Far Cry 5 Review– “Faith First!”

When it comes to the games of the Far Cry series, or about a new game in this line, everyone understands what awaits players: an open world, stealth, a lot of weapons, a banal capture of camps, the habitual pumping, repetitive additional tasks, classes like hunting and the same crafting, well, and the fight against another pathetic villain. In general, what you need to do in the game becomes clear from the very beginning. The only thing that always remains in question is what it will all look like now and what will the new villain look like?

Welcome to Hope County!

Far Cry 5. Release Date

“It’s still beautiful in Montana today, if only the sick fanatics didn’t get in the way of rest.”

Ubisoft has always approached the choice of setting creatively. Every announcement is accompanied by comments like “Wow, I’d definitely like to be there.” First there were tropical islands with a crazy leader Vaas, and then Nepal, along with the sick Pagan Minn, then the Stone Age followed.

The scene of the game Far Cry 5 this time was the northern state of Montana, which borders Canada. In a fictional district called “Hope”, a gang called the “Gates of Eden” rules and robs, led by the colorful and charismatic villain Joseph Sid. The main villain, who has the appearance of a hippster and the eyes of a maniac, tries to instill in everyone his idea of a certain “God’s justice”, which he actively preaches through executions, arson, murders and mass rapes of all allegedly “sinners”.

The main goal of the fanatics from the “Gate of Eden” group is to help the inhabitants of the small towns of Hope County “escape”, apparently, from the horrors of the 21st century. Fanatics, despite their radical and harsh measures, bar the windows and doors of strip clubs, but at the same time are engaged in a real robbery. In addition, they do not offer any alternative choice, so either people join their sect, or they are buried alive, for example. Of course, the locals in the person of farmers and their children tried to resist, but in practice it looked extremely sluggish and clumsy. However, this was the case before the arrival of the protagonist (or the heroine – now you can choose not only gender, but also race), who is the new assistant sheriff. By the way, the hero will also be ability to choose even starting skills, although the leveling tree, which is inherent in the series, remains unchanged.

“No demo has ever shown a normal main villain, Joseph Sid. Therefore, when it comes to his charisma, the conclusion is made solely based on past villains, since the developers have a real talent for creating madmen and maniacs who control an entire army. “

Moreover, the hero comes to the district in order to “deal with strange signals from the population”, after which he finds himself in the thick of events. The bottom line is that the fanatics not only completely destroyed the official local government, but also completely isolated the county from the rest of America. Therefore, mobile communication does not work in Hope County, all roads are blocked by anarchists, railways are blown up, and all ferries have gone to the bottom.

In general, the task is quite clear – to help local residents and escape from a strong cordon. This will require raising a rebellion, reducing the ranks of the sect’s supporters, destroying Joseph Sid’s most loyal subordinates, and, in the end, dealing with him personally. It is worth admitting – the antagonist turned out to be really interesting. And what is interesting in this story is how exactly the story will end, because the Far Cry series has always stood out not with the number of endings, but rather with an unexpected ending. Far Cry 3 had a curious “bad” ending, and Far Cry 4 had an unexpected “good” ending that came after 15 minutes of play if nothing was done.

“Do you also think that the dog is much smarter than the Neanderthal behind with a club?”

So the most obvious ending at the moment is that you can probably just escape from this region. After all, full-fledged aviation in the game appeared not only for fun. Helicopters, airplanes – all this will definitely help to fly out of Hope County. In addition, the developers themselves have not yet answered the question of what prevents players from simply flying away from the region. Maybe they came up with something like an air defense system on the border or by leaving Hope in a helicopter, you can really get a relatively good ending?

Theme of religion

Game Far Cry 5

“Sectarians obsessed with their faith will kick the swastika not only on clothes, but also on various kinds of equipment. This also applies to their flags, which can be thrown off in cities, as if it were an ordinary rag. “

In fact, Ubisoft Montreal did not just choose America as the scene. Everyone has long known that Americans are an incredibly pious people who consider themselves “God’s chosen” and even without hesitation, constantly declare this to the whole world.

