Hitman 2 (2018) review – plunge into the everyday life of a hitman

Hitman 2 is a continuation of the first part, which is the restart of the entire series. The development of the sequel was carried out by the IO Interactive studio, for which the series of games about the bald killer has long become native, and even the last game not based on the Hitman franchise – Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the Danish studio made already in 2012. Since then, only games dedicated to Agent 47 and his dangerous adventures have been released from IO Interactive. Hitman (2016) has garnered a lot of good reviews for a variety of reasons that we’ll talk about below, but whether the continuation was able to follow the chosen path correctly. Well, let’s take a look at the game and try to answer this question.

Hitman 2 (2018) review

The last two games of the Hitman series

Hitman 2 will not be very correct without mentioning the first part. For those who are not in the know, in 2016 the game Hitman was released, which is a complete restart of the series. The developers realized that the past game in the face of Hitman: Absolution, where the emphasis was on cinematography, brightness and many aspects of modern shooters were involved, did not benefit the series and deprived it of its individuality. In this regard, the developers decided, as it is fashionable now to say “back to the roots”, and made a game that was very much similar to the classic parts like the same Hitman: Blood Money, for which the players fell in love with the franchise. So what is the “classic” Hitman? Everything is simple here – this is a stealth action from a third person, where the main character must eliminate the victim in a large location in the most imperceptible way. One of the brightest game mechanics of the series was the ability to put on the clothes of opponents in order to get as close to the goal as possible or to get into a previously inaccessible area. You also need to be able to kill a victim, it is worth remembering that you are a killer, not a serial killer, so you need to eliminate the target as quietly as possible, avoiding noise and other victims and, preferably, adjusting everything for an accident (for example, pushing the target off the balcony). Of course, nothing prevents you from taking the machine gun and shooting the entire map, thereby completing the mission anyway, but this way you will never know the essence of the game and the pleasure of passing it.

It would seem, what is all this for? And the fact is that the developers came to this very concept, creating the game Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. Here is one big location where life goes on as usual, and you still need to eliminate the victim in any way possible. The most interesting thing in both parts is to look for opportunities to set up an accident and eliminate the target as imperceptibly as possible. To do this, you study the location and look for an opportunity to set up this or that accident along the way, collecting important data that may be useful to you for the murder. This is exactly the case in both Hitman and Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 (2018) review

What’s new in the sequel?

First of all, I would like to note that Hitman 2 abandoned the very controversial concept of the first part of selling the game as a TV series, when you have the opportunity to buy one episode (a task with a level), and after the second is released, buy it, and so all 8 episodes. This concept was very controversial, albeit original, so when you buy Hitman 2 you get all 6 episodes at once. Of course, additions and updates in the game will appear separately, but the transition to a more standard distribution system of the game is rather more a plus, because the player is unlikely to want to buy one mission and save on all others.

The gameplay here has not undergone any significant changes compared to the first part. You also play as Agent 47, who is given various tasks to eliminate certain targets. The player is thrown to a large location and then he must independently get to the target and eliminate it. There are a great many options for murder, ranging from the possibility of setting up some kind of accident and ending with more standard methods (shoot, poison, blow up, etc.). You still need to walk through the level and collect the necessary information that will help you in finding a suitable option to kill the target as discreetly as possible. Of course, nothing prevents you, armed with a pistol, to shoot the target in front of the guards and witnesses, but you yourself understand – the Hitman series is not about that.

If we talk about changes in the game, although the number of missions has decreased, the levels have become much higher. At the same time, at each location, life is full-fledged, where events take place at one point on the map and you can find one option to eliminate the goal, and in another place you can find something completely different. Be it a suit for entering a restricted area, a comfortable sniper position, some keys, or an option to set up an accident. Thus, each location in the game is a small open world, and the same mission here can be completed in dozens of different ways, each time getting new impressions from the passage.

Another important innovation in the sequel is the emergence of new gadgets, or rather the expansion of the arsenal compared to the previous game. Moreover, new gadgets appeared in the form of a special device that allows you to see the location of the target in a large space, and the old ones returned in the form of the well-known suitcase of the protagonist in which he carries a sniper rifle. True, you can take the same suitcase only for a very limited number of places on any map, because almost everywhere on the way to the goal, numerous checks and guards will await you.

I would like to talk a little about the locations in the game. A distinctive feature of Hitman has always been that agent 47 “for work” brings in any part of the world and part 2 is no exception. You will find yourself on the race track in Miami, Indian slums, American suburbs, Colombian jungle and other memorable places. All locations will be significantly different, which feels good after completing a couple of missions. Here you tried to get a mechanic’s uniform and infiltrate the racing track, and here you are already hiding in the jungle looking for another drug lord. Such a contrast is impressive and will definitely not let you get bored and feel the variety. It is worth noting that the locations directly affect the gameplay. For example, in the same high jungle, you can easily disguise and hide the corpses of the guards there.

Hitman 2 (2018) review

How it all looks and sounds

If you compare the game with the same Hitman of 2016, then you can hardly see any significant changes in the graphics. The picture is still pleasing to the eye, and all locations are worked out as much as possible, although they have increased in size. One feels that the developers have paid attention to every detail and even the most inconspicuous corner in some slum market looks very elaborate. In general, the beauty of the levels here gives an additional incentive to explore them in as much detail as possible and enjoy all the work done by IO Interactive.

The sound in the game also does not cause any complaints. The dialogues between the characters sound lively and interesting. They, like ordinary people in the real world, can talk about anything, including their everyday problems. Therefore, at times. It can be just interesting to walk through the level and observe its inhabitants. The game also has a good soundtrack, which only enhances the atmosphere and better immerses the player in the everyday life of an assassin performing dangerous orders.

Hitman 2 (2018) review


Hitman 2 is a worthy sequel to the series that does a good job of keeping up with what millions of players love the franchise for. Dressing up, stealth, and exploring locations in order to find the quietest and most convenient way to eliminate the victim – all this was carefully saved and transferred to Hitman 2. If we talk about how the game looks and sounds, then there are also few differences from the first part, unless that the locations themselves have become larger and richer. The game can be recommended, first of all, to fans of the series and to those who miss good stealth action games, where you need to explore the map in detail and memorize all the key features before taking decisive action. Fans of dynamic shooters with constant shooting will most likely be bored here, since although the game does not prohibit you from shooting everyone who has a weapon, the mechanics of the game are more conducive to a different scenario. In general, a good and high quality stealth action game that continues the tradition of the series.

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Explore locations, look for a convenient way to eliminate the victim, penetrate into forbidden zones or simply arrange shooting with explosions – the number of possible scenarios in Hitman 2 is amazing and therefore it is always interesting and exciting to go through even the same levels.

There is not much progress compared to the first part, but the picture itself in the game also looks good and makes it possible to enjoy the game as much as possible.

A good soundtrack, good dialogues – all this makes it possible to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game even better.

Single player campaign

Although the missions in the game are interesting and varied, you can go through them at least a dozen times, such a small number of them is still frustrating.

Everything in the game is convenient and understandable. And the presence of a training task that allows you to hone all your skills and practice well is only good news.

A good and high quality stealth action game that perfectly reflects the spirit of the whole series and which is pleasant and interesting to play. The only thing I would like is more tasks and new locations, but, most likely, the developers will add them to new add-ons.

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