Lords of the Fallen Review

Surely all players were not very enthusiastic about the fact that CI Games and Deck 13 Interactive studios announced the new hardcore game Lords of the Fallen. This is quite justified, because at that time these two studios were not able to please the gaming audience with a good project that would not be interesting for a couple of hours in the most hungry year. And here’s the news that they are creating not just an RPG, but with elements of hardcore and they are inspired by the famous Dark Souls series and its predecessor, Demon’s Souls. No one can predict for sure, before the gameplay demonstration, that the game will not be so great Dark Souls, but it will be able to make a breakthrough for the developers themselves.

The game’s plot focuses on a man named Harkin – a former life prisoner who was released to fight the interdimensional monsters called “rogars”. Of course, it sounds quite strange, but the point is that there are perverted laws and morals in the universe of the game. Judges – the supreme council (elders) and the rulers of the fate of mankind, made one decision, according to which the criminals were made from those who had at least a grain of evil or a little darkness. Antanas, one of the elders and the savior of the human race, performed a mysterious ceremony in which he allegedly destroyed darkness and evil in the human soul, well, and according to eyewitnesses, turning people into something completely different and inhuman. Where, in general, there are those who revel in power and are afraid of everything, then there will be atrocious experiments – thus, some of those whom you will meet are mutant people. As a result, due to the fact that among all the guardians of the world there are only clean and tested ones, and faith and purity categorically prohibits violence, there are no longer those worthy to defend their lands, so one of their criminals was released, and according to the plot, our hero is Harkin.

Lords of the Fallen is practically the same Dark Souls. And in general this is not surprising, because the developers did not hide in any way that they were inspired to create the game by the series from the From Software studio. And with all this, we can say that the game knows its place, since it is not the “spiritual heir” of any game, and even less the legendary “killer” of the Dark Souls series. The Lords of the Fallen game is perhaps a continuation of the ideas of its great predecessors, so they cannot reach special heights.

In some respects, Lords of the Fallen is somewhere on the level of the Dark Souls series. It is, just like its predecessors, complex. At the head is the same cycle of repetition “death-anger, despair – victory, victory – euphoria.” A fairly large amount of time can pass before the third and second points, but the joy of victory usually then exceeds the effort, money and nerves spent on it. But the couple gets the feeling that the game seems to be mocking you. But as a rule, every mistake has its own consequences. In general, like in the Dark Souls series.

And with all this, the developers did not try to copy the formula of their predecessors. A couple of the game Lords of the Fallen tries to present something original, so as not to look like you already guess who. For example, after defeating the next Boss, you can also go through an additional test, where you will be given a new reward as valuable equipment. You can get experience points not only for killing monsters, but also for secondary tasks. Of course, there are not too many bosses, but the battle with each one is very interesting and requires maximum skill. And finally, the checkpoints here are made in a rational sense, although one can even say in a merciful one, so this greatly reduced the frustration after another death. In the end, Lords of the Fallen looks just fine.

In the beginning, everything really works as it should. And Lords of the Fallen at first may even seem to be the heir to the Souls-series, and all thanks to a convincing, beautiful picture and slightly timid attempts to follow its original source. But it is precisely this pleasant attraction that soon disappears. The further you go, the more sins will come to the “surface”. The game just starts to swarm with bugs – to the point that you can be thrown onto the desktop during a fight with some Bosses. In dialogues with the rest of the characters, a simple banality slips through and their setting is generally on the level of that first Gothic. Since the developers of the game did not have time to make more various locations, they constantly force you to return back to the same places, although new enemies appear here, and even Bosses. In general, what the game is worth scolding is for its criminally small content: enemies, types of magic, and everything else.

Since the game lacks multiplayer and a rather short company, the game simply does not hold up to comparison with the original. If by eighteen hours Dark Souls had just begun to warm up, then in Lords of the Fallen the credits had already begun. As a result, we ended up with a slightly unpleasant and empty game.


Finally, it is worth saying that the developers of the game Lords of the Fallen have nevertheless made a big step for themselves. We can say that there is nothing more similar to the Dark Souls series yet, so the new game takes a new place of honor. It is worth noting that the creators of the game even did a service to the guys from From Software to some extent. Thanks to Lords of the Fallen and her incredibly beautiful looks, many players will discover the highly addicting genre of hardcore games. Of course, Dark Souls remained on its majestic throne, but the attempt to overthrow it is worthy of respect. Lords of the Fallen can muffle that “hunger” until the next game from the studio From Software – Bloodborne, is released. And given the power of the original source, this means not so little.

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