Resident Evil 2: Remake Game Review

For many players, the Resident Evil series of games is something expensive and special. After all, this amazing game series from a talented man named Shinji Mikami carried with it one of the most successful formulas, thanks to which the franchise became successful and subsequently cult. Many games in this line combined dangerous and exciting adventures, scrupulous study of the surrounding world and sometimes complex puzzles. At the same time, each game has always been accompanied by metered action, competent management of limited resources and a gloomy setting. And against the background of all these mechanics and gameplay features, quite charismatic protagonists always tried to understand the most strange events and most importantly to survive, because a real and consistent zombie apocalypse was always looming.

In general, all this provided the series not only with successful longevity, but also with a whole army of fans along with the same army of imitators. It is also worth noting that it is the Resident Evil series that is responsible for such a cool gaming subgenre as “survival horror”. And at the moment when it seemed to many that the series with its advanced mechanics and gameplay, began to suffer from a crisis of ideas, Resident Evil 4 appeared on the scene.

A little later, after the release of the full fourth part of the series, a black streak began in the history of the Resident Evil series: the departure of the key creators of the franchise and a number of wrong decisions of the Capcom studio led to the fact that the reputation of the series was badly damaged. So the once great series turned into a thoughtless and boring cooperative joker.

Fortunately, over time, the company’s management came to its senses. The correct course of rehabilitation of the series followed in the form of the game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Despite the fact that the seventh part was controversial, but still it was the right continuation of the series, so the developers managed to regain the trust of the fan community. The creators were inspired, thought and decided to please with several interesting announcements, including a remake of a dream in the face of Resident Evil 2: Remake.

It is worth noting that due to the fact that the company began to follow the advice of Shinji Mikami, RE 2: Remake determined for several years ahead how to properly create remakes. The new “Rezik” is not a banal and sometimes stupid reissue of some old toy with updated graphics. The new Resident Evil is a large-scale reworking of absolutely all elements, components, details and a huge addition to the story with new scenes combined with elements of modern game building.

Plot and history

Resident Evil 2: Remake. Release date

The storyline and events of the remake start before the events that occurred in the original. As in the original game, the remake also tells the story of the emergence and spread of the virus, which was created inside the walls of the secret biological laboratory of the Umbrella Corporation. In the game, you are given the opportunity to go through the game again for a young policeman Leon Kennedy or for Claire Redfield, who goes to Raccoon City to find her brother. Together they arrive in the city two months after the incident that occurred in the first part of the series. And as the two-month incident has grown in scale, the heroes do not even suspect what awaits them upon arrival in the city. According to the plot, the characters will periodically intersect with each other, but this will happen extremely rarely, so after passing the game for one character, you will definitely want to go through the remake for another.

The story story will change places depending on who you started playing initially and who you decide to keep for the next playthrough. So after the campaign for Leon, it makes sense to go through the campaign for Claire Redfield – then you can notice certain changes in the plot and environment. For example, playing for the second time for a girl, you can go through the locations that were previously opened by comrade Leon. However, the girl will have her own specific and distinctive problems along with the tasks, but in places some elements of the gameplay will be repeated. For example, at the very beginning of the game you will need to find three medallions not only for Leon, but also for Claire, only each time the location of the medallions will be different.

Control, shooting and battles

Resident Evil 2: Remake. Системные требования

Despite the fact that the remake uses the classic concept and principles of management, but it is all done in accordance with modern technologies. So the creators managed to successfully get rid of the old controls, so the camera is now behind the character. And there was also the opportunity to aim directly on the go, which was not the case in RE 4. Only here it will not be so easy to do, because zombies will constantly spin and spin, and firearm ammunition on medium difficulty of the game will almost always be in short supply. Therefore, sometimes you not only begin to miss, but also panic. The most interesting thing is that along with this, another hero or heroine can begin to panic, then commenting on what is happening, which only incandesces the unfortunate situation.

