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Nowadays, not every game is capable of surprising with its original setting. However, what are we talking about when almost any new project copies familiar universes, and developers often do not try to present something new, and even more so original. However, a new game called “Generation Zero”, which made it to its long-awaited release recently, can be classified as an exception game. In any case, so far there has not been a single game where you had to wage guerrilla wars against intelligent alien machines. By the way, this is the only way to describe the universe and storyline of the Generation Zero game, which was created by the famous studio Avalanche, but better known thanks to the Just Cause series of games.

Atmosphere, plot, tasks

Generation Zero. The game

The fact is that the game lacks a full-fledged campaign related to the storyline. However, there are no in-game, but non-playable characters either. Absolutely all the narration will be conducted through various notes or audio diaries – in general, as it was implemented in the disastrous Fallout 76. Therefore, throughout the game, everyone will be looking for an answer to one single question: how did it happen that robots took over the world?

In the role of one of the survivors, you will wander and explore deserted cities, towns, villages, military bunkers, various farms and many other places, along the way collecting information about what happened during the invasion of intelligent war machines. In addition, the game has tasks and, surprisingly, there are quite a lot of them, and at first it may seem that everything is quite normal with them, although in reality it is not.

For the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that Generation Zero has a simply gorgeous atmosphere of the 80s: everywhere you can find any different objects from that time (retro music, clothing, transport, architecture) and all this captivates literally at once. The first few hours you really admire all the details and the elaboration of the world, but after a certain amount of time you realize that the authors are hackneyed, so they try to give out what they are trying to present.

If you look closely at Generation Zero, it will immediately become clear that there is no storyline. Even in Fallout 76 there was at least some kind of story with further development: albeit simple, far from the most ideal, banal and stupid. Studio Avalanche decided not to bother its employees with unnecessary work, so throughout the game it leads each player by the nose.

For example, almost at the very beginning of the game, you will find out exactly where all the inhabitants of the country have disappeared. A little later, it turns out that the emergency notification system ordered all survivors to go to the stadium, where people are being evacuated with the help of the military. Upon arrival at the stadium, you will learn that all the survivors were sent to a bunker nearby. However, upon arrival, the bunker turns out to be empty, and you again find out that people have already been transported to a new shelter.

And such a search pattern in Generation Zero is simply endless. The authors initially did not intend to present the players with a storyline. The developers are just trying with all their might to imitate its existence. In addition, in fact, the game has a fairly large number of tasks, but almost all of them are monotonous and, as a rule, require you to run from one point to another. On a mission, you usually need to either get some valuable item, or clear a certain area of ​​the territory from enemies.

Therefore, you should not flatter yourself with the hopes that the plot and, in general, the story in the game Generation Zero will develop: the plot will not appear in ten hours or fifteen hours of the game – you will simply be led around the bush over and over again. Considering all this, it is also worthwhile to understand that the question of the cause of the emergence of smart machines will be self-explanatory, but no one will give an intelligible answer to it. As a result, the atmosphere of some kind of mystery of what is happening quickly disappears and the understanding comes that all your actions are absolutely meaningless.

Opponents and battles

Generation Zero. release date

Generation Zero is a cooperative role-playing shooter set in an open world. Therefore, as the game progresses, in order to survive, you have to search for supplies (such as weapons, equipment, medicines). And, as it should be, in such games, supplies will be constantly in short supply. However, it is often better to just carefully avoid enemies and try not to get involved in battles.

The key characters in the games are robots, which have six varieties, so absolutely every robot is different in something. For example, a four-legged robot runner will constantly move and fire rapidly at the enemy. And some of the most clumsy robot collectors will attack from their huge grenade launcher. Plus, the assembler will be producing small but incredibly problematic drones.

It is worth noting that the GZ implements very nice and high-quality ballistics. During firing, robotic vehicles will be able to shoot off whole pieces of armor, which open the most vulnerable points. But, as a rule, it is always better to attack from the flank and shoot at the robots from behind: there they have not only shitty armor, but also much more vulnerable spots, which together makes the battle easier.

In general, the game has very difficult and intense battles, but this process gives the game a special interest, especially if you play with friends. But if you are going to play Generation Zero solo, then get ready for incredible difficulties. However, if you want you to like the game, it is better to start playing only with friends in co-op, because playing alone, Generation Zero quickly starts to fizzle out and becomes boring.

