Mortal Kombat X Review

The Mortal Kombat series is immediately several things at once: a great game, bloody and brutal finishing moves, skipped lessons, battered cartridges, a worn-out Sega console and just gatherings with your friends. Everyone has memories that are associated with “fighting”. And so, Mortal Kombat X was no exception. The new installment in the Mortal Kombat series may not get along very well with beginners, but it is always supportive of those who decide to spend a couple of hours to master it.

Those who already know and are familiar with games such as Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us will undoubtedly be able to recognize Mortal Kombat X: the same two-dimensional arena where fighters are constantly blowing their brains out of each other, using a variety of special skills and unique attacks … Here they still break each other’s bones, fire, freeze, poison and much more. Various misunderstandings of the gameplay disappear immediately after you begin to understand the instructions for the various fighters, which can be viewed in pause mode.

Exciting plot? No, have not heard

The plot of the game Mortal Kombat X now covers as many as 25 years and it unfolds after the events of Mortal Kombat 9. No sooner had Shao Kahn’s body decomposed, then in Outworld all his acquired property was divided, which soon grew into a brutal civil a war, the force of which even those who live in the Earthly Kingdom have felt on themselves. But even this is not enough, so the minions of another powerful villain Shinnok want to free their master for the total enslavement of the worlds. In general, this is the whole struggle of the game Mortal Kombat X.

If you remember, at the time of the announcement of the game, the developers said that the script would be one of the strongest sides of the game, but you yourself know how it happens – they say one thing, but it turns out quite another. The historical narrative constantly jumps from one edge to another, between one world and another, between some characters and others. In the end, everything comes to the point that it’s just corny that you don’t have time to understand the necessary piece of events. Small memories of the heroes, which need to be replayed by the players from time to time, drastically change their picture and you have to replay someone’s story again, thereby not leaving attention to some interesting intrigue. But in principle, why is there intrigue? All the players came here to grind and break each other’s bones.

As in the previous part of Mortal Kombat 9, any dialogue between the characters soon turns into a fight. Do you want to talk? Fight. Don’t want to get involved in your affairs? Fight. Are you talking about a universal threat? Fight. And so on like that. Couple, everything that happens in the game is reminiscent of the story of some drunks in a bar who speak of respect and solidarity.

It only adds variety to the endless “chatter” of the characters, thereby forcing you to keep constantly in suspense, interactive videos that from time to time make you press the buttons. As a result, if you do not want to be beaten and keep the initiative in your fists, you have to constantly carefully monitor what is happening on the screen. Well, if you don’t want to waste time on fights, then you can buy a unique token for yourself in the Crypt (local shop), which makes it possible to skip the battle.

What can I say – it’s a shame that there are “black holes” in the plot, which the writers did not even try to close with at least something. Since a new generation has now appeared in Mortal Kombat X (children of legendary heroes), then, accordingly, everyone expected some kind of developing relationship, but it was not there, and even the prerequisites were not enough for this: a brutal civil war, constant murder and violence is raging in the Outworld , and even the chance to be under the tyrant of Shinnok does not contribute to this in any way.

A couple of it seems that the developers had a bunch of interesting ideas, but the attempt to push all this into the game ended in complete failure, after which they took from each idea a fragment and in the end, were able to shove it all into the game. But the problem is that with the selection of the fragments they “adjusted”, so what they connected turned out to be a little off-putting for the players. Despite the fact that the game affects as much as 25 years, the storyline is shorter than even its predecessor! But on the other hand, the plot was not too long – and everything turns out to be very controversial.

New arts and heroes

In total, 24 heroes will be available to you in the game, but this does not include the heroes that are part of the “Combat Pack”. Of course, there are fewer heroes than in Mortal Kombat 9, but not much. The most interesting thing is that each hero can choose a style of fighting for himself, which, in turn, are very different from each other. For example, one style of fighting the hero Erron Black (stylish cowboy mercenary), makes it possible to stick a blade into your enemy, from which the enemy will lose health and bleed. Or a blind hero named Kenshi, a warrior who can use the help of the spirits that “sit” in his sword.

You will hardly be able to master all the heroes to perfection, because the “styles” of fighting complicate this task. To begin with, it is better to choose for yourself a couple of fighters whom you will learn to “wield”. In any case, the outcome of the battle depends only on how “straight arms” the player has.

Also in Mortal Kombat X new heroes are presented, which can only be compared with the game Injustice. For example, an archer named Kung Jin is very similar to Green Arrow, but a huge jock with a dwarf Ferra and Torr, very similar to old Bane!

But every hero is unique. Even Kung Jin along with Erron Black, because if you master their methods of fighting, then they can become a real threat for enemies. Even such “hybrids” of heroes as Casey Cage is unique, because she took the very best sides of her parents.

Network mordovorot

Well, after you have identified your favorite hero and fighting style, it’s time for you to go to online battles. It immediately becomes clear what a tremendous amount of work has been done on the characters. Each combat link is very fluid, and unique and powerful skills have been redesigned for the better. For example, Scorpion’s spear or Sub-Zero’s ice ball fly more slowly. And this was the right decision, because before that, such abilities were so fast that the players managed to win an easy victory.

Anyone who has played with such a “clown” who constantly uses the same skill over and over again, thereby preventing him from getting up, is wildly annoying. Even the usual tackle from the Reptile infuriated me to wild shaking and twitching eyes.

Everything turned out very well in the battle, because now, even without bloody fatalities, the game has become the same bloody and very cruel. The positive emotions emanating from victory become much more pleasant when you make a bloody omelet from your opponent. And in general, the developers’ fantasies can only be envied: Sub-Zero breaks his spine, and then tears it in half; and Ermak first breaks all the bones in the opponent’s body, after which he begins to pull them out through his mouth; Casey generally knocks out the jaw of his opponent and then takes a selfie with him.

“Brutality” has finally returned to the game, but this time it will not be repeated strings that eventually tear their opponent apart. This time, these are unique finishing moves, which require some conditions for their action. But I want to say one thing – no matter how difficult the condition for brutality was, it is worth it, since in a couple it is much more spectacular than fatality!


Despite the fact that Mortal Kombat X could not make the same sensation as Mortal Kombat in 2011, the game is much better than its predecessor in many ways, despite the fact that the plot is not very interesting. I always want to find fault with the game, but it doesn’t work out with a couple. Despite all the reproaches and shortcomings – Mortal Kombat X was a success. This is a very interesting, bloody and of course high quality game that any fighting game fan will love.

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