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What is Feudal Alloy? The project is an action-RPG in the newly gaining popularity metroidvania style, where the key characters are medieval mechanized robots controlled by the most ordinary fish! And for small, cute and funny robots, many players have formed their own special, sometimes reverent attitude. In general, when you first look at the game Feudal Alloy, you immediately remember WALL-E from the popular cartoon or the protagonist of the game Machinarium.

The plot and the main character

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The protagonist Feudal Alloy (Attu), like many other locals, is completely dependent on oil. And soon he finds himself in trouble, as unknown villains robbed the village where Attu took care of the war veterans. Until the raid on the village, Attu listened to the tales of veterans of mechanized wars of the past and dreamed that someday he, too, would go on an incredible adventure. More precisely, it was not even he who dreamed, but a fish that sits inside a flask of water and controls a mechanized warrior. In general, now the main character has a reason to go towards dangerous adventures and commit a noble deed.

Gameplay and battles

Feudal Alloy Review

First of all, the game Feudal Alloy attracts with its funny setting and no less pleasant completely hand-drawn graphics. These two details can only be compared with a high-quality cartoon that tunes its person in the right way and sets the right pace for the story. Only here the first problem of the game is that during the passage you will never be able to meet any funny jokes or even unusual, but funny situations. In addition, the general concept of the game is quite standard for itself, judging by the current level of game development, since it is a quite mediocre 2D platformer with elements of action, where there is pumping and classic details of metroidvania.

Therefore, thanks to the above elements of the gameplay, it is easy to imagine what will happen next. Throughout the game, in the role of Attu, you have to jump on various ledges and platforms, try to get through traps, fight ordinary enemies and big bosses, accumulate experience points and money, and buy new equipment for yourself (for the head, chest, arms, etc. legs). All items of equipment provide their own specific bonuses, for example, an increase in armor, damage done, fuel reserve (a local alternative to health points), or to the cooling rate.

By the way, such an indicator as the cooling rate deserves special attention. In fact, the cooling rate is everyone’s usual endurance. And how often Attu can hit with his sword depends on endurance. By the way, the more often the hero hits, the faster he starts to overheat. Therefore, when the character reaches the limit, he can no longer strike (in such cases, you always have to retreat and wait for the moment when the mechanized robot finally cools down). The situation is intended to be rescued by a highly specialized cooling oil, which instantly reduces the level of overheating. As a rule, it is better to fill in such oil before any “hot” fight in order to thereby reduce oil consumption (endurance).

Thus, if you want to fight normally and be fully functional, you should always carry several cans of butter with you. The only problem is that there is an application animation. There is no way to interrupt the animation, which means that the main character soon becomes completely defenseless. Of course, in battles you need to not only watch out for the oil and drink cans of this liquid, but also dodge blows and jump dashingly.

Equipment helps in part to solve serious oil problems. Only you can decide what to wear and what to focus on. Therefore, you can collect different types of equipment. Some items of equipment increase damage and armor, while others reduce the speed of the robot overheating, or vice versa, increase the cooling efficiency. Not without abilities. As you accumulate experience, you will receive skill points. Skill points can be distributed across three corresponding talent trees. There are three branches in the game: attack, defense and cooling / overheating.

Cons and problems of the game

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Realizing how interesting the concept of Feudal Alloy looks like, you can forgive the game for the weak plot and lack of jokes. Especially considering that the game contains a sufficient number of secrets, chests with money, items of equipment and all sorts of locations (sometimes you cannot get there, you don’t have to learn a certain skill during the course of the storyline, or if you don’t find a special item to unlock the further road) …

However, the main problem with Feudal Alloy is that immersion in the gameplay is very slow – it is literally forcibly pulled. Because for too long you have to run around the same locations, use only swords in battles, use the same blow (available in the game initially, since there will be no blocks and dodges initially) and fight the same enemies. In this regard, there is really little interesting in this kind of gameplay. It gets boring.

The next small problem is that there is no variety when you need to get to a previously inaccessible place. As a rule, everything is limited only to the usual throw of a combat grenade (it is capable of blowing up some doors and other wooden obstacles on the floor). And the first really powerful and huge enemy (“a la boss”) you meet only after a few hours of passage (up to this moment, the maximum that will be is small arenas where enemies will attack in waves).

For that, if you endure all this boring and monotonous “piece” of passage, then new skills and various types of equipment will appear, and difficult battles with bosses (which are divided into stages), real interesting places, clever traps and even a block will appear! Only for this you need to walk and be patient for several hours, and not everyone can do this. Especially when the same soundtrack is playing in the background, which over time starts to get very boring.


The creators of Feudal Alloy really did their best and created an interesting setting, developed and implemented good mechanics related to overheating and cooling. Only now they have forgotten that their game should be somewhat significantly different from projects in this genre, except for external elements. Although if suddenly you are not an ardent fan of metroidvania and if you have not played something like that for a long time, then a new project in the person of the game Feudal Alloy will definitely attract your attention, so you can spend some boring evenings with pleasure.

Reviewer verdict

The beginning of the game is very protracted: it is boring and monotonous. But if you have patience and go through it, then Feudal Alloy will reveal itself in all its glory and show all its advantages.

It is thanks to the graphics and setting that the game attracts attention. This is an incredibly colorful, light and sometimes cute game that will win the attention of any player who likes hand-drawn graphics.

Feudal Alloy’s soundtrack is boring and annoying. The key role in this was played by the soundtrack, where there is only one composition. And she will play throughout the passage.

It is unlikely that the game will be able to surprise with something. The storyline is the weakest point. Nothing interesting. No unexpected moments. There is no one to empathize with. There is no one to worry about. And, in principle, the plot is rather banal and hackneyed.

Quite convenient and standard control, which does not cause any delight, but also cannot surprise.

The game deserves the money that is asked for it. Quite a mediocre project that offers something original and interesting, but at the same time has several serious disadvantages. A fan of the genre will not be interested in the game, but an amateur will quite like it.

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