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Hatred is known to many as a scandalous Polish game and the heiress of the very first part of the legendary Postal. The main character of the game is a shaggy gorilla and part-time maniac, killer, sociopath and just a psychopath. In general, it was he who went on a “crusade” against the entire human race. In the person of this sadist, players will have to destroy thousands of innocent people.

Even before the release of this game, quite a serious noise arose around the very idea of ​​the Hatred game. What the developers showed for the first time and decided to demonstrate to the players, “to put it mildly”, caused a lot of noise. A negative opinion was immediately built around the game, although there were those who quite liked the game. While you are puzzling why this game turned out to be worse than other games where people are killed in equal numbers, we will move on to the details of this game.

Another American maniac

The events of the game Hatred take place in the USA, where the main character, who has an informal appearance, “crawls” from his house and goes to implement the most sick ideas (in the literal sense) that sit in his head. But even our psychopath does not senselessly kill people and follows a certain plan, therefore, along the way, going towards his goal, he “lays down” a huge number of people.

Little is known about the personality of the protagonist, but his essence was clearly drawn in the image of a real maniac who killed more than one hundred people. Looking at this complete psycho, I immediately recall a case in the United States, when two high school students dressed up in the image and likeness of the main character, after which they tumbled into school and killed many people. The case seemed to be called “The Shooting at Calumbine School” and, oddly enough, in the course of the investigation they found a lot of various letters “about a rotten community”, “pitiful insects” that only deserve death. After that, the game is clearly not a match.

But the main character is not a teenager, but quite a wealthy and huge man who can not only cut his throats well, but also “throw out” a variety of pretentious speeches. The main character is a typical supervillain with a huge carriage of pathos, sadism and cruelty. Actually, this is all our sadist uses to the fullest, although not only this. For example, he also wields his strength well during the crash of skulls.

Under the weight and strength of the saddyuga’s boot, not a single head can withstand – the asshole is strong, and there is nothing more to say. And the most interesting thing is that he does all these ugly things with great pleasure, so to speak “savoring” every moment. Couple, even mocking poor and innocent people – “oh, how cute …” or “your relatives will cry for you if they live.” In addition, the main character as a couple even has the quality inherent in cynics, especially in this dialogue – “as a couple it seems to me that I am killing you too quickly.”

And there is enough of such a “sick” component in the game. The black and white background makes it crazier even crazier. Actually, it is for this reason that the game is scolded too much, considered provocative and too cruel. You will have to kill in the storyline (yes, it is here) constantly and no matter how much. Kill 30, 50, 100, 150, … What’s the difference? The main thing is to shoot, strangle, cut – kill! And you will have to commit atrocities in the game all the time, even if you try to refuse, you will have nothing. The only way to recover is to finish off the wounded man – that is, to brutally mock and kill him.

A huge war in a small town

Hatred is the most common top-down shooter that has stubborn controls. You will not be able to find anything particularly remarkable in terms of gameplay, so delving into it is simply useless. Everything in the game is pretty typical: you kill enemies, collect cartridges and move from location to location, where you perform all the same actions as before. As you already understood, the goals, and the essence of the game, again comes down to one thing – to kill everyone. What else is there, perhaps, to say, the hero is not immortal no matter what, and it is just as easy to kill him without a certain skill. Precisely in order to give the hero a chance to survive, the developers introduced various kinds of shelters, like those in Running With Rifles.

Unfortunately, game shooting is not implemented at the highest level, however, like everything else: the main character moves smoothly and constantly gets stuck; taking aim with a pair is simply unrealistic and generally understand whether the enemy is in the line of fire; enemies shoot in pairs even when you can’t see them; grenades are thrown with a terrible delay, and this is not to mention the terrible camera, which sometimes simply amazes with its “shifts”. And more importantly, the list of the game’s shortcomings does not end there.

And most of the problems are noticed precisely in the logic of AI. In terms of intelligence, people cannot possibly surpass even insects. By the way, even cockroaches are trying with all their might to escape from the huge sneaker. The picture of the game roughly boils down to one thing: you tumble into some supermarket and start shooting at people with a machine gun. What are people doing? Well, someone “settles” in the textures, someone runs straight to the GG. But it is more funny in this madness to watch the sounds of shooting and explosions, since absolutely all people in the area come running to them, so you can kill people without even leaving the cash register. What can I say, even if armed people are no better: they are trying to either somehow count by killing you through the wall, or they are simply killed by grenades themselves. Funny, isn’t it?

As you already understood – the atmosphere is completely killed. Before the release of the game, many imagined Hatred as something harsh and immoral. Do you think you will go to a store in the guise of a maniac, and people will hide from you and run away from you in a panic? It was not so. For example, even Postal 2 was more bloody and brutal, because people there at least reacted plausibly to what was happening.

Black and white colors of America

And now, surprisingly, the game world in Hatred turns out to be quite high-quality and even well-developed. You can freely break into any house and freely kill its owner along with your family. There are also roads in the game, and even vehicles on which cars drive. And in the game it is possible to destroy the building almost to the very foundation. In terms of game physics, the game has no problems. Corpses, garbage, transport – everything is quite nicely settled and freezes.

Of course, you will have to pay a lot for such important advantages, namely performance. How do you want? The toy slows down, well, it’s just ungodly, and on absolutely any hardware. And we are silent about the moments when explosions and various other special effects occur. You can’t count the complaints from jumping shots on your fingers for a long time, so get ready for hard brakes.

Visually, you can’t even find fault with the game. Hatred undoubtedly looks beautiful, even with a tom-down shooter and a black and white background. Most of the game is pixelated. However, this is noticeable even during various finishing moves, so it will not be difficult to make sure of this.

I would also like to mention fire and blood. In contrast, it turns out very beautifully both the first and the second. Still, this can be attributed to a collection called “bad optimization”. I would like to separately note that it will be pointless to reduce the schedule, the problems will not go anywhere. Of course, perhaps you will increase a little FPS, but in any case, the resulting “remnants” of FPS will take away various special effects.


First of all, it should be said that the noise was just huge. In fact, the noise was raised just out of the blue. In some reviews, the game was said to be mildly – sent to hell, where the main character came from, but still, there are a few reservations.

Hatred is a common jester who doesn’t deserve more attention than other games. Of course, the game is bloody and the style, together with the setting, undoubtedly justifies it, but as shown by the three-four hour playthrough of the game, this is not enough. The game is obscenely short, even taking into account the passage of all the additional tasks. But still, the game has its own special merit: after spending some time playing, all the stress and nervousness simply disappears and all this “slag” goes far, far away. In conclusion, Hatred is a terribly optimized game. However, Hatred is a great simulator of an American killer maniac.

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