Life is Strange 2 Review – A Teenage Story in Interactive Cinema

Games like Life is Strange are very much needed in the gaming industry. Indeed, it is precisely such projects in the genre of interactive cinema that emphasize plot and story, which allows them to be compared with good cinema, which has interesting characters, an exciting plot, intrigue and an unforgettable atmosphere. Life is Strange 2, like the first part, is divided into several episodes, like the series. The first episode was released at the end of September last year, and the last episode at the moment, the third, was released on May 9. There will be 5 episodes in the game, and the final one will appear only in December.

Life is Strange 2 review review


The plot of the second part continues three years after the events of the first game. This time we have to play not for female heroes, but for the teenagers of the Diaz brothers, who live with their father in Seattle. The eldest of the Brothers Sean does not get along very well with other teenagers, and the younger Diaz Daniel is constantly hiding something and regularly gets into all sorts of troubles from which Sean helps him get out.

We play for Sean, who, in addition to all of the above, has a friend Lila, is fond of music (now you have the opportunity to even sing along to your favorite tracks) and draws sketches. The hero’s entertainment is also part of the gameplay, but does not affect the atmosphere and dynamics in any way, but the key aspect of the game is, of course, difficult moral choices for a teenager, which can lead to very different consequences. For example, you can confess to your dad about drinking alcohol or smoking weed and get good pocket money for being honest, which is unexpected and very interesting.

Life is Strange 2 review review

Episodes and plot of the game

As mentioned at the beginning, the game is divided into episodes, each of which tells about certain events in the life of the brothers. It doesn’t make much sense to delve into the plot of each of the three episodes that have already been released, since, firstly, it is impossible to avoid spoilers, and secondly, this is not particularly necessary, because if you are carried away by such a game, you will definitely want to see all these events in time of the game, and not read about them from some review. A few words should only be said about the plot of the plot. On the eve of Halloween, Sean, as always, was preparing for the holiday, and Daniel decided to scare one guy. Because of this, there was a scuffle, in which Sean intervened and unsuccessfully pushed his younger brother’s opponent, so that he fell hard.

Further events are twisting very rapidly. A policeman arrives who wants to take Sean to the police station, his father and a law enforcement officer stand up for his son because of nerves or, of his own free will, kills the father of the children, believing that he could attack him. After the shot at the father, an explosion is heard, and the brothers fall, losing consciousness. It looks like there are some supernatural moments in the game.

After that, the elder Diaz comes to his senses and sees dead his father, a policeman and a neighbor boy with whom Daniel quarreled. Without thinking twice (after all, the police sirens are already sounding) Sean takes his younger brother in his arms and goes on the run. But where should he go? As you might guess, you can only be saved in Mexico, where their father comes from. But how to get to it for two teenagers who have no shelter, food and water, and even whom the police will be looking for? It is this difficult problem that Sean will have to solve throughout the season, constantly getting into dangerous and exciting adventures.

Life is Strange 2 review review

Game process

The gameplay has undergone some changes and they went to the game, definitely in favor. For example, now you can communicate at a distance and you do not need to approach another character closely running a long distance to convey your words to him. This greatly simplifies the game, and if Daniel wants to eat an unknown berry in the forest, then you do not need to immediately run to him to forbid him to do it, but you can just shout and he will hear you.

At the same time, you should be careful in every choice and decision, especially in relation to your younger brother. After all, he is still quite a child and any prohibition or permission from Sean is key to his perception of the world and his fragile mind. And if you treat your brother well, he will definitely help you in difficult times and will not let you down. Well, how you build a good relationship with him is entirely up to you.

Moral choices and inhibitions for a brother will play a key role in the game. For example, in one of the episodes, Daniel wants to steal a chocolate bar and you will have a choice: to let him do it or not. If you allow your brother to steal something, then later he will begin to do it in the order of things and this will negatively affect your fate, but if you forbid him to steal, that Daniel may in turn take offense at you. So you will see the “This will have consequences” icon quite often. Summing up the results on this topic, the game is tied to difficult decisions that can fundamentally change the entire further history of the brothers and in each choice it is necessary to analyze well all the pros and cons in order to get out of this or that situation favorably. Sometimes, some decisions will not be easy, but that’s why we love the Life is Strange project, don’t we?

What do we see and hear?

In addition to moral choices, the game also retains its visual design. The graphics did not suffer any major changes, only the improved Unreal Engine 4 added more realism to the game: new animations became visible for the characters, and the hair began to behave more realistically in the wind. Of course, these are not all the changes that are visible in the game, but the first ones that are striking.

For the soundtrack in the game, everything is the same as in the first part, the French composer Jonathan Morali, who also worked on the soundtrack for the first game, is responsible. The tracks in the second part are of course different, but they all sound nice and add great atmosphere to what is happening on the screen.

Life is Strange 2 review review


Life is Strange 2 is a very interesting project that gives you the opportunity to plunge headlong into the incredible adventures of two teenagers with huge variability, different plot twists, problems of moral choice, etc. The game captivates not only with its gameplay, but also with a great soundtrack, which allows you to better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and immerse yourself in it. It’s nice to see that in modern games, gamers are trying to captivate not only with colorful graphics, seas of special effects and endless action, but also to tell an interesting story in which there is a place for vivid characters and an interesting plot. So all that remains is to wait for the release of a new episode and rejoice for Life is Strange.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


The amazing adventure of two teenagers is passed in the same breath from episode to episode. High variability of the plot, the presence of moral choices that can radically change the course of history – all this allows you to immerse yourself in the game Life is Strange 2 headlong and enjoy it every moment.

The visual component of the game is at a fairly high level. Stylish graphics together with the game engine Unreal Engine 4 make it possible to get visual pleasure from what is happening on the screen. Good animation, good picture and other elements make the graphics in the game highly appreciated. I would like to note that, of course, the graphics here are far from the best in games and are unlikely to impress connoisseurs of an exceptionally “beautiful picture” in games. Nevertheless, the visual part in Life is Strange 2 does an excellent job of its main task – to carry the player into the story.

Excellent compositions in the game allow you to completely immerse yourself in the gameplay, and all your attention can be focused solely on the fate of the Diaz brothers. The soundtrack in the game makes it possible to better experience all the emotions that a well-made interactive movie evokes.

Single player campaign

Step by step, episode by episode, you will participate in the adventures of the Diaz brothers, and every moment the fate of these two fictional characters will interest you more and more. The single player campaign in the game is divided into 5 episodes and each of which can be regarded as a full-fledged interesting story that will give you a storm of emotions and impressions.

Simple and convenient – this is how you can characterize the controls in the game. Making another fateful choice, just walking with your brother in the woods or playing some mini-game – all this is equally convenient and easy to do in Life is Strange 2 due to its simplicity and ease of operation.

An excellent game, which is an interactive movie that tells a fascinating and exciting story about two teenagers that you want to watch and empathize with all the time, and which can easily captivate you for several days, leaving an unforgettable impression.

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