In addition, the remake properly develops the zonal damage mechanics. Thus, if you aim and kick the opponent, then he will not be able to walk normally, and if you deprive the zombie of hands, then he will not be able to unexpectedly grab the character. And yet the most effective way to fight is to shoot straight to the head. Interestingly, with absolutely every hit in the skull, then those pieces of the skull that they managed to get into begin to fly away. Therefore, when hit, not only part of the skull can fly off, but also the jaw or even the face. For example, a shot from a shotgun can rip off the scalp, so only bloody flesh along with the skull will remain. Given the fact that almost every encounter with the enemy unfolds according to a new scenario, the deep diversity and tough atmosphere of the project are once again emphasized.

The next important point and the main difference between the remake and Resident Evil 4 is that now it is not so obvious how many accurate shots to the head need to be fired into the enemy to make him die. Sometimes two accurate shots from a regular pistol will be enough for you, and sometimes four direct hits will not be enough. And again, in this regard, the character may begin to get nervous and with him you too. Thanks to this, the remake each time retains its special intrigue during the battles. However, you do not encounter this so often, since the developers are well aware of the measure and perfectly observe the balance.

I said earlier that on normal difficulty, a lack of ammo is a perennial problem. In RE 2: Remake, it’s important to always try to save ammo. As a rule, it is easier to shoot once in the head and while the enemy will rise, quickly run past him, thereby saving some of the valuable cartridges for a better case. And if suddenly the character is captured, then in a tense scene you can use a special button (which will be shown on the screen) to get the character out of the grip, using additional weapons (knife or grenade). Of course, any such action consumes not only items, but also weapons. By the way, over time, the strength of the knife wears out.

Stealth Mechanics

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Unexpectedly and surprisingly, the developers have carefully integrated stealth elements into the gameplay of the game. From now on, many enemies can be tried to bypass if they suddenly did not notice the character. Some types of enemies are perfectly oriented by ear, while others perfectly see their next victim. The stealth mechanics are easy to learn. The main thing is just to monitor where the character is going and at the same time move as slowly as possible. Approaching the usual zombie from behind from behind, you can quickly neutralize it. And if you have enough skill and can get close to such a monster as a “lick” (who in the game are guided only by their hearing, as in the movie “A Quiet Place” or like the harradors from the same RE 4), then they can be killed as quickly as possible with two savory direct hits to the head from a shotgun. So in some cases, you can avoid open and difficult skirmishes with the enemy.


Resident Evil 2: Remake. PS4

And yet the main advantage of RE 2: Remake is that the last part returns the series to those classic adventures when it was necessary to really explore and gradually discover the world. The whole passage is built so that each time the player is engaged in the search for certain things and returns back to already familiar locations, but at the same time discovering constantly new places. You will explore different kinds of premises, defeat enemies, find new valuable items, solve puzzles, and then open short paths to the central room. And the central room is access to all other areas. All locations in the game are integral. No downloads of subsequent premises. If you want, you can even try to open all the doors on the run, while not fighting with anyone.

Puzzles and riddles

Resident Evil 2: Remake. PC

Capcom studio paid great attention to a variety of secrets, riddles and puzzles. To solve a particular riddle, you will have to carefully read the notes and documents that can be found during the passage. For example, to open certain doors, you need to find the corresponding key, and the key is located in a room that you can get into only if you have solved another riddle or puzzle. To pass at least one campaign, you need to use not only your ingenuity, but also attentiveness (and this is very important for the game).

At the same time, the map helps a lot: all the rooms that have not been explored so far are conveniently marked and signed on it, all interactive places, doors, valuable items and much more are presented. All of this helps a lot. Thus, even if you suddenly suddenly got lost or, say, forgot what you stopped at last time, then you can just re-familiarize yourself with the list of available things and re-evaluate the detailed map.

Elements and mechanics of survival

Resident Evil 2: Remake. Steam

It’s great that Capcom decided to remind many developers that in the genre of “survival horror” there is not only the word “horror”, but also the word “survival”. In the remake, resources and free slots in the inventory are strictly limited, so you will always have to correctly choose your subsequent route, and before that decide what is worth taking with you, and what is best to leave. At the same time, you will not know which creature you will soon encounter and whether you will be able to find medicines, ammunition, a storage machine or a chest for storing things.

