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Many players and fans of the Front Mission universe were waiting for the Left Alive game with great impatience. And this has nothing to do with the fact that famous and simply talented developers took part in the development. Nevertheless, no one had hopes of seeing a quality product, but everyone hoped to “feel” at least a good game. After all, this game series has never impressed with its impressive budget during development.

And yet no one expected that an unknown team of developers, but under the leadership of Square Enix, would be able to create such a disgusting project in terms of quality. Left Alive is so bad in all its ways that it is inferior to the weakest game in the series, Front Mission: Evolved. By the way, which, even despite all its shortcomings and problems, could provide at least a comfortable gameplay. And in Left Alive, the authors put all their efforts into making the game extremely uncomfortable. They simply did everything to force players who bought this “product” out of deep nostalgia to demand their money back.


Left Alive. Game

Left Alive was developed by Ilinx. The plot is designed to tell a story that unfolds on the basis of the cult and beloved by many oldfaga tactical series Front Mission. The plot starts with the Republic of Harmony attacking a neighboring state called Ruthenia. And the first blow fell into the border town of Novo Slava, where the enemy subsequently brutally massacres absolutely the entire civilian population. At the same time, the game gradually introduces its players to the three main characters. In addition to the fact that each main character has his own specific goals, they all have one thing in common – the need to survive.

By the way, according to the lore, the two above-mentioned countries belong to our native Slavic peoples. The ruthenia state, which bears the medieval Latin name of Rus, is distinguished by the Ukrainian flag (which is almost perfectly identical), and all people have Russian names. But people in the Republic of Harmony are distinguished by the fact that they run around in their hats-earflaps made of steel. Only if the introductory screensaver looks quite atmosphere, then total garbage and trash occurs on the screen.

Inadequate characters, imaginary choices

Left Alive. Review

Immediately it is worth noting that all the characters of the game do not know how to think adequately, and the selection system, which is associated with the options for answers, will not affect anything in the dialogues. Take, for least Sergeant Ruthenia Mikhail Shuvalov: almost at the very beginning of the game, a man will lose his “wanzer” (as combat robots are called here), after which he will throw his weapon on a dirt road in hysterics (after which he will pick it up back).

In the future, there will be many more such situations and even more dialogues. The essence of such situations is that each time the brave sergeant will constantly confirm his professional unsuitability, since he always behaves as if he were a child. And even if you decide to choose in one of the insals, for example, “raise weapons on the enemy”, then the hero simply will not respond to the player’s commands, so nothing, in fact, will not do. Such situations look extremely stupid. You can even give some NPC a first aid kit, although he will still be killed during the next scene. So if something was originally conceived in the game, then it will happen. You can’t change anything.

The next character is a police detective named Olga Kalinina. At the very beginning, you might think that she turned out to be a more adequate character. Because unlike the unstable Michael, she will not constantly whine and always behaves much more professionally. But a little later you will understand how much you were mistaken: at a certain point, the girl will begin to help the maniac, who in turn kidnaps little girls and generally conspired with the maniac. Think it’s a joke? No, that’s actually the case. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that this is a reference to a certain well-known political topic, but something in the game to watch it all and take part in it, well, it’s not fun at all.

Curved control, optimization, interface

Left Alive. Metacritic

In fact, a huge number of problems with Left Alive are not only in the idiotic storyline, inadequate and stupid characters or in the disgusting production. In addition to all this, the project also has the most crooked control, strange physics of movements and an incredible number of various bugs (ranging from stuck to non-working teams).

On top of that, the menu turned out to be very overloaded with various icons and various kinds of information, so you will never have time to switch to any particular item in time. Thus, if you need to urgently switch to something specific, then you will not have time to do it: you will quickly be noticed, enemies will quickly raise the alarm and you will be killed, because sometimes they start shooting from the other end of the location. By the way, enemies will always behave strangely: they can both kill instantly and leave you alive.

It’s simply impossible to play Left Alive on the gamepad, because the controls turned out to be terrible how unrespent. At the same time, enemies often move in some strange jerks. So if you are going to play Left Alive, and even on a gamepad, then forget about the smooth gameplay (however, on the PC version, there are enough problems with the head).

Broken battles, physics and stealth

Left Alive. Reviews

In addition to the fact that there will be catastrophically few cartridges, they will also often get stuck in shelters and walls – the problem is not even solved by the usual transfer of the camera to the opposite shoulder of the character. But the enemies in this regard will be much easier, because their shells will easily reach your hero or heroine. And even if the character is behind a metal plate. It is worth adding to all this the fact that due to damage and without this, the uncomfortable camera begins to constantly twitch, as if it has an epileptic seizure, it turns out to be the gameplay of a dream! Of course, that’s not all: red spots and other interference like illuminating flashlights or lasers are still interfering.

