Overkill’s The Walking Dead review. There is no place for the dead

Every year it seems that the universe The walking dead is about to stop appearing in the media news. Even the most dedicated fans of the series simply cannot look at the endless war with the hordes of the ghouls, which inevitably ends with the eating of almost all the characters every two seasons. The walking dead were reanimated in every possible way: first with a masterpiece interactive series from the now defunct Telltale Games, then with various mobile games. And now for the 9th (!) Season in the main direction of the franchise – the series – nothing has changed. It would seem, who even watches The Walking Dead in 2018? Perhaps only old fans, who with longing sometimes turn on the next episode in order to find out what happened to their once beloved heroes. And realizing that there are practically no familiar faces on the screen, they turn off the series. But this is far from the case! It turns out that there are still not only those who are interested in looking at the walkers, but also those who are interested in playing games about them! At least that’s what they think Overkill Software – developers of a new adventure in the main zombie universe of our time – Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Where have we taken us?

When back in 2014 the game was announced by the developers Payday, the gaming community has a double impression of this news. On the one hand, a renowned studio that knows how to make adrenaline, drive shooters, makes the game in a very suitable setting for itself, on the other, a game about zombies, which everyone got tired of in 2014. And even without an exact release date. This meant that a new project in the universe of The Walking Dead would not see the light soon. And so it happened.

Overkill's the Walking Dead review

Overkill Software really done in his style – the race from the first person among the hordes of enemies, shooting, rubilovo and cooperative. Almost everything in the best traditions Payday series. Why almost? Yes, because in Overkill’s The Walking Dead developers have tried to move away a little from the usual concept – here you play is encouraging for stealth. The less you create a noise – the easier it will be played. You do not have to fend off swarms of walking, but still possible to get certain bonuses. But all this is performed so that very quickly bored, and the gameplay switches to standard clicker – you endlessly klatsat of a mouse, for climbing from all cracks enemies leave no other choice. Mechanics is that if you are well, I do very careful traveling on the locations, you eliminate all the traps, do not kick the empty bottles to the shops, not palite on local Cosa Nostra with shotgun indiscriminately, then you do not have at the end of strain fingers clicking over the heads of the walking at a speed of 200 clicks per minute. But this happens very rarely. The Overkill’s The Walking Dead has three alarm levels: on the ground you will stick zombie small flocks, in the second they will become much more. A third get ready to meet with a whole horde. And if you think you can very easy to defend from enemies, you are wrong.

In Overkill’s The Walking Dead, you always have to think a little ahead: position is very important here. It is best to stand in a narrow aisle and shred a huge army of opponents of the dead, a la 300 Spartans. There is a stamina indicator here that is important to keep track of. If it drops to zero and you are surrounded by zombies – the end, you are a corpse. On this from the interesting, perhaps, that’s all.

Then everything goes quite differently as expected after the first screening in 2014: someone was thinking about Left 4 dead modern design, someone wanted something like Dying light, but someone wanted to see the usual Payday in a new setting. Perhaps Overkill Software also guessed about it. But try to please everyone by making Overkill’s The Walking Dead look like absolutely all popular zombie games of recent years, it was clearly a failure. But the developers chose the latter path. And that’s what came of it.

Long distance run

Once on the levels of Overkill’s The Walking Dead and getting acquainted with the stealth mechanic, the player begins to be slightly perplexed by what is happening on the screen.

In all three trailers, we were promised something cinematic, a game with a focus on interaction with the outside world. Judging by the commercials, we could expect a new grandeur in the horror genre. But doubts began to take their toll – after all, in 4 years not a single gameplay trailer was shown. Until E3 2018. And then it became clear why.

Overkill's the Walking Dead review

That’s supposed to be

The fans of the series understood who was developing it. Everyone was ready for the game to be cooperative to the core, but not so. It’s almost impossible to play alone in Overkill’s The Walking Dead: all those tasks that were designed for the coordinated interaction of four people remain the same if you play alone. That is, if you need to transfer four generators from point A to point B (a quest that is easily completed in co-op), when playing without comrades, you will also have to carry exactly the same amount! The player will have to return to the same place four times, run through the same location and drag all the necessary utensils.

With regards to the plot – it simply does not exist. What Overkill Software is trying to pass off as history does not arouse the slightest interest. Some banal essays, written in one day and without much effort, tell about the “Family” gang, which settled in Georgetown and the surrounding area, periodically terrorizing the rest of the survivors. All the characters, of course, suffer from the wandering flocks of walkers. The whole plot looks like this: first, the bandits attack you, then you attack them in revenge, and then fight the zombies. Fun and exciting (no)

By the way, the artificial intelligence in the game is about the same as the plot. Stupid NPCs sometimes can’t aim at you if you just run around him. With zombies, everything is as it should be – they are even more stupid. In the best traditions of the genre. The main thing is that there are at least some differences in the level of development of bandits from the walking dead with an atrophied brain. Although sometimes doubts about who is who creep in.

And it thickens the colors even more, that you will go through some levels several times – in the game for some reason there is such a concept as a “camp” and it needs to be equipped. To do this, the survivors will need the resources obtained in the process of exploring the locations. And they, as you already understood, are sorely lacking. And you can get them only by replaying individual tasks. At your base, you will not find absolutely nothing interesting: terrible decorations, boring conversations consisting of clichéd phrases and the possibility of customizing all this “wealth”. Also, occasionally tower-defense missions await you: zombies attack from all sides, you and your friends fight back. That, perhaps, is all. Each component simply does not deserve even a couple of lines of mention, and in general it is not clear why it was so ineptly entered into the adventure.

Design, video and sound.

But perhaps the weakest point of the game is its technical part. Overkill’s The Walking Dead looks outrageously bad. Dead scenery (even leaves little stir on the trees), the constant “failures” for texture and totally absurd shade – that’s what awaits you in the game. Shadows is generally a separate topic, by the way. They are on the mood: polurovnya you ran in the sun and did not have them, and then bam – sharply appear before entering any building. Very interesting concept! Shooting is mediocre: only impressive crossbow.

Overkill's the Walking Dead review

The game sounds better than it looks. The music is quite tolerable, but the world … If you now imagine in your head the most clichéd rumble when an empty bottle falls – this is how it will be presented in the game. Every little thing is a set of horribly boring stereotypes.

And in the end?

All in all, Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a frustrating game. Absolutely not adapted for a single player, with weak interaction in co-op – all the characters’ feathers practically do not have to be combined with each other, and playing with random people is very difficult. Stealth there and will not smell. All that remains is 2010-level graphics and dull, buggy gameplay.

Overkill's the Walking Dead review

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


If you are going to play alone, then subtract three more points from this score. The four of them can be interesting.

The weakest component. Horrible animation, horrible detail and bugs. It looks like stealing the game budget, otherwise not to say.

Effects, already boring for everyone. The music is not bad, but at least here you could try?

Still, developers are able to make Payday society worthy of mention. Although the game does not give you any new emotions, but rather make even the moments of wonder in this part. Stories almost none.

Convenient, but the animation spoils everything. Plus, bugs often prevent you from performing certain actions.

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