Need for Speed: Heat review – racing day and night, but always with a shade of gray

The Need for Speed ​​series is no longer pleasing to fans as it did in the old days. At best, they are faced with the next game in the series, which can hardly be called a “good race”, but not something more. There is a lack of the old atmosphere and drive of street races and an interesting plot with charismatic bosses. All this is already in the past and is unlikely to come to us again. Here is the next part of the series called “Heat” decided to nostalgic for the past games in the series and focused on the police chases and illegal races. What came of it? Well, let’s figure it out.

Palm City sun and night lights

The game is set in Palm City, a large, spacious suburban city inspired by Florida and Miami. We select one of the available players and get behind the wheel almost immediately. Need for Speed ​​was not appreciated for the plot, so the developers in the new part did not think about this aspect for a long time. Everything is pretty simple here. A new chief of police has appeared in the city and he declares war on all street racers (original right?). As you may have guessed, we have to confront him constantly running away from the cops and simultaneously demolishing everything around. This is how our story begins, you should not expect any charismatic and interesting heroes. The villains turned out to be rather primitive, other characters also do not shine with originality, so we skip the cutscenes and get behind the wheel.

Need for Speed: Heat review

Need for Speed: Heat game review

We drive day and night

Well, what awaits us behind the wheel. The game has an open world, like the previous parts, which is endowed with various activities. Various races, tasks, collecting parts for tuning, etc. – all this can be done in the large open world of the game. All races are conventionally divided into two stages: day and night. During the day we participate in legal races on paved tracks and cheers from the crowd. Such races allow us to earn the money that we need to buy new cars and customize the existing ones. Well, at night we have to plunge into illegal races, where we earn a reputation that gives us access to new spare parts and parts, and also allows us to participate in new races. You can also get a reputation by leaving the police, for which we can easily knock down fences and other light buildings, and after breaking away, drive into a special place to hide from pursuit.

All this, of course, is very interesting and really makes it possible to feel nostalgic about the first games, but there is a very important aspect that lies in the gameplay. The races themselves turned out to be not very bright and expressive. Yes, the cars in the game look good, and even the arcade physics doesn’t really spoil the impression, but the races themselves. They are either too easy, as if the cops or other riders just got their license, or too difficult, and in order to overtake even the lightest rival or cop, you need to try hard. This variation in difficulty is not particularly encouraging and negatively affects the gaming experience.

In principle, playing the new Need for Speed ​​Heat it seems that the developers just decided to mix all aspects from other parts and try to put together a new race that gamers should like. Something in the game is from Payback, something from Rivals, somewhere there are elements of Hot Pursuit, etc. However, trying to assemble a full-fledged game from even good elements does not work out very well. Sure, the new Heat looks good, but it doesn’t really go beyond just a good race.

Need for Speed: Heat review

Gray Palm City

Although the developers are trying with all their might to add color and brightness, the gray landscapes of Palm City and its environs are not particularly catchy. Before us is an ordinary gray city with boring and unremarkable buildings, which could be forgiven for an ordinary race, but an open-world arcade game – alas, no. I would like to see more interesting and rich locations. So the situation when after a couple of days of the game the landscapes and locations seem painfully boring to you will be very commonplace.

Need for Speed: Heat review

Need for Speed: Heat game review

Pimp My Ride

As in the previous parts of the series, the tuning in the game is quite interesting and varied. From even the most banal car, you can, if you wish, collect a real beast that will impress both outside and inside. And if you take into account the fact that in order to pump the car you will have to participate in street races in order to open access to some details, then this process becomes many times more interesting. It’s safe to say that tuning is one of the strengths of Heat, however, it is not much different from a similar aspect in other parts of the series, so you will not find something incredibly new here.

How are you doing in multiplayer?

The multiplayer in the game also turned out to be quite controversial. You also travel through the open world and can join any race. However, there are problems with this aspect. Either the race cannot be found in any way, then the rivals come across too strong. In general, the developers would love to slightly improve the balance and make some changes to the online mode.

Need for Speed: Heat review

Need for Speed: Heat game review

Is Need for Speed: Heat worth our attention in the end?

It seems that I don’t want to say anything bad about the new part of Need for Speed, but there is also not much to praise the game for. Yes, we have before us a good racing game with an open world, street racing, chases, tuning and a storyline that fits into a few sentences. This project differs from other arcade races only by belonging to the famous series and nothing more. The game has many positive aspects that allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of the racing and the gameplay in general, but it would be wrong to consider this something unique and magnificent. The adjective “average” is most suitable for describing the game. So if you are a fan of the series or looking for a good race for a couple of nights, then Heat will definitely appeal to you, but you should not expect more from the game.

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Racing, tuning, traveling through the open spaces of Palm City – all this can be interesting and exciting, but we have already seen this. The chases are not particularly impressive, although they are done well, the city itself and its surroundings are rather gray, and the tuning, although not bad, is not much different from the previous parts.

A vivid picture, an abundance of pink shades and colorful special effects – modern racing should delight the eyes of gamers and the new Need for Speed: Heat tries to meet these standards. However, you still feel a kind of dullness and nondescript locations, especially after a long time in the game. So the developers are missing something in terms of the visual part of the game.

The creators of the game promised us almost the best soundtrack in the series and did their best to keep their word. Of course, they did not make it to Underground 2, but the music in the game really turned out to be pretty good.

Playing online is not easy. It is difficult to find the necessary race, and the imbalance does not allow you to enjoy the full-fledged game. Of course, from the network races, when everything is going well, you can get pleasure, but in order for the network mode in Heat to work as it should, a lot of time must pass and more than one patch and update will be released.

Single player campaign

A weak storyline, imbalance and gray locations on the one hand, and interesting chases in places, good races, a return to basics, a good idea with a division into day and night races, as well as good tuning on the other. As a result, we have a pretty good race, where there are both strong and weak aspects. Playing a single player mode in Heat is interesting, but it can quickly get boring, and there won’t be much to impress you, especially if you’ve played in the previous parts of the series.

The controls in Need for Speed: Heat are fine. Controlling the car is easy and simple, and it’s unlikely that you would be required to do any difficult things in an arcade race. So from a control point of view, the game is a pleasure to ride.

Not a bad average racing arcade, with interesting races in places, an open world, a good soundtrack and a simple plot. The game can easily captivate for a certain time, but still I would like the developers to remember in the future why the fans loved the series so much and tried to create not just an “average” race, but a real cool project that will clearly show why everyone loved the series so much Need for Speed. In the meantime, we have a good average game that you can play, but which is far from the first parts.

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