So religion in Far Cry 5 is a good “ground” for the razor-sharp topic of social satire. After all, players will have to kill not inhuman and cruel thugs, but sick people with a Bible in their hands. And this is very important, because religion throughout history has been used as an excuse for many terrible things.

Just look at the Crusades. After all, how were the Crusaders at that time different from any Islamic radicals at the moment? So if people are now justifying the struggle for the Holy Sepulchre, then what exactly are the people of Hope County who truly believe in the coming end of the world guilty?

However, there is a possibility that Ubisoft will not disclose this topic 100%, so as not to follow some stupid world scandal. So, it is likely that the authors will do their best to make enemies as far away from a person as possible, creating an image that will not succumb to an attempt to analyze the true motives of all actions in the game.

From the screw!

Far Cry 5. Buy Now

I am sure that many will now greatly miss the towers, which were previously so much criticized. After all, it used to be so simple – I climbed the tower, opened the entire territory. In Far Cry 5, this will not happen again. Hold on.”

By the way, the planes in Far Cry 5 are now not only one of the modes of transport – from now on it is a full-fledged air vehicle that has machine guns and missiles. After all, even grenades and bombs can now be dropped from some helicopter. Of course, in this regard, the game has acquired the same air battles, tasks with the bombing of objects, etc. in this spirit. For example, in the demo version, the developers presented a mission in which it was necessary to throw a couple of “gifts” on an enemy convoy.

Surprisingly, air transport is managed quite easily. So do not worry about the fact that this part of the gameplay will be a gta 3 simulator, in which the controller went crazy when trying to establish contact with local air vehicles.

So if in Far Cry 4 there was only one gyrocopter, then in the fifth part there will be real combat aircraft and helicopters. Although this is not all, because the game has also acquired other interesting types of transport. For example, all sorts of muscle cars, vans, ATVs, boats, boats and even trains! You can ride absolutely everything. In general, in addition to the “air”, the game will please with ground irons, so during the passage it will be possible to experiment a lot.

As for the management itself, you should not expect plausibility from the game, however, as always. In this regard, Far Cry 5 is another parody arcade game. So do not be surprised when you see how a multi-ton truck is endowed with the habits of some small car – surprisingly fast and unrealistically maneuverable. So the technique is the complete opposite of what it was, for example, in the first Mafia (in general, this is rarely found in any game now).

Friend or burdock?

Far Cry 5. On PC

“Additional tasks are attacks on sectarian bases. Each zone freed from the oppression of fanatics increases the strength of resistance. Expected?”

Another interesting innovation in Far Cry 5 is the partners for the main character, which you can take with you on missions. It’s no secret that help in the far cry games could be called before, but now we are talking about a permanent companion. Characters to whom the protagonist will do a favor will definitely want to join him to help push the fanatics out of Hope County. And yet the most interesting thing is that anyone can be a partner, and even more so be: it can be a talented pilot, a sharp sniper or even a dog that can be taught to look for enemies in the bushes and bring ammunition right on the battlefield. The dog, by the way, is called Boomer. I would also like to add that the dog will be able to mark enemies on top of everything, as it was in Assassins Creed: Origins with the falcon. So the dog will surely protect its owner.

In the end, even a freed hostage who was saved by the hero from the oppression of anarchists can act as a brother in arms. It is only necessary to ask him about it and give him a weapon. It is worth noting that for the first time with such partners, the developers began to experiment in Far Cry: Primal, but in the fifth part they have already fully decided to implement this mechanic and subsequently improve.

A live person can also become a partner – there is a cooperative mode in the game. And unlike the fourth part, where you could only go through additional tasks with a friend, in Far Cry 5 you can go through everything together. This has already been seen in Ghost Recon Wildlands, only here there will be not four people in one team, but only two.


