GRIS review is not just a game, but a kind of contemporary art

There have always been many different projects in the gaming industry. Some of them are made by big studios and captivate audiences with good graphics, huge locations and open worlds, as well as a number of other features of modern AAA games. However, there are also small independent studios, the scale of their creations, albeit not so huge, but at the same time they can create such a bright and interesting game, the impression of which can be even brighter than any loud game from a well-known studio. Such games take on their personality, bright and bold ideas, as well as exciting gameplay and a possible combination of a number of mechanics. Today we have just such an example – the game GRIS from a small Spanish studio Nomada.

GRIS overview

Girl Gris and her destiny

The Spaniards decided to tell us the story of the girl Gris, who plunges into her worlds full of colors and dreams, and we have a great opportunity to follow her on these adventures.

Having lost the ability to speak, the main character falls into depression and, plunging into her worlds, wants to return to heaven, for which she needs to find all the lost stars scattered across numerous levels. She will have to visit various locations and solve many puzzles in order to get the cherished stars that will open her way to heaven.

The plot here has no words. It is served through vivid pictures and amazing soundtrack. The game developers do not provide an accurate picture of the storytelling. Instead, they provide an opportunity for gamers to dream up and guess what happened to the girl and why she is so worried. At the same time, the plot is separated by not so much time, and the main part falls on the gameplay.

GRIS overview

Colorful platformer with riddles and puzzles

There are four main locations in the GRIS setting, each of which is significantly different and requires a different approach. In the locations, a certain theme can be traced, and in addition to this, they need to use certain game mechanics, as well as pump the main character in the person of the girl. As you progress through, certain locations begin to fill with colors, getting rid of boring gray shades and opening access to new play areas that were previously blocked.

Locations in the game are interesting and varied. You will be able to visit the area with windmills, where the storm blows away the fragile girl until she learns to resist it. You will find yourself in a mysterious forest with a mysterious stone creature and living trees, solving difficult riddles. In addition, you will visit deep caves and high in the sky, where you will meet many mysterious and interesting creatures on your way to help you solve puzzles. Great level design, bright colors and an unforgettable individual style make the GRIS platformer a real work of art, from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes off.

Solving certain riddles based on the laws of physics and banal logic, you collect stars that give you access to new forbidden places in locations and allow Gris to get new abilities. These include the ability to turn into cobblestones to withstand winds or break fragile obstacles, the ability to fly with moths, endless swimming and other skills, one of which will be necessary at a certain level.

In addition, the creators of the game have endowed each location with their own individual creatures that directly affect the game mechanics. For example, on one of the levels you can meet a giant bird, and on the other you will have to escape from huge beetle-like monsters. In general, the levels and the passage are very diverse and you will definitely not get bored here.

The developers of the game perfectly apply ideas from games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Journey, simultaneously introducing moments with changing gravity and moments with acrobatics, where bright fish and butterflies come to your aid. Such aspects only add variability and variety to the gameplay.

In this regard, even if not so long passage of GRIS, four hours long, can give you a lot of pleasant impressions and positive emotions. This game is very bright and memorable, and for a small studio from Spain Nomada, such a project is a very great achievement and a huge success, because such games are very rare nowadays and can easily be compared to a good work of art.

I would like to note that this game is very addictive and interesting to play. The levels and locations are varied here, the animation is live, the screensavers between the levels show the emotional experiences of the Gris girl well and evoke emotions. And the passage of the level, during which the nondescript gray color is replaced by bright and vivid shades, looks great. GRIS is one of those games that will definitely evoke vivid emotions and sincere feelings in you during the passage.

GRIS overview

How the game sounds

Soundtrack is one of the most important moments in the game, which affects both the general atmosphere and the presentation of the plot. Music of stringed instruments is complemented by playing the piano and vocals. There are moments in the game where, in order to give epic and pathos to what is happening, the parts of the choir and organ are used.

A key aspect of the game’s soundtrack is stunning arrangement. Echo is a key feature of a number of compositions, and is often used to mute the synthesizer in the background and other other sound effects, such as “stuttering” of the sound. The Berlinist group from Spain tried very hard and managed to fill GRIS with a fabulous atmosphere and some illusion. The soundtrack perfectly complements the overall picture of this game and makes it possible to completely immerse yourself in the mysterious and attractive world of the game.

GRIS overview


GRIS is a bright and interesting independent project and one of the best games of 2018. An amazing game that combines a colorful platformer with exciting adventures and riddles, all with stunning original graphics, location designs and color play. Add to this the sound that immerses you in this fabulous atmosphere and insanely touching finale, and you will get one of the best indie projects of our time, which will be remembered for a long time, and the emotions and impressions of which will be incomparable … If you have always dreamed of an interesting and addicting game with an amazing atmosphere, vivid levels, an unforgettable soundtrack and a touching story, then GRIS will definitely become one of your favorite projects. This is not just a game, it is a complete modern piece of art!

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


An incredibly addicting mixture of platforming, adventure and quest with unforgettable levels and the presence of a pumping system and a number of original game mechanics. I want to enjoy the game every second, from admiring the levels and ending with interesting riddles and exciting passage of certain locations.

Vibrant colors, stunning level designs, hand-drawn locations and heroes – GRIS has it all and looks great. Therefore, the game simply cannot get a lower grade.

As mentioned earlier, sound is an essential tool for storytelling and ambience. The developers treated the sound of the game with due attention and coped with their work perfectly. Hence the estimate.

Single player campaign

A fascinating plot, interesting levels and gameplay, an amazing atmosphere – what else is needed in a good independent project? The only reason the game got 9 points and not 10 in this criterion is the short duration of the game of 4 hours. I really want to enjoy such a creation longer.

Standard platforming controls and simple game mechanics – nothing complicated, everything is convenient and understandable.

You should definitely pay attention to such games, because such bright and interesting projects are real masterpieces and works of art, which, at times, you just want to admire and consider them. The game is good in all aspects and, definitely, deserve

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