Leveling system, loot and stealth mechanics

Generation Zero. Overview

Destroying robots, your character will gain experience and thereby increase the level, and each new level provides free skill points. All skills are divided into four special talent branches, and each branch includes two specialties. For the most part, almost all skills will be of the same type and boring, but there are those that greatly transform the gameplay. For example, a hacker can hack into hostile robots.

But there are quite a lot of weapons in the game and the game arsenal includes dozens of types of barrels. Each “barrel” is divided into five levels of rarity: from the most common to the legendary. In addition, each weapon can be improved. For example, you can attach an optical sight or a silencer.

Each player will have at his disposal an inventory and, despite the fact that it will quickly be crammed with all sorts of junk, absolutely all junk can be used with benefit. For example, a gas cylinder can be useful in a battle against especially large “machines”. The main thing is just to get as close to the robot as possible, throw the balloon, then step back and shoot at the balloon. Of course, any enemy can be easily smashed to shreds with a rocket launcher, but Generation Zero will often run out of ammo. So useful trash is one of the “highlights” of the game, you will always have to improvise.

As for stealth, to be honest, it’s kind of rudimentary: you need to try not to give out your location, and for this you need to always take into account the noise level and try to stay at a distance. The main choice in Generation Zero is how to move: fast but too dangerous, or slow but safe. But in any case, the richest locations with loot will have to be cleaned with noise, because only there you can get the most valuable items.


Buy Generation Zero

It is worth noting that Generation Zero was built on the basis of a well-known engine called “APEX”, which developers from the Avalanche studio actively use in absolutely all of their latest projects. By the way, the Rage 2 game will be released on the same engine. The graphics in GZ are more similar to the one that was in the game called “TheHunter: Call of the Wild” than the one that was in the last part of the Just Cause series. During the game, you will never feel that the supposedly budget project, so you will be delighted more than once at how beautiful the picture is presented in the game. Sunrise and sunset deserve special attention.

The only thing the developers overdid it with effects, because the picture turned out to be too “soapy”. Of course, the option can be turned off, but then the quality will decrease and you will have to admire not too beautiful “ladders”, well, and other textures. Nevertheless, the game, even with the option disabled, is able to surprise with its level of lighting and realistic behavior of changing day and night.

On top of that, the Generation Zero game will also delight you with the weather system, which also affects the gameplay. Shootouts in the fog, battles under a terrible downpour – such situations give the game a special charm and give a unique pleasure from the gameplay. And yet, the game still has to work, since the project has a disgusting optimization.


Yes, Generation Zero lacks a coherent plot, but you still spend the first ten hours with great pleasure. On the other hand, this is entirely thanks to the work of the project designers, who did an excellent job on the main mechanics and worked well on the pumping mechanics along with stealth. And yet, even if we close our eyes to a number of Generation Zero’s problems, the most significant one appears – too little interesting content. So far, in the game you can only search for loot, pumping and killing intelligent machines. Quests will be boring, and interest in finding various loot disappears at the moment when you have a cool weapon. Therefore, it is better to put the Generation Zero game on the shelf for now and wait for any major updates, or wait and play only with friends in cooperative mode to make it more fun and interesting.

Reviewer verdict

The first 10 hours are really interesting to play, but the game quickly “fizzles out”, because there is little interesting content, so there is nothing more to show. However, playing in co-op with friends, you can extend the pleasure for another ten hours.

The graphics in Generation Zero could be very nice and high quality, but everything is spoiled by the “soap”. Players who do not have sharp eyesight will be extremely unhappy. The rest of the game is beautiful and unusual.

Due to the fact that the key mechanics of the game are based on sound, the authors have worked out this detail of the gameplay perfectly.

Unfortunately, the campaign is the most disgusting part of Generation Zero. There is a certain story and even plot tasks, but the campaign does not develop in any way. Rather, GZ has a storyline rather than a storyline campaign.

Generation Zero has quite adequate, responsive and comfortable controls. There are some drawbacks, but nothing negatively affects the gameplay.

Considering that the game has a soapy picture, a meager amount of interesting content and poor optimization, I don’t want to play anymore. The game has an interesting idea and mechanics, but the developers have to “polish” this project for a long time, but for now it is better to put the thought of buying Generation Zero on the shelf.

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