Pillars of Eternity Review

Kickstarter is in full swing and this time it has raised a whopping four million dollars, thus giving birth to a brand new, classic game called Pillars of Eternity. The new “brainchild” of the studio Obsidian Entertainment is mainly distinguished by the fact that this game belongs to the classics in the gaming industry and this applies not only to the gameplay, but also to the plot, graphics and even mechanics!

Well forgotten old…

If you want to feel the whole essence of the role-playing games of our fathers, then the new project from the studio Obsidian Entertainment is what you need! The protagonist of the game, oddly enough, turns out to be the new chosen one. He, like the rest of the heroes before him, will have to save the world, stop the impending threat and, in general, send dark forces into the depths of tartar. Robberies and murders take place all over the world, and ordinary people literally groan from the oppression of their masters. Everything slipped to the point that people were even hanged just to console the public – in general, it became in the order of things.

At the very beginning of the game, you get an unknown and unique ability from which the main character has a variety of visions. Gradually unraveling the tangle of the twisted plot and using all the useful information, you begin to learn a lot more about what is happening.

Go wherever you look

Before starting the game, get ready for the fact that you will be playing from an isometric view and you will not have the opportunity to switch to a more familiar format for you. What happened in the end? Hourly wandering in search of various NPCs, items and other things. Couple, tasks converge to the fact that you are simply asked to “find out what is happening there”, and then, walk through huge locations and nearby territories in search of a specific place or character.

The most interesting thing is that the game does not lose interest in the least. Gathering your squad and carefully studying a certain territory, it becomes clear that you have returned to that, such a pleasant time, when you had to solve the problems, wander a lot, study and kill the most powerful monsters! At the same time, getting unimaginable pleasure from all this.

The developers tried not to lead the players by the handles, but simply to let them go free-floating. By the way, those who are not ready for such a harsh reality can use specially designed tips, which in turn help to understand the game principles and local laws. And for those who feel confident in such games, they have specially developed an increased level of difficulty, where the famous Dark Souls seems to be just a rattle. If this is not enough for you, then turn off the prompts and set a mode that will allow you to overwrite the only existing save, and not, as you are used to, create separate files. By doing this, the game Pillars of Eternity will stop “patting you on the head” for the mistakes you have made and will show its true character.

Talking about the living world and randomly occurring events that take place without the participation of the main character is simply stupid and inappropriate. The cities look quite deserted, and the meeting with the next pack of bandits vryatli can be called previously unscripted, it’s good that the game is full of various tasks.

Classical origins

More detailed attention was paid to the various characteristics of the hero, which will affect not only combat skills, but even the manner of communication with other characters. Let’s admit that in current role-playing games this is not rare anymore, but this is not important, but that in the development of further events there is a lot and a couple, you can sit and bite your elbows from intriguing dialogues.

And by the way about game dialogues: they will be voiced, but not animated in any way. This move in the game begins to immerse even more in those classic RPG games. In a conversation, the lines will look almost like this: “The girl lowers her head and settles her hands in the lock; you can see how worried she is.” Part of the tasks is also a text and decisions have to be made based on the described text. By the way, in this way, the developers saved themselves from additional work – creating videos, so everything can be attributed to the “tradition of the series”.

The combat system in the game has no differences that would be similar to other projects. Battles will take place in real time and at any convenient moment you can pause the battle and issue any commands to all your heroes. Note that without this detail in the game, the passage of the game would have become very difficult to pass: there are simply a huge number of enemies and they attack constantly without any ceremony. Your units will have such capabilities as to approach carefully (covertly) to the enemy and quietly place traps there, and then start the battle according to your own rules!

The development of heroes, or rather the expanses of development, are huge! One hero creation can take more than half an hour, as if not more, if you thoughtfully create a hero. A huge number of hero origins, beliefs, specializations, characteristics, style of skills and behavior. The game is undoubtedly addicting.


Pillars of Eternity is the project that fans of past classic RPG games wanted to see. If you look at the game as a classic, then there are no drawbacks, because this is just a gift for those who fell in love with projects fifteen years ago. In addition, modern gamers can also adequately appreciate such classic and magnificent creations of the studio Obsidian Entertainment, if, of course, consider it correctly, but also keep in mind that Pillars of Eternity will require a kind of attitude towards itself.

We can say that Pillars of Eternity is a wine that was prepared according to an old and very forgotten, one might say – a lost recipe. Therefore, it will suit both true connoisseurs of taste and all other connoisseurs of games!

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