How to get enough sleep in cryosleep – Review of the horror STASIS

It’s probably no secret to anyone that the horror genre in the gaming industry is dominated by all sorts of horror films, where you have to constantly run and catch up. And the integral elements of the game have become cutscenes terrifying to the point of losing the pulse, hide and seek under the bed, blood, guts and sexual violence with men in the lead role. Already more and more often we see that any horror is built around only these gameplay elements. But sometimes, just in passing, unique toys slip by that do not follow modern tricks in horror games, but go on their own. This time, STASIS has become a unique game and we will talk about it now. Once again, the major game portal GameAwards is here!


Honestly, lately the weather has not been very good for me, so under the gloomy rain and mud under the windows, I decided to play the horror game STASIS, which many players are already satisfied with. The game was developed by the Brotherhood team in conjunction with the Daedalic Entertainment team. And it is an isometric sci-fi horror game.

The story revolves around an unfortunate man who, by some miracle, managed to survive in a space trough. Of course, it’s not that simple. Nobody is going to save him. He doesn’t understand what the fuck is going on here and he doesn’t understand where his family is. It is only known that it is necessary to be saved, because the corpses lying everywhere do not in any way inspire confidence in security. Well, while the main character is saving, we will find out behind the screen what is really going on here and how our poor fellow ended up here, who has to see a lot of shit on this ship.

The game begins, as if in a movie, the closest example is the movie “Pandorum”. You wake up on a dark and gloomy ship, awakening was far from easy. Everywhere there is dirt, bald head, shit and blood … It’s always hard after stasis, so the main character immediately falls to the floor and, like a drug addict, begins to crawl on the floor and catch fabulous unicorns.

The life support system says that the gopniks attacked you, took your wallet and broke all your bones for sleeping with the girl Vaska, so the state is above critical. The head itches as if after a hard booze, there is really nothing to remember, and at the same time there is not a single living soul around. Gloomy, isn’t it?

From the very first minutes, the game sets the right atmosphere. The main character is sick, he is very weak, he wants to eat, he shouldn’t, and he wants to find his family. At the same time, there is only cold and silence around. And only blood stains indicate that after all, someone was here, and maybe even there is still … The first notes do not really clarify anything, and the presence of what you find as you progress does not bode well. At the same time, the game gradually “breaks” everyone and makes you get used to the mechanics of the game: poke the cursor, read the newspapers on the toilet and study everything around. Visiting the first place, and this is the Infirmary. The adventure of our sick friend is gaining momentum, while the atmosphere does not disappear anywhere, but the situation is heating up more and more.

Strong atmosphere

And yet, complete loneliness is hard to get used to. Every minute I was waiting for some embittered xy * to jump out at me from around the corner and bite off my hand. There was always something imagined, and I was constantly peering into the darkness. But the game behaved like a bitch and constantly paused until one definite moment, along the way throwing up puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty.

Gradually, I made my way further and further along the space vessel, simultaneously listening to every rustle. And by the way, the sound in the game is simply gorgeous. Screams, creaks, rustles, blows, banging behind the wall – everything is done at the highest level. It is the sounds that make you get up from your chair and look at what puddle you have already made under your feet. Personally, I would like to see the game not in isometric view. For example, from the same Penumbra, my point was compressed to the most amazing sizes. And that’s not to mention the fact that we will soon see the game SOMA. Well, okay, now we are wandering around the fucked up spaceship and carefully studying the documents.

The atmosphere of the game holds you tightly by the balls throughout the game. You constantly find some pussies of those who were here. Pisyulki of all sorts of experiments and corpses, of course corpses. After literally 2-3 hours of playing, when your state is lulled, the game brings unexpected twists and turns. When you finally relax, the game will only begin to show you the “true face”. At such moments, your point is torn to pieces, and you scream tearfully, because you know the secret of this place and what happened here.

Classics of the genre

And even without taking into account the fact that STASIS is annoying with its atmosphere, that is, this not fashionable and cool action game where you had to run away from monsters so that your heels would sparkle, hide in lockers and read Our Father, the game is still annoying. I was very worried that isometric horror, frankly speaking, would turn out to be crap, but no. The gameplay of course does not correspond to modern standards in any way, and it does not really suit a horror (if you compare it with modern games), but as an atmospheric fantasy game it looks just great. The game is capable of creating some kind of fleeting effect of fear that awaits you further.

The plot, in the end, turned out to be different from what I imagined it to myself in my sick head, so it was very upsetting. The theme revealed in the plot has already been trampled down simply along and across. And this is probably the biggest and only drawback of the game. Of course, some moments surprised me, but no more. I can’t really worry about the hero, nor about the rest of the people. Clung to there a couple of details in the story of the plot, but again, not too much. Basically, isometry is to blame for everything, because after what you see in other horror movies, it’s somehow not very good.

Wandering around a dead ship creates an atmosphere of hopelessness, where you understand that you are fucked ** and you cannot get out. High-quality music only enhances the pumping sensation. And the eerie after-game sensations do not give calmly, then go in and watch porn, and not because 11 more porn sites were recently blocked, but because what was happening on this creepy ship cannot be forgotten.


STASIS, in modern terms, is “not like that”, so it will not be able to go through the top places in the genre, but the authors of this game did not try to reach such heights. On the contrary, they tried to give the players something that others cannot afford – an atmosphere, a story where you need to think more with your head, and not with your eggs. Have a more calculating mind, rather than reflexes behind the mouse and keyboard. Of course, this game is not for everyone. This is not to say that the game turned out to be bad, but to say that it is really cool is just as impossible. The game is more suitable for those who love a lively and sentimental atmosphere.

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