God Eater 3 Review – Fight Monsters Like Monster Hunter

A good action game where there are fights with huge monsters has long been the Monster Hunter series. However, even in such a not very competitive area of ​​the genre, clones of the famous franchise appear. Therefore, a project like God Eater 3 is arousing a lot of interest.

God Eater 3 review

Monsters, superhumans and the apocalypse

The game tells the story of the apocalypse on Earth, when the terrible monsters Aragami devoured everything in their path and humanity was on the verge of death. It was during such difficult times that scientists were able to create a weapon called God’s arch. Such technology makes it possible to make special warriors out of ordinary people, who are called God Eaters. They have special swords that, if necessary, can transform into firearms or even a large head that devours opponents. Such warriors, due to their mutations, are kept in confinement and are released only for a specific mission. The authors of the game here are trying to dramatize a little that the main characters are so hard and everyone does not like them, but it looks a little fake and played.

God Eater 3 review

Gameplay and battles with monsters

The essence of the tasks here has not changed in comparison with the previous parts. The main character finds himself in one large location full of narrow corridors, small rooms and buildings, and his goal, as you might guess, is quite banal – to hunt down and kill another monster that greatly interferes with the lives of other people.

If we compare the game with the same Monster Hunter, God Eater 3 does not imply detailed research and scrupulous passage. The creators of the game did not pay attention to the detailed drawing of objects, then the luminous something on the floor can be either ordinary rubbish or a very important item.

The game focuses on fights. It is very important to stock up on first-aid kits on time, since it will not always be possible to restore health, and the battles will be rather difficult. In battles, you need to dodge in time and put blocks. Also, it is very important to launch the surge on time – strengthening the hero and activating bonuses. A good combination of these techniques makes it possible to get out of the battle with minimal losses and get a large number of points for the task.

With the help of the ability to make a quick bite with the Divine Arch, your hero can easily restore the Burst level he needs and launch passive abilities, such as a powerful attack or increased damage at specific points. At the same time, similar bonuses can be triggered for each type of strike: during a strafe, in the air or on the ground.

Bursts improve depending on how they are used – not only will you improve their efficiency, but you will also have new uses for them in the future. Some bursts give you the ability to deliver particularly powerful blows that break through your opponent’s defenses, and some allow you to deliver colorful combinations of blows. There are more than enough variations of attacks here, and what is interesting, they are all accompanied by vivid special effects, which was not in the previous parts of God Eater.

In God Eater 3 there are 12 types of weapons, the control of which is easy and straightforward. You can combine between light and heavy attacks, carry out different combinations and make a splash of skill. For example, a heavy sword has one powerful attack, a light sword has several additional combinations, and a long sword can fire a shot. Any weapon can be transformed into pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and lasers. The last of which do quite a lot of damage.

Another important aspect of the gameplay was the special Acceleration Activator. If you follow certain conditions during the course of the battle, you can unlock special automatic boosts. For example, you can get a solid increase in your strength, but on the condition that you do not take any damage for a certain time. Such acceleration can be easily reused, subject to all the same conditions. To pump certain accelerations, they must also be used often during battles.

It is likely that all these game mechanics will definitely come in handy for you during difficult missions with bosses. There are not very many types of enemies themselves, but the developers are actively trying to compensate for this by combining units of enemies in different variations. By the way, the cards in the game are changed in approximately the same way. The developers show the movement of the main character, but in fact the locations do not change much.

At the same time, I would like to note that the battles themselves in the new part look much better. New game mechanics and the introduction of special effects have gone to God Eater 3’s favor. The battles have become not only more interesting, but now they are simply pleasant to watch.

To get the highest rating in the game and all the best items, it is important to know all the combinations well and use them correctly. In addition, your partners can also help you here, and the game itself has a special encyclopedia, where each rival with its strengths and weaknesses is described.

Collecting items in the game is of great importance. It makes it possible to improve existing equipment and create new ones. The pumping procedure is carried out in a special place and does not require large investments of resources, however, it makes it possible to create exactly the weapon that you can brag to your partners during the cooperative passage.

God Eater 3 review

Visual aspect

In terms of graphics, the game has changed a lot. Enemies and drops have become more detailed and colorful, and the consecration and effects during battles immerse you in the game much better and make it possible to enjoy every moment of the battle. The only thing I want to note is that some of the effects sometimes slightly obscure opponents, which causes a slight inconvenience. But this is rather a petty quibble.

Nevertheless, this game does not really live up to the current standards, but compared to the previous parts, the current God Eater 3 made a big leap forward and looks an order of magnitude better.

God Eater 3 review

A treat for the ears

Of course, a game about battling huge monsters should have a pretentious soundtrack. In this regard, the third part of us did not disappoint, and the musical compositions of Go Shiin, with their epicness, can conquer even the most indifferent to music in games of gamers. In addition to the epic and pathos, in some compositions you can also hear traditional Japanese motives.

The music in the game makes your adventures more colorful and vivid. Hearing instrumental compositions, you just want to rush into battle, destroying your enemies in different directions. In general, in terms of sound, the game definitely deserves all kinds of praise.

God Eater 3 review


God Eater 3 is a big improvement over the rest of the series. The story, visuals, gameplay and music have taken on a new level and will definitely delight fans of the series. However, if we compare the game with the same games from Capcom, then God Eater 3 is significantly inferior to them in many respects. Roughly speaking, we have before us a good and interesting project about battles with monsters, but it is definitely not able to outshine the same Monster Hunter.

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Nice and bright battles, comfortable pumping and a good plot. However, the monotony of levels and enemies does not make it possible to enjoy the process to the maximum.

As already mentioned in the review, in comparison with other parts of the series, God Eater 3 is a big step forward, but if we compare the game with the current AAA projects, then it is much inferior to them in the visual component.

The epic instrumental music in the game is so beautiful that sometimes you just want to listen to it without participating in the battles themselves. Probably the best soundtrack compliment in the game.

Single player campaign

A good plot, even if it tries to press on pity and colorful fights in the game with metami is its main advantage. A single company will definitely arouse your interest and it is pleasant to pass it, but you should not expect something unique here.

In God Eater 3, everything is easy and straightforward. The controls in the game will not cause you any problems and will allow you to fully enjoy the adventures and battles.

Not a bad average game that serves as a good alternative to Monster Hunter, but only competes with it on the soundtrack side. The game will definitely give you a lot of pleasant emotions, both from the plot and from colorful battles with a great soundtrack

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