization! After an hour or two hours of playing, the game successfully simply eats up all your video memory, after which the frame rate begins to gradually drop. If you do not shut down the game, then it will simply freeze. You can cure this with a simple restart, but constantly struggling with sagging frame rates is not a good pleasure.


But even with all these “crap”, it is still interesting to play. And not because the re-release turned out to be more beautiful, but because the game Fable Anniversary is the same fairy-tale world. Here you can again enjoy the old musical accompaniment, while standing in the main hall of the heroes, you can wander around this world for hours, trying to find all the silver keys, you can solve the riddles that the talking doors give you. Fable can still drag you into the world of Albion as it did ten years ago. Well, Fable Anniversary is another proof that the game is worth playing.

The reissue of Fable Anniversary should be judged as another opportunity to plunge into the legendary RPG of a decade ago. Its obvious advantages are graphics and original voice acting, and its disadvantages are simply the most terrible and harsh interface, while inconvenient and nasty controls. And it is up to you to immerse yourself in the legendary history again or not.

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