Mass Effect 3 Review

Many players playing Mass Effect are concerned with only two questions: should Captain Shepard (the main character) sleep with men and what to do with those employees at BioWare who answer “yes”. Although there are dilemmas a little more important, for example, what is the whole series of games like – a spectacular staged shooter or is it still a full-fledged RPG game? Let’s be honest, the debate is the hottest, but it’s interesting that the game Mass Effect – in the first place is an interactive book, which the players themselves have been writing for five years now. And this time they can add the last pages to this game.

This book can not be called of course directly “ideal”, the plot is not too intriguing. More or less unpredictable plot was more in the first part of the game. In Mass Effect 3, you already know in advance what you have to do and what to do in general throughout the game. Shepard is forced to fly around the galaxy and gather troops along with resources to help stop the Reapers before they wipe out any more sentient life in the galaxy. And here, the scriptwriters, perhaps, failed: there are too much twists and turns, too much pathos and a large number of very predictable actions. Only after a couple of hours of the game, familiar characters will appear on our screen, who will give a tangle of intrigue, and we, in turn, will have to unravel it as we progress, and of course, it becomes more or less interesting.

The game mechanics of the game have not changed much over the past five years, so it can be called “classic”. You still have to fly through outer space on your already legendary starship “Normandy”, as always, land on various planets and carry out ground missions, and scan other planets using the old method and collect valuable resources from them. The process of scanning the planet has not changed much since the second part, although the developers claimed that they would introduce new changes. The role-playing and combat system is the same as it was. As usual, the main character with his party members, as always, sits behind shelters and uses already familiar skills. They still lift their opponents up with their biotic abilities, they also freeze enemies with cryo-cartridges and throw grenades at each other.

But it is noticeable that the creators clearly tried to finalize this detail of the game. Now, when you scan a planet, you can bring an entire army of Reapers into an entire system. But this innovation does not affect the storyline in any way. I was pleased with the role-playing system of the game – there are more abilities, a lot of alternative developments for the hero, the developers have returned modifications that can be installed into service. And the enemies have become noticeably more cunning in battles, they have begun to perform various maneuvers more often, carry out rapprochement, and even make up very competent tactics. And in order for Captain Shepard to be able to counter this very effectively, he was trained to jump over obstacles well and kill his enemies in close combat. As a result of this innovation, all battles began to look more efficient and more dynamic.

Another very interesting innovation is called “Galactic War” – it keeps track of your achievements and successes. The more resources and troops you collect, the higher will be your rating and the readiness of your army for the final battle with the Reapers. Here it is important to note that the endings will depend on what kind of army you have. Quite tempting, isn’t it? But in fact, your entire army will be depicted in numbers that are similar to the progress of the game.

In general, now it’s worth moving on to the fact that any criticism in general simply fades against the background of what BioWare made this mess for. During the first two parts of the series, each player made a lot of responsible and important decisions. Starting from exactly how to improve your shuttle and up to who will live and who will die. As a result, the third part of the game is a kind of collection of what you have done in the previous parts.

In the final part, literally everything will remind you of yourself! Starting from friends and enemies, and ending with those whom you helped or broke off. Here they will tell you: “Shepard, how many years, how many winters”, then they will write you a kind letter, shake hands with old acquaintances, invite you to relax in a bar, or in general, someone will try to take revenge. Now here everything gets its logical conclusion to the entire trilogy of the game. And most importantly, as always in the style of “Mass Effect” – it will be something very epic that will cut you to the very bones.

And you know, Mass Effect 3 stood out in that it looks more epic than all the other parts. This is where the developers were able to keep their word and now all grievances, romances and even friendship fade into the background before the destruction of all intelligent life. In the new part, the fate of entire races depends only on you! It is up to you to cure the distressed Krogan race from the genophage or kill the Rachni queen. And where else could you see how this interview of the protagonist could inspire an entire galactic army? Even small game stories once again emphasize the whole tragedy that has fallen on them. Refugees from all over the world flee to the Citadel: there are not enough medicines for everyone, soon the idea of ​​“not treating everyone” is heard, after which many try to commit lynching or even take up arms. And again it is necessary to act with justice, or is it better to act as it is more expedient? In general, Mass Effect, as always, puts players in front of a very difficult choice, on which a lot of the game depends.

To be honest, the final part of the trilogy came out not the best. If the developers had spent a little more time to balance the battles, a more thoughtful role-playing system and patched up the cooperative mode, then everything would have turned out much better. Although, it still looks epic: the death of an entire galaxy, citadel chaos, total destruction almost everywhere, and much more. The main thing is that the developers of the game were able to convey to people the idea that if humanity is faced with a problem, then it can be solved only by unity. When entire peoples, of different races, religions and skin colors, are united into one. Some may say that this is gaming truth. But apparently, judging by the fact that we always have the way it is, so we will miss you very much, Captain Shepard.

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