Mordhau review – fun and bloody medieval battles

Fans of action games from the first or third person, as a rule, prefer shooters to slashers. In this regard, these days it is very difficult to find a worthy representative of a good multiplayer action game with a medieval setting, which gives us the opportunity to swing around with melee weapons.

However, you can’t say that there are no good games in this direction at all. You can remember the recent For Honor from Ubisoft, War of the Vikings from the Fatshark studio and at least a couple of good similar projects. The most ardent fans of this genre are still sitting behind Mount & Blade: Warband (you need to somehow brighten up the waiting period before the release of Bannerlord). But now this list of games can be replenished with the Mordhau project from Triternion.

Mordhau review

Sword fighting for beginners

In some games, the grunt learning process is quite annoying, especially if you can’t skip it. It has long been clear to everyone that WASD needs to be used to move, and to strike with a sword by pressing the left mouse button, let someone hack to death. However, in Mordhau it is better not to miss a mission with training, and even a good monetary reward for completing it has nothing to do with it. The control process here is made in a very non-standard way and if you do not study its basics, then even in battles with bots it is better not to meddle.

It would seem that everything should be simple and clear: several chopping options, thrusting blows and a block button. The key principles are usually familiar to all fans of similar games: choose a direction, strike and defend. However, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance: your opponent can either repulse the blow, or inflict an oncoming counterattack, or completely dodge your blow. Here you already need to be cunning: choose the speed of the strike, the moment, calculate the distance or start the attack with a distracting kick. Even during a training battle with a bot, it becomes obvious that the winner in Mordhau is the one who uses the right mind and tactics in battle, and simply “hammering” the enemy with endless identical blows, as in other games here, alas, will not work.

Mordhau review

You always have to exercise

But this is just one of the basic aspects – the battle system itself in the game is much more realistic and more complex than in other projects. The game just pours in special terms and designations for each of the blows, for example, if you quickly block an enemy blow, you will get the opportunity to make a “riposte” – a quick counterattack action. In addition to single blows in the game, you can perform whole combo attacks, which, with the right moment, will be able to penetrate the enemy’s defense and hit him.

Judging by this little excursion, you might think that the game is occupied by real pros who train for hours and are ready to crush hordes of enemies until they die from an accidental attack from behind. This statement is only partially true, because the fights of professionals in the game look really amazing, and you can improve here to the limit. But even those who just entered the game have a good time and do not strive to become the best of the best, there is also something to do here. Therefore, even if your level and skills are not up to par, the game can still amuse you well.

Mordhau review

Blood and fun

The game features a couple of modes, in each of which you can get pleasure and a lot of fun: one-on-one fights, team fights, “Every man for himself” and of course “Royal battle”. However, the most interesting mode, which shows the essence of the game well, is called “Frontline”. It involves team-on-team battles to control certain points on the map.

Although the maps in the game are quite voluminous, usually, all battles unfold in one small area, which creates the effect of a real incessant “carnage”. Here is one warrior brandishing an ax and killing four enemies in a row, but immediately dies from a well-aimed archer’s shot. Another knight cuts off several heads, and another wounded fighter at this time tries to finish off his opponent. The riders wield lances and of course blood and severed limbs are everywhere.

In addition to the vivid picture, you can hear the sounds of iron, chopping legs, hands and heads, the trampling of horses and jokes from representatives of both warring parties. The game looks very brutal and realistic, it seems that you have been in a real battle.

Battles can take the form of individual one-on-one battles, a general dump, and wall-to-wall battles. Using smart tactics, you can defeat the enemy through cunning maneuvers, for example, luring him into a trap with a false retreat. It is best to work together, as well-coordinated work can easily become the key to success, although it is still fun to cut without thinking about anything.

At such moments you don’t even think that you are not the best knight here, but after another death you want to be reborn again and plunge into the thick of the battle again and chop everyone from right to left until you are overtaken by another blow with a sword or a well-aimed arrow.

Mordhau review

Here everyone can find something for themselves

It is not easy to understand what the game has put more emphasis on – on competent one-on-one fights, which, in terms of their complexity and realism, can easily become a new e-sports discipline or a fun deckhouse, when several dozen players are dumped in one heap at the next stage of the battle. But the game has something to note in addition to the interesting gameplay and unusual controls.

Consider the same customization. Any equipment has its own parameters that affect speed, endurance, strength, etc. Weapons in the game are also very different in one way or another. You can easily choose ready-made equipment and weapons, but it is much more interesting to choose everything yourself based on your fighting style. The game also found a place for passive skills, of which there are several dozen. The developers treated this process with humor. For example, there is the “Peasant” skill, which gives you the ability to equip ordinary clothes and household items as equipment.

It is also worth noting that your equipment gives you the opportunity not only to prove yourself in battle, but also to stand out noticeably against the background of the general mass, because there are plenty of customization options here. For a good fighter, this is a good opportunity to make the enemy army panic, so that after a couple of skirmishes your opponents are afraid of “that knight in an unusual hat”.

Mordhau review

What can you say in the end?

Of course, not everything in the game is perfect in technical terms, but without this in modern projects there is simply no way. Although the game has bugs, Mordhau makes it possible to get fun and enjoyment of the gameplay, and even with these small minuses. If the creators of the game fix minor bugs, work on the balance and fill the game with new content, then this project can count on great recognition and success among gamers.

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Great battles and great gameplay. Whether it’s a duel with an enemy or a massive battle, you can easily immerse yourself in the game, regardless of your skill level and existing skills. And the availability of a wide selection of equipment and weapons only improves the situation.

Not to say that the project looks great and there is amazing detail and effects, but the graphics here are at a fairly acceptable level, and in the thick of the battle you’ll hardly pay attention to how the helmet looks on that enemy or how good the animation of chopping off the head looks.

With the help of soundtrack, Mordhau can easily transport you from the computer room into a medieval battle with its clinking swords, shouts, hooves, and slashing limbs. The sound in the game is just great and creates the right atmosphere.

Online battles are why you need to buy Mordhau. Whether it’s a tactical duel with a live enemy or a massive carnage with several dozen players, the pleasure can be unforgettable.

Awesome unusual controls that bring realism and complexity to the familiar melee combat in games. Although at first it will not be so easy to understand what and how it will be here, but when you can get comfortable with the controls, the game will bring you an unforgettable pleasure.

An excellent multiplayer game about medieval battles, in which both a beginner and an experienced warrior will feel good. The game is distinguished by its unusual and realistic controls, as well as good customization and amazing battles and duels. In general, if you have always dreamed of becoming a knight and crushing enemies left and right, then welcome to Mordhau!

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