Magicka 2 Review

The first part of Magicka 2 proved to be a very fun and original game, and the “highlight” of the game was in the cooperative mode: the amount of game frenzy and fun that was happening around, in the company of friends, increased more than once! Players were far more likely to die at the hands of friends than at the complexity of the game itself, with Magicka constantly regenerating so many new situations and levels that players never stopped admiring her until the very end. And the DLC released for the original game only said that the continuation of this wonderful game is only a matter of time. However, in the process of creating the game from under the wing of the game publisher Paradox Interactive, the studio came out that was engaged in the first part of this fun game – Arrowhead Gaming. What happened in the end? As a result, the game was transferred entirely to very young hands – that is, to Paradox Interactive. And you know, this greatly influenced the current result, but we will deal with everything a little below.

To replace something old

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage and at the same time a considerable plus of the game is that it has minimal differences from the first part. The mechanics of building spells have changed in the game: now each element can be used only once, respectively, the number of possible spells has significantly decreased.

Instead, the players were given the opportunity to heal directly on the run and use hot keys to apply “magic” – these are especially powerful spells, for the use of which it will be necessary to memorize a combination that consists of various elements. In any case, you might think for a minute that the game was strongly “rendered”, but everything is not at all like that: if you use the “magic” hotkey, then it goes into a reboot, but nothing prohibits players from manually typing the necessary combination of elements and using this the same ability one more time.

In fact, the above innovation was specially made for beginners, whose head can suddenly “swell” out of habit from such a huge amount of information, so most of the “magic” will not be used at all.

The game has finally appeared equipped things, which were called artifacts. In addition to the stereotyped things like “+ 5k health” and “+3 to speed”, there are such artifacts that greatly facilitate the passage of the company and even just give extraordinary fun to the passage. For example, with the help of some artifact, you can increase the health of your enemies or activate offscreen laughter. And what can I say if there are objects that have the ability to teleport every time GG. to the place where the enemy was last killed.

Magicka 2 was not without a variety of cosmetic changes: the graphics now look much fresher and more pleasant, and the game engine does not terrorize players with constant crashes, so the character control has become much more responsive.

But you know, even this list of innovations does not end there. The conclusion is extremely simple and straightforward: if the first part of the game forced you and your friends not to leave the game for hours, then the brand new Magicka 2 will be able to do something similar.

Not without a sin …

If we evaluate the efforts of the developers as a whole, then the decision not to “flap” the mechanics of the game, but to tackle the balance and the technical component was the right decision. From now on, playing all alone means that the very first mini-boss will tell you about the importance of solo play. During the battle, he constantly throws enemies who are immune to damage from any of the eight elements – here it becomes clear how the game developers tried to avoid the mistake of the previous part, when with the help of a combination of “fire” and “death” each game was played simply, without presenting any difficulty.

Having eliminated the ability to establish elements on each other and adding more enemies with various “resist” elements from the elements, the Paradox Interactiv company simply coped with its task perfectly.

Of course, everything cannot be so simple and perfect, so the game developers still got it. And they made a mistake in humor, where the Arrowhead Gaming studio simply “ate the dog”. Most of the jokes and references are secondary, so it is noticeable that they were made only to just be. And the developers themselves apparently understood this, so the game does not fall asleep with tons of stupid jokes. And even in spite of this, the crazy atmosphere of the game and general idiocy in general was carefully preserved and transferred to the sequel.


Undoubtedly, what has appeared is a little upsetting, especially for the fans of the game, who were expecting something incredible from Magicka 2, where they would experience a real “brain explosion” that they once experienced in the first part. Unfortunately, this will not be in the game. The developers only slightly chopped off unnecessary parts of the game, somewhere they polished, and somewhere they finalized something, so an amazing game did not work out. But even so, the game is very enjoyable to play!

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