Life is Strange: Episode 1 Review

Still, life is a very strange thing, and if you look at it through the eyes of a teenager, then there can be no question … Yes, great pathos, a desire to show the world that you are still worth something in it. Naturally, there will be quarrels with parents and various showdowns with their peers, and problems in studying will not go away from here, constantly dreamy prospects of adult life – all this naturally puts pressure on the psyche of such children.

And who would have thought that the bright success of Telltale Games would affect and haunt DONTNOD Entertainment so much. Under such a blow, the French studio decides to create its own interactive adventure, where it will still be divided into episodes and interesting moments with incredible intrigue. It’s immediately obvious that Life is Strange is a very courageous attempt by Square Enix and DONTNOD studios to make money where Telltale Games was able to.

The first episode of the game had very difficult and important tasks: it was necessary to attract the game audience and show that Life is Strange is an incredibly good game, while it was important to set the right pace of disappointment. But on the other hand, if the developers showed too much, then the plot would become predictable. Stinginess would also be reflected in the first episode – there would be no intrigue. And yet, the developers were able to overcome a series of difficult obstacles and create a fascinating story that has intrigue and tension, and even bewitches from the first minutes!

The plot of the game will tell everyone about a girl named Max Caulfield. The girl recently returned to her home after living with her parents for five years in a city called Seattle. Upon hearing the story, everyone probably already thought that the girl returned to her homeland for the sake of her old friends, but everything in Life is Strange is much more prosaic. It so happened that in this particular town there is Blackwell Academy, which was created especially for gifted children.

A little later, it becomes clear that the girl is not only an excellent photographer, but also that freak, constantly trying to get used to the old, but already changed environment. Soon the alignment of the story takes a completely different turn: a terrible tornado that threatens all residents, but as soon as this phenomenon reaches the lighthouse on the coast, the girl wakes up abruptly and goes to school.

This is where Max’s peculiarity is revealed – the rewinding of time. It happens quite by accident – at the moment when a girl witnesses the death of an unknown girl, who is killed by a rich student.

Soon, time-mathing becomes an integral and essential part of the game. This is how Max starts wandering around his school, making friends, chatting and sniffing around all the time. At the same time, she is constantly beating time. The girl will constantly change her actions in the past so that everything works out as it should. You can be sure that all the deeds that you did in the first episode will be accurately reflected in future events.

If at Telltale Games studio all your decisions carried permanent meaning, then in the game Life is Strange everything will not look so bad. Let’s remember how as soon as the Walking Dead everyone was biting their elbows from their actions and each time they tried to replay, in order to somehow change the situation for the better, while replaying a considerable piece in the plot. Right there, you are now blessed with the skill to experiment. You can say what you want and to whom you want – there are no wrong decisions in the game, especially since all your “sins” can be corrected.

The developers made a good storyline, because who doesn’t want to know how a girl is going through her difficult period in life? But the whole essence of the game is built around the mysterious disappearance of students, with whom a girl named Chloe (Max’s girlfriend) has already managed to get close.

Of course, Chloe for Max is no longer the girl she once knew, but she also plays a significant role in the game. Moreover, Chloe is a very colorful girl who definitely has something to hide.

DONTOD Studio still managed to lay the foundation for a wonderful story. The developers skillfully built the plot and connected it with modern pop culture, while giving everyone the opportunity to play the guitar or just listen to a couple of good tracks.


Undoubtedly, the first episode of the game was seriously intrigued, therefore, an early continuation of this story is required, and this must be done not only because of the desire to play with the fans, but also in order not to “drown out” the feelings that everyone who played in the first episode experienced … Perhaps even the DONTOD studio with its new game will be able to “push aside” Telltale Games with their series.

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