He’s Still Alive – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Stealth Action Review

Finally, we have Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which is radically different from its other games in the series. The legendary series that persistently trained players to watch clock savers and roam the confined areas has changed a lot!

Real spy

After a very atmospheric, albeit linear prologue, which looks more like some kind of “Doomsday”, the players are literally put into the gentle hands of the gameplay. And the horror that you experienced initially, immediately, as if on command, falls into the background. The developers immediately offer players huge open locations and in them only you already decide where to go: shoot women or go to kill the enemy.

Using an extremely convenient smartphone-lighter (no matter how strange it may sound), bearing the name iDroid, you can easily manage your modern base by choosing the one you like to complete the task.

The gameplay is based on the study of a huge area. You will have to elicit gossip from old grandmothers, stories from their childhood and how they knelt in the corner for bringing bad grades home. But in fact, players will have to elicit and even lure out the necessary information about the enemy soldiers, collect various documents, eavesdrop on enemy secret conversations and simply carefully study the territory.

Receiving useful information, the main character draws conclusions that further help to advance further in the passage of tasks. It will be necessary to decide from which side to enter the enemy base, how to get past the checkpoints, how to get through the patrol, how to get through the push of the enemy and steal documents right from under the enemy’s nose. Everything is up to you to decide. Moreover, this is not even all. Because in the game there are still a bunch of gadgets that need to be prepared before the task, for example, a plaster – if scratched or green stuff – to burn a scratch. In fact, Snake has a bunch of modern “toys” that will help not only neutralize the enemy, but even save the hostage.

Rich game world

The game fully encourages the exploration of territory, which is one of the main features of the game. Most of the additional tasks will be hidden – only the final goal for completion will be indicated in your menu, so there is no place for all schoolchildren. First of all, in the game you have to think with your head. A convenient map and controls allow you to translate all ideas into reality.

Additional quests become visible only after completing the main quest, so those players who like to collect trophies, increase their rating and everything like that will really like it.

The projected world in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain does not stand still. For example, any important goals will be constantly in motion, and this is over a very large area. This detail not only adds dynamics to the game, but also makes it possible to arrange an ambush while someone debugs the “grub” in the bushes.

Weather is another important element of the gameplay. A sandstorm will help you hide from sight, and heavy rain will drown out your steps or belching. When night falls, lazy soldiers go to bed, and you, like a masturbator, run under the windows and draw on them … make sure they don’t notice you while you steal the next waste paper. And by the way, the weather also affects gadgets and technology. If you wanted to use the Fulton evacuation system, it simply won’t work in bad weather, like that.

The highly praised FOX Engine produces a very simple graph in a couple, but still, it makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of the open world, and the whole thing works even at 60 FPS, which is a real breakthrough in our time, because some games are experiencing very serious problems with a drop in frame rates …

In general, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain took a huge leap forward in terms of convenience. Particularly important keys are highlighted on the screen, aiming is very responsive. Markers and lighting effects flash when someone notices that you are peeping at them with your vulgar ideas. In addition, you can always order a couple of boxes of cartridges, beer, whores and other items from the base.

Make friends and build a house

The main character is now very agile and flexible, not even considering the fact that he was in a coma for nine years. The character now has no problems when turning over on an uneven surface and holding his trunk in his hands. And since now the fashion for slowing down has gone, in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain there is no way without it, but this detail looks good here, moreover, it simplifies life. In the end, what cinematic moments are sometimes obtained is simply gorgeous. Thanks to the slowdown, you will deftly run around the posts and “go to bed” four soldiers at a time.

Companions – this is the most enjoyable addition to the game. Each of the partners has their own personal characteristics. Each partner is unique. For example, a filly can travel very long distances very quickly. The dog senses your enemies and even marks their location on the map. And the sexy, long-legged Silent Girl can not only delight you with her gorgeous, forever jumping balls, but also do reconnaissance of the area, shoot enemies with a sniper rifle and-and-and something else … well, you get the idea. There is also a robot, but is there any point in talking about it when everyone realized that you need to take a girl because of her inner world?

Base development is another very important part of the game. But the most interesting thing is that the development is not annoying, as it is carried out quickly, as if you were disconnected with one button, when the mother calls to give you in the neck. By completing various tasks, you will receive evergreens, which can be spent on buildings and new platforms. Valuable resources are also very important in the development of the base.

In addition, at the base you can study more complex weapons and devices, but sometimes you need to upgrade to study, so this is another reason to complete tasks.


The most important achievement of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain lies precisely in the completely and completely addictive gameplay. The sheer range of features is finally enjoyable – for the first time in the series. Perhaps another great project has come out that will set a new bar for future games. And apparently, the new part in the Metal Gear Solid series will never be the same. And even if there are some small problems in the game, they can be forgiven.

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