Project CARS Review

Consoles, as usual, win in terms of the most realistic and beautiful games. And even in spite of the various arguments of “pkshnik”, like “you just need to press a few buttons to win.” In fact, this is not at all the case. Most console RPGs are dreadfully complex, like Bloodborne. And you know, this is not to mention car simulators. Two series of the game to this day dictate their standards for a variety of races (Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo). Just admit that it has been a long time since the PC had a project that could be compared to the console. In general, why pull? More recently, PC racing has been able to feel fresh air thanks to Project CARS.

Serious game

The game noticeably lures the audience with its number of various settings and models of car behavior. In Project CARS, you can play both an arcade game, where you need to slow down with the help of fences and rivals, or play a very complex car simulator, where it is better for beginners not to even approach the pedals and steering wheel. In addition, various electronic assistants help in setting up a huge number of functions (such as the stabilization system, ABS and even traction control), a little steering when passing different turns and, in the end, an automatic brake.

However, Project CARS was conceived in any way a project that is “hammered” completely with a variety of functions. The game was conceived as a realistic race, where you would have to face serious opponents and without a bunch of devices that would help overtake them. Naturally, for a more precise realism, weather conditions were added to the game, such as a shower with a severe thunderstorm.

It’s true: during the first race, we had to face very tough weather, in which it became incredibly difficult to play. You can forget about keyboard control even when the assistants are on – you simply will not feel the car if you do not have analog control, since the buttons simply cannot physically provide it to you.

The main thing is victory!

Project CARS makes you simply crush your pride and activate the initial assistants, and even choose a less frisky and more flexible car, for example, some charged hatchback like Renault, or Mercedes A45 AMG. Moreover, the list of available cars will consist of practically racing-modified models (and this means that the power of the car, even with cars, will be raked off). Learning an already very difficult driving has to be done on the most powerful fireballs, and gradually transferring the players to more difficult to control and fast cars.

Players have access to a career mode, time trial, simple single races and online stars. Single races immediately became famous for the fact that you can initially set a huge number of functions there and play enough with the game settings, and having tried each car in a variety of configurations. By the way, you can even learn a couple of tracks (and without this, as you know, just nowhere). Key places go only to those who climb out of their skin, and any release of attention from the track, like the usual second glance at the mini-radar, can turn into a complete failure, because literally anything can happen on the track in Project CARS!

By the way, your career will be built around a calendar, so before each race you will have the opportunity to conduct thorough and persistent preparation, that is, to choose the most optimal settings for the car, run the track and even qualify. And even if you did not have time to prepare for the race, then in the game you can simply skip some stage, but the problem is that Project CARS is built on realism, so how can you skip any stage of the race? Right?


As for the difference in the behavior of a car, it is somehow not even convenient to speak, but all due to the fact that it is simply huge. The physics in the game is really realistic, but it will be possible to evaluate it only with the help of the right pedals and a high-quality steering wheel, but in any case, only ardent fans of racing will already appreciate this. The most important thing is that driving a car is not just pleasant, but interesting. Modern types of cars can easily turn their heads with their speed and incredible responsive handling, because the past cars were more imposing and measured. Civilian types of cars may seem completely docile at all. It all comes down to the fact that being confident in your superiority over a car is a mistake. Thus, players should pay more attention to settings and assistants.

As for the rivals, they do not cause any irritation. Opponents move not only along an ideal trajectory, but they can very often attack you, so they do not allow you to relax throughout the entire race. Although, at times, they need intelligence to an increased degree. For example, during a collision with your car, the opponent will squeeze the gas all the way, instead of just simply bypassing you from the other side.

All in all, the best type of mode is online stars. Unlike other modes, everything will happen here extremely calmly and without any special problems. In general, with the usual aristocratic spirit of competition.

The only thing that Project CARS is inferior to other racing simulators like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo is scale. The game has no scale effect at all: too few game modes and cars. After all, it doesn’t have the same scope as the competition.


Project CARS is not an incredibly good project, but it can simply be called one of the best. Here you will need diligence, and study, and even getting used to. Yes, the game is inferior to its competitors, but even so you can get a lot of new impressions, and especially when you finish with success any race. In addition, the developers of the game will probably not just give up their “creation” and will definitely try to please their fans. It is also important to note that in recent years there have been practically no serious races released, so if you love games of this genre, then you will undoubtedly like the game.

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