Remnant: From the Ashes review – alternate history, other worlds and co-op

Remnant: From the Ashes is a 3-person shooter with a focus on co-op. The game was handled by the creators of Darksiders III – Gunfire Games studio. The new project has an interesting setting, a good storyline and interesting gameplay. Let’s try to answer whether Remnant: From the Ashes is worth our attention and does this game have any potential?

Remnant: From the Ashes review

Remnant: From the Ashes game review

Alternative 60s

The main events in Remnant unfold in an alternate history of the 60s of the 20th century. The planet was invaded by the alien race Root, which practically exterminated all people on Earth. The protagonist of the game is one of the few survivors who goes to find the source of the apocalypse. On his dangerous path, the main character will visit various places and even visit about 4 other worlds.

Interestingly, the locations in Remnant will be randomly generated. But the general plot in the game will not change during the second playthrough. There are also no elements of the so-called “roguelikes” in the game, so after death the hero simply revives at the control point with all his equipment and weapons, without losing anything due to death.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the game is tailored for co-op, therefore, it can be played both alone and with live players up to 3 people. The team is selected automatically, taking into account the level of its strongest member, which allows you to create a rational group where everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy the game.

Remnant: From the Ashes review


The world of the Remnant game responds well to every player’s action. For example, there will be a masked merchant in the game who constantly complains about the voice of the tree in his head. You can help him and depending on your specific actions, your relationship and dialogue with the merchant will develop in one of several possible scenarios:

• If you get rid of the tree before the first meeting with the merchant, then he will be much calmer when communicating with you in the future.

• Kill the tree immediately after meeting this hero – you will find him very surprised at the next meeting.

• Well, in the end, nothing prevents you from giving a damn about the norms of morality and just killing the merchant by taking his unusual mask.

At the same time, do not forget that in the game, locations and characters are generated randomly, and therefore there is a possibility that you simply will not meet this NPC in your world and in his place will be an ordinary merchant without a mask and sounds in his head.

Remnant: From the Ashes review

Remnant: From the Ashes game review


The locations will also have a variety of bosses, which are divided into two types in the game. The first are mini-bosses. They can be found in underground locations and, as a rule, these characters are a more powerful version of ordinary opponents. Mini-bosses also have their own abilities that ordinary enemies lack. For example, one of these mini-bosses has the ability not to lose balance and keep balance well, which makes it very difficult to knock him down during a fight.

Another category represents the bosses of the world. These characters have their own individual appearance, and battles with them are fought in special arenas. Some of these bosses can be avoided by, for example, skipping a certain location or “rightly” talking to some of the NPCs. In any of the worlds of the game there will be two such bosses.

Remnant: From the Ashes review

Action, fighting and pumping

The battles in the game are based on the use of firearms and elements of the hero’s agility – somersaults and dodges. Various first-aid kits, when used, slow down the hero, so they need to be used very rationally. Health, ammo and first aid kits are limited, but can be restored at the checkpoint, which makes the game very similar to Dark Souls.

There are no classes in Remnant. At the beginning, the player simply chooses one of the hero archetypes, which is no more than a basic set of abilities and skills that can be improved or changed as the game progresses. For example, a long-range shooter can easily be turned into a melee master, for which you just need to change several abilities and take another weapon as you progress. Skill points can be found in the corners of locations, as well as received for killing opponents or completing tasks.

Weapons and modifications for it in the game can be created independently from those resources that you also find on the map or that drop out when you kill enemies. It is worth noting that weapon modifications in the game are not easy and can greatly change the gameplay. For example, one of these modifications creates a special healing aura around the hero. In addition to weapons, you can also customize the armor, helmet and special rings on the hands of the protagonist in the game.

Remnant: From the Ashes review

Remnant: From the Ashes review


Based on the impressions of players and critics, we can safely say that Remnant: From the Ashes fully reveals itself precisely in cooperative mode, when several players use their strengths and get rid of opponents much faster and with more fun. In single-player mode and with bots, you can still quickly get bored, since you can easily be killed here in a matter of seconds, and bots will be somewhere far away and will not come to your aid.

I would like to note that the game is still quite good. It has a good setting with an alternative reality theme, many interesting quests and good action with pumping. However, as already mentioned, in order to fully enjoy all these gameplay features and not be faced with the difficulty of passing and the stupidity of the AI, you still need to play with live players. In this regard, if we consider the game in the context of a cooperative, then it turned out to be interesting and exciting, and if as a project for one player, then there is a lot to find fault with, including in terms of the stupidity of the AI ​​partners and high complexity. In general, decide for yourself, but if you still sit down for Remnant: From the Ashes, then it is better if you have live partners.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


The game is interesting and fun. The presence of good action and good pumping together with various locations of the interesting world of the game can drag the player here for a long time. However, Remnant: From the Ashes is able to fully reveal itself only during team play, which requires at least one player (or better all three). In this regard, it is very difficult to evaluate the game according to this criterion for the maximum mark.

The locations are colorful, the effects look good. The levels have an interesting design and the character details are very well done. However, the graphics in the game cannot be called unique or innovative to be assessed for maximum appreciation.

Nice soundtrack and good voice acting – that’s what you can say briefly about the sound in the game. There are no colorfully voiced dialogues or an amazing soundtrack that you want to listen to separately. The developers hardly set themselves the task of making the sound in the game at the highest level, so it would be wrong to be too strict about this aspect. Nevertheless, they coped with their task – the sound in the game does not interfere and is always in place, which is also not bad.

The game is fully revealed in co-op and this mode is its greatest strength. Remnant: From the Ashes is really fun and challenging to play with only live partners. Gather a team and roam across different worlds, killing monsters left and right. Cooperative passage makes it possible to balance the team and play in the most efficient and interesting way.

Single player campaign

The game is still poorly suited for solo play. The high complexity and dullness of partner bots can quickly get bored with you. But if you are a hardcore gamer and love action / RPG games, then perhaps you can handle the challenges and ultimately enjoy the game.

You can’t say much by this criterion. Everything in Remnant is convenient, simple and clear. Leveling the hero, shooting, dodging – all this is equally easy and does not cause difficulties due to inconvenient controls. Therefore, if you die often, then you definitely should not blame this particular aspect of the game.

Not a bad action / RPG with an unusual setting and variable open world. The game is fully capable of showing itself only in co-op, so if you decide to try it out, it is better to have several faithful partners with you in order to enjoy the passage to the fullest and get pleasant emotions.

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