Kholat Review

Kholat is a very rare horror game. Why rare? Yes, because it is about the Northern Urals of Soviet times! Although, wait, there have never been any games with such a setting, so independent Poles from the IMGN.PRO studio are quite the “pioneers”. What the game looks like, what, in general, happened, and is it really an interesting horror – we will analyze now a little below.

Untold Secrets

After watching an in-game video that tells about the events that happened in the Ural Mountains with the group of “Dyatlovtsy”, you are immediately thrown into the Northern Urals. At this moment, goodbye to civilization, goodbye to the train, warm house and a mug of tea – goodbye to everything. We will now run a little ahead and immediately note the excellent work of the designers, because the local landscapes are immediately striking and not immediately mentioning them is an insult.

But still, let’s not stray too far from the basic details of the game. The terrible death of Dyatlov’s research group still raises a whole “mountain” of questions. Why were people left without their clothes? Why did they leave their tents in such a hurry? How does one of the victims have no tongue? In general, this is only a small part of the questions that exist. Many questions make you open your mouth with horror, “hatch” your eyes and generally get goose bumps. But let’s not delay and get down to business right away.

The main character is the same person as we are, but his questions were tortured to such an extent that he went to the Northern Urals alone to look for answers to the existing questions. Leaving the station of the local village, reaching the thick of trees that are terrifying, the main character finds himself among the snow-capped mountains, where there is practically nothing but snow, wherever he looks.

And now, after a couple of minutes of desperate running around, the outline of a broken tent can be seen in the distance. Traveling there completes the first act of the game. Talking about the further plot of the game is not good, because spoilers kill the plot component of this game and, in general, the intrigue. Better to talk about something else, for example, about the notes that are scattered throughout this place. After reading one piece of paper, saving occurs, so it is not recommended to neglect these records. Usually, the information provided in these notes does not always correspond to real events, so it makes sense to read them.

Either in the note found it is said about a mysterious laboratory, then it is said about unknown anomalies and events – in general, strange. But, even in spite of all this, the game story makes everyone immerse themselves in the gameplay and constantly worry about the life of the protagonist.

I want to go back to the train station!

A very important advantage of the game lies in the open world, so the game can be played this way and that. The choice of the passage is not fundamental, because the final result and sequence will be the same. Better, let’s talk about the terrain and how you can navigate in it, because here it is easy to get confused. So, for orientation, the main character has a map, where he, as you go through, will mark the points where you have been. It should be noted that there is also fast movement in the camp in the game.

In addition to the fact that the hero will have a card with him, he will also have a flashlight, which serves only as a source of light, nothing more. Also, the main character has a compass, which undoubtedly makes you plunge into this wonderful game even more.

As for the controls – the game provides for a fast run and the ability to squat. Unfortunately, the main character cannot jump. The main disadvantage is precisely the impossibility of jumping, because because of this, a couple, you have to go around huge mountains to get to the point you need. Enemies here are also peculiar. They are presented as a kind of yellow energy, which looks more like phantoms. Moreover, these evil spirits will haunt the main character throughout the game.

Well, and, accordingly, you will not be able to fight with these “substances”, so forget about valiant heroism and use a win-win escape tactic. But you can’t get to run all the time, since the main character is not iron, so he gets tired from time to time. It is very easy to understand that a phantom is approaching you, because they leave yellow footprints in the snow, which serve as a hint that “it’s time for you to get out of here.” It is these peculiar skirmishes with enemies that add even more horror to the game. Kholat skillfully copes with the task of horror, so any fan of this genre will surely like the game.

Mysterious snow-capped mountains

Visually, the game isn’t just good – it’s great considering the resources the game’s developers had. The game was built on the well-known Unreal Engine 4, which made it possible to reproduce a very good model of the Ural Mountains. Snowball, houses, trees, mountains, monsters – everything is on top. Although, for example, in some caves it is not so interesting to wander as it is sometimes outside.

And of course, we must not forget about the wonderful musical compositions. Each melody fits incredibly perfectly with the hopeless and terrible (in a good way) atmosphere that is present in the game. By the way, only the sound will help you in the game to understand where you need to be afraid, and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s a plus or a minus. We think the soundtrack in the game is great. For example, take at least a couple of the main character’s heavy breathing, which, in terrible moments, makes the body goose bumps. Every breath in the game is like the last. And there is no need to find fault here, because the Northern Urals is not Sochi, and even such sounds can be heard there.


We remind you that the IMGN.PRO studio is young, but judging by their game, they are very talented developers. The idea behind the game is good and undoubtedly very intimidating. The events of the game took place in reality, of course, the game somewhere exaggerates, somewhere does not say something, but in general – the plot of the game is real. Nice graphics also played an important role. But the main advantage of the game is still in the music. There are very few games that combine music with the concept of the game. Music makes it possible to understand the whole essence of hopelessness in the snow-capped mountains of the Urals and all the horror of the events that took place there.

For what it is worth scolding the game, it is precisely for its not very exciting plot of the same type. The game takes on the atmosphere, beauty and music, but not the plot. Perhaps the plot lacked some puzzles where players could turn on their brains, and not just wander around the territory, then the passage of the plot would become more exciting. In any case, the first attempt by the young Poles was very successful.

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