You can never kill someone with a basic weapon in Left Alive – it’s just not possible. And stealth mechanics don’t work at all, because a headshot or a blow with a butt from behind doesn’t take away the health of enemies. For that, you will have to actively collect a variety of garbage as you go through in order to collect something more efficient. For example, incendiary mixtures (Molotov cocktails) or grenades. After all, not only all sorts of rubbish will be scattered everywhere on the streets, but also a bunch of bottles of vodka. And you will have to do all this, because on normal difficulty all opponents will die for too long. Each such enemy will require at least two accurate grenade hits or even more incendiary mixtures.

And even if you manage to go through several dozen difficulties, the game will still at some point become simply impassable. For example, she can throw a complex and impassable corridor, which not only will not be possible to bypass, but also where it is also mandatory to kill a dozen soldiers. In such situations, whether you like it or not, you will have to go into a frontal attack, but, as a rule, there are not enough items and it is simply impossible to pass the level. Although there is a way out – you can reduce the level of complexity. In this case, the character will not lose health so quickly, and enemies will die literally from one grenade. Only this game still can not make more interesting.

Overall level design and graphics

Left Alive. Technical Issues

The level design is just terrible. It can be compared to the level of the first PS or to the early releases on the PS2. The environment almost always consists of empty and primitive rooms, square boxes and ugly textures. And some objects can even be loaded within a real five minutes and this is on the PlayStation 4 Pro, taking into account the improved graphics mode! Although not everything is loaded, so many textures and objects remain further away in a blurred state. For that, the performance mode at least partially helps, because the game in places ceases to slow down much.

Special attention should be paid to dark levels, because in such places there is generally complete darkness, even if you turn on HDR. Therefore, if you do not twist the brightness to the maximum, the position cannot be corrected. Now imagine what happens when you twist the brightness to full – the game becomes incredibly ugly.

In addition to the ugly faded style and graphics, the structure of the levels itself causes a lot of bewilderment. The fact is that the level structure is not trivially thought out: it never implies a creative approach that would encourage you to study the environment and thereby solve the tasks. The levels are full of dead ends, bugs, broken controls, littered passages – all this simply says that you need to return to one single road and move absolutely linearly. In general, soon you will just begin to vomit from such a stupid and ill-conceived gameplay, especially when, against the background of all this horror, you have to search every corner to find first aid kits, cartridges or new types of weapons.

Lack of AI

Left Alive. Buy or not

From time to time you will stumble upon other characters who, if desired, can be saved: for this you need to lead the NPC to the shelter. Only here you never want to do this, because bots do not have normal AI, and control, as you could already understand, is implemented through a hole in the ass. The character has standard commands like “Stand Still” or “Go Ahead.” However, if your NPC runs a little further, then it will be impossible to deploy it, but you can be sure that it will definitely be killed. And if you take into account the fact that when you open the map, the screen is completely closed, that is, it turns out that you can not see what is happening “outside”, it again becomes impossible to save the NPC.

Planning actions in Left Alive is also difficult due to the fact that the game can completely unexpectedly change the location of your enemies or, according to the script, sleep a whole squad of enemies right in front of you. And believe me, it will never be possible to orient yourself in time and react correctly to such “antics”. Therefore, you have to reboot every time, and the last checkpoints can be far away. Sometimes you can use autosave, but the game can easily overwrite all progress without asking you. Although if you are pleased, some in-game errors and bugs can play into the hands – a couple of times there was such a thing that enemy patrols disappeared and just fell right under the textures.

Soundtrack and voice acting

Left Alive. Review

The sounds in Left Alive are just disgusting. The soundtrack in this game is like scratching on the glass. But most annoying will be the voice acting of your AI assistant and Cat. Throughout the passage, the same phrase will be repeated constantly. Maybe the developers just hate their players, so the publisher decided not to test the project on live players?


Left Alive is a game that can be described as a “bouquet” of the most disgusting things in the gaming industry. But the most painful thing is not from the passage of this “wonderful” game, but from the realization that such a cool universe was ruined by such crooked hands. After all, it is full of cool ideas and setting. And given the fact that Square Enix does not like to “repair” even its cool projects too much, the Left Alive game will not be able to rehabilitate. However, I doubt that any patches or additions would have saved the situation.

Reviewer’s verdict


It is simply impossible to play this “ugliness”. The game is simply full of errors, unfinished gameplay elements, broken mechanics and insanity of the main characters.

It is difficult to describe all the horror that accompanies you throughout the passage. Even the visual style and setting are hard to admire when the game literally has a problem on the problem.

The soundtrack in Left Alive is hellish hard labor for your ears. Given the terrible gameplay, the sounds in the game literally blow up your “sciatica”.Single-person campaign

The idea itself is quite interesting, but its implementation is just trash. Especially the stupidity of the characters – they are difficult to tolerate, difficult to perceive. Everything that happens on the screen is just insanity.

Playing “it” is simply impossible and much is connected with management. It’s disgusting, uncomfortable, and constantly creating some kind of problem.

Left Alive is by no means worth the money. It’s not worth the money at all. Not only is this an unfinished game, but it’s also a bad one in all its directions. Nothing works in the game, a bunch of bugs, bugs. At the same time, it claims to be an AAA project. The pinnacle of absurdity.

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