Living Hard in the Wasteland – Mad Max Action Review

The long-awaited game version of Mad Max is finally out. And while the whole schoolboy was writing the timetable, she began to learn lessons, sob and shout: “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.” I’ve been playing Mad Max for several days now.

Desert Wolf

Mad Max starts off almost like a movie, so you don’t have to go through the Prologue for an hour like you did in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A couple of words about how the whole world fell into the ass and immediately a screen saver with chases, fights and a saw in the skull. Alas, the main villain of the game does not take the saw and he takes everything from Max: a bottle of whiskey, a cigarette, a photo with his family and, of course, his favorite car.

And even if Max was stripped, raped and thrown to rot in the Wasteland, he still survives. At the same time, Max immediately has a faithful companion – Dinky-Dee. This is a dog, moreover, which is named after canned food. Surely you all think that a hero like Max is entitled to a beauty who will accompany him throughout the entire storyline, then Max’s heart will melt, they will sleep and everything in this spirit, BUT no. He meets a hunchback named Tinsmith.

Of course, the boy is not handsome, besides, he constantly carries some kind of game, but for that he will be able to make a new car. In short: the hunchback decided that Max was something like Jesus – a Saint who was sent to him by the highest automotive heavens, where there is always a lot of grease and gasoline. In general, as mentioned earlier – Tinsmith is going to assemble the coolest tachila for Max – Magnum Opus.

Magnum Opus or as it is commonly called in the game – “Masterpiece” is the navel of the whole game. Throughout the game, you build this car, the whole storyline revolves around it and, in general, you will have to spend all the time improving the car.

I want a car and more guns!

Skirmishes in the Wasteland are the best there is in the game. Enemy patrols are constantly driving around the Wasteland, and the highways are filled with convoys. So, any meeting, even some random one, immediately pours into a furious pursuit, a smell of gasoline and the sound of a roaring engine. In general, the enemies in the game are a bunch of brakes. As a rule, opponents either break themselves against walls and stones because of their mistakes, or you shoot them at the tank, after which they fly to catch the stars in the sky. But, if this does not happen, then they become very formidable enemies, jumping on your car, poking their members into the windows and interfering with controlling the car.

If you like powerful cars, then sacrifice speed and hang your car with iron plates. If you want to drive faster than the wind and not worry about handling at all, then it’s time to change the exhaust pipe along with the engine. Well, if you are a lover of pleasant surprises, then put a ram on the wheelbarrow and hang it with explosives.

The essence of the skirmishes does not change throughout the passage of the entire game, however, like the entire open world. Initially, it seemed to me that the Wasteland would be some kind of flawed and empty, but the developers were surprised. Wandering through the Wasteland, you will constantly stumble upon some interesting landmarks, for example, always smoking and coveted like a woman, Gaztown or various cellars of local drug addicts, where you can also find a lot of interesting things, including pills and syringes. to drag on.

Learn the history of the Wasteland

I was very surprised by the amount of information contained in the texts. Every object you encounter will have its own story, even a flashlight. Can you imagine? Fuck ** flashlight! Relics scattered throughout the Wasteland can tell a lot of interesting, varied biographies and stories. In addition, in all these finds there are a lot of very different references to films, so be careful.

At the same time, it is important not to get carried away with all these searches, because sooner or later the storyline will force you to continue collecting metal again in order to earn money for a bottle of vodka. In general, over time, everything becomes the same type, for example, each fort is different in its design, but the capture constantly proceeds according to the same principle. Now we got through, you mean inside, pretending to be your own, saying: “My name is Max. And I’m an alcoholic. ” The cleaning begins, the destruction of objects and the beating of the most important scumbag in this place. Moreover, this happens in every place. But as long as you do not look at all tasks as work, the Wasteland will remain the same constantly attractive for you.

Survival and massacre

I don’t know if anyone remembers or not, but the Mad Max developers have made a lot of statements about the game’s survival system. In fact, it did more harm than any benefit. For the entire time of passing the game, personally, I did not have any problems with food, water and even gasoline. I constantly ate and relished canine food. I constantly, as drunks say, “drank tasty water” from a rusty, rotten pipe a hundred times. Well, in the end, he constantly poured himself gasoline.

The combat system did not please either. The first skirmish with the bandit, according to the idea of ​​the game, was supposed to happen on a rock, but I just shot the bandit and he successfully flew down into the abyss. When I finally saw the principles of the combat system, I was very upset, since the combat system was literally licked off from the Batman series of games. The only thing new about her was the sound of breaking bones.

But there is one difference: if Batman fluttered in battle with enemies like a stripper, then Max was deprived of all elegance. The protagonist is represented by a tough factory worker who relied on only 100 grams of vodka and brute strength. Well, when the rage is gaining, Max breaks bones twice as fast: the ringing and crunching of bones, ignoring the rule of “lying do not beat” and a shotgun of course.

Enemies resemble gopniks, that is, they deeply do not care that you are already fighting with two, the rest will also get into a cat fight, pulling their hair and scratching their skin. Couple, even with a huge number of enemies, you start to worry, because there are so many of them that there is an urgent need to call your brother or get explosives. Unfortunately, all skirmishes take place on a clean machine.


Partners. Tell me, who do you most often see in games as partners? Sexy girls who deliberately unbutton their jumpsuits to their panties? Elderly teachers who have already eaten all the baldness with their philosophy? Fun but dumb robots?

In general, forget those who were with you in other games. Honestly: Max is in the ass, there are no normal women, no drinks either. So soon you get to know a fucking junk who is burnt to the floor, who constantly tortures himself with arrows, probably shoving them even into his anus. Meet a legless old woman whose dream is to build a desert trough with sails. Meet the desert warrior who claims that the Wasteland will soon be the sea, and five-star hotels will be built on the shores. And of course, get to know the Tinsman, who for me personally looks like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. As mentioned earlier, he is delirious and thinks that Max is an analogue of Jesus.

Naturally, against the background of this fantastic four, Max looks the most normal. Adequate communication, actions, cynic, but in moderation and of course, not verbose. But in the Wasteland, quiet people are usually the sickest – Max is no exception. He is in love and remains loyal to his machine and blindly moves towards the Silent Plain, which may only be a legend. Devils in Max’s head do not jump out, they quietly sit inside and slowly devour him from the inside.


Mad Max immerses players much deeper into the atmosphere of the Wasteland, unlike the films. But to say something more weighty is only to spoil the pleasure of the upcoming passage. The game is very extraordinary, as the game combines many elements from games of different genres. You don’t stay in the game for a long time, because soon you notice the monotony and it gets boring, but what it gives: crazy chases, explosions, fights, an interesting world and crazy Max. Worthy of praise.

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