Far Cry 5. On PS4

After you pass the racing and cargo mission on this tractor, you can use it further. In addition, it can also be tuned.”

Based on the above, for sure there is already a picture of what the passage of Far Cry 5will be. The gameplay, as before, will be divided into additional and main missions. However, the most important thing to say in this part of the article is that there will be no more annoying tower grip in the game. In return, you will have to talk a lot and study the world around you based on the tip-ins. The tasks will be different, but quite familiar like the classic sweep and stealth. Of course, to dilute this monotonous work, new technology and the living world around us are called (again, if you believe the statements of the developers, it will be really alive, and the events will take place without the participation of the main character).

As for the shooter mechanics, it also remained without fundamental changes. Only some models of weapons and some models of animation have changed. So if you take this into account, look at the gameplay snippets, then you can close your eyes and calmly imagine Far Cry 4, but more dynamic, violent and to some extent more fun, but no more.


Far Cry 5. System Requirements

“And it will be possible to use agricultural machinery for other purposes.” 

Far Cry 5 is being developed on the traditional “Dunia Engine” engine for the latest games of this line. The engine showed itself well before, so it was quite obvious that the developers would again take it as the basis for a new game. However, this is explained by why the new part will not please with stunning graphics and will not be able to make a technical revolution, because it resembles its predecessor in 2014.

Technical Issues

Far Cry 5. Requirements

“Absolutely all progress in co-op mode, including experience points and weapons found, will be saved and transferred to single player.”

And, as usual, touching on Ubisoft games, it is impossible not to talk about the technical implementation. Thanks to the provided demo version of the game at the moment, we can safely conclude that the developers before the release are unlikely to have time to overcome numerous bugs. However, the authors honestly admit this, although for whom will this be news? In my memory, Ubisoft does not have such a game that would not suffer from poor optimization, the presence of bugs, technical errors and other things. Therefore, those players who every time encounter in Ubisoft games with the protruding limbs of killed enemies through textures, at the time of release will not be very surprised by absolutely the same “jokes” as before.

For that, something else will definitely surprise you – serious problems of the cooperative regime. For example, I had a mistake that caused my partner not to show up next to me at first, even though he was literally standing at the hero’s nose. And he didn’t show up until he started jumping, then at least he was glimpsed, but it was visible. Of course, I want to believe that the release of Far Cry 5 will be polished to a shine, but it is difficult to believe, to be honest. Still, as usual, the world of the game is huge, so the task is great.

Easter eggs

Far Cry 5 Output


Finally, it is worth adding that Far Cry 5 was rich in Easter eggs. For example, if you look at a small demo version from E3 2017, where the hero had to save the hostages from the cultists, and then help the future unknown pilot-partner (of course, in the way that the player himself chooses), as many as three Easter eggs were shown. What? The first is a Peterbilt truck, repainted in the color of The Autobot Optimus Prime. The second Easter egg is a lit figure of Vaas on the dashboard of the same truck. The third Easter Egg is a war chef named Casey Segal. Here you can also add melee weapons, which are painted, as a rule, in the traditional colors of the American flag (for example, a bat).

The Bottom Line

It is very difficult to draw any definitive conclusion regarding Far Cry 5. On the one hand, the developers have made a new world, in which you immediately want to plunge; an attractive new antagonist has emerged; there is a new technique that I would like to use to finally see the world of Far Cry from a bird’s eye view.

On the other hand, it is obvious that players are waiting for an updated Far Cry 4. Only the place of action, the size of the world, added some technique, and the main villain changed. Otherwise, the fifth part is the habitual gathering of everything and everything, the creation of things, the improvement of weapons, the killing of a bunch of enemies, once again the struggle for the right to be free and all in this spirit. In addition, the storyline is doubtful, since there is an opinion that the developers will go too far with a cooperative mode that will spoil the plot. Far Cry 5 is the dark horse of 2018. The game is released on March 27 2018.

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