How many first aid kits are better to take with you, is it worth stocking up on gunpowder, how many free slots to leave, open a drawer with cartridges or a knife, or maybe it is better to wait and open a valuable upgrade for your bag that will allow you to carry more items? All these questions arise before each new sortie. Thanks to such elements of survival, you understand that you are in a building besieged by zombies, all resources are valuable, and each item has a limited amount. And all these elements of the gameplay greatly distinguish RE 2: Remake from many other projects in this genre.

To be fair, resource management isn’t actually as rigid and strict in the remake as it was in the original game. For example, now there is no need to use a specialized machine in order to create cartridges, because now it is enough just to combine several portions of gunpowder directly in the inventory. And typewriters will no longer require printing tape, so they can be used simply endlessly. By the way, as an additional “service” there are still autosaves that can facilitate the passage. As a rule, all things from now on will occupy only one slot. So the gameplay turned out to be more pleasant, a little casual, but for that modern.

Weapons pumping and weapons

Игра Resident Evil 2: Remake

There is also a mechanic in the remake of weapon improvement. It implies an improvement in the gun magazine, sights, canopies, butts and much more, which allows the weapon to be more effective in battle. Only here, due to some improvements, the weapon may already occupy, for example, not one cell in the inventory, but two. Otherwise, the set of weapons is quite standard: a knife, a pistol, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a grenade launcher, grenades, etc.

The only thing worth noting is the difference between the characters in terms of weapons. For example, where Leon Kennedy finds a shotgun, Claire Redfield finds a grenade launcher. Thanks to this approach, the gameplay for different heroes becomes more diverse, so each campaign is held with great interest.

Graphics, animations and environments

Resident Evil 2: Remake Review

The game looks simply delightful. At the same time, it gives a stable frame rate. The models of all the characters are the best at the moment. Each character looks and moves as realistically as possible. Special attention should be paid to the skin, hair and other movie effects. For example, costumes realistically get wet when it rains, and eventually become completely soiled.

It is impossible to convey how pleasing the animation is. Heroes realistically repel enemies from themselves, and the damage system in the game is just a brain explosion! And what is most incredible – the developers managed to make zombies creepy, scary and dangerous again. It is impossible to convey in ordinary words how much the effects associated with meat and torn flesh were worked out. The talent and skills of the studio’s artists, together with modern technologies, made it possible to create really frightening, creepy and vile gameplay elements.

And you can also see what special attention the authors pay to the environment and various trifles. Every room in the building, every corner, every room – everything is designed to demonstrate the horror and hopelessness of the situation. No soulless decorations. It is enough to even look at some video passage to make sure that people really worked in this area, they had problems, they tried with all their might to protect themselves from the unexpected invasion of zombies and at the same time tried to help the survivors.

The game is so elaborate that if you take a grenade, then the object is next displayed on the character’s equipment. A similar situation was with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, when everyone got the usual pleasure from the fact that the witcher’s sword hangs not just in the air and it does not appear out of emptiness. The same goes for the guns in the remake.

Effects from lightning, rain, fog, options for chiaroscue – everything is displayed as realistically as possible. Each location is a place rich in details. And finally, special attention should be paid to the local HDR, thanks to which the impressions of exploring the dark corners remain unforgettable.

Sound design

Resident Evil 2: Remake. Reviews

From the first minutes of the game, RE 2 demonstrates its gloomy, tense atmosphere and conveys the feeling that this is the very remake that players wanted to see. The game literally immediately makes its player worry about each character, nervously squeeze his controller in his hands and watch what is happening on the screen with his fists in his hands. At the same time, all the original elements that brought success to the series are present and moreover – they are brought to a completely new level. And we are talking not only about graphics, but also about the correctly conducted process of working with chiaroscuro, art and just with the overall quality of the productions – all this is simply at an eye-popping level. However, separately it is striking how seriously the authors approached the creation of sound design.

Another feature worth noting in Resident Evil 2: Remake is the binaural sound. As a rule, ASMR artists use it on their Youtub channels to simulate the presence in their podcasts. Thanks to this, the most realistic immersion is simulated and due to this you can even believe that you are in some police station that has fallen under the onslaught of zombies, which are hiding in every dark corner.

However, for the first time this technology (if we talk about 3D) was used in the game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. And specifically in those scenes in which the main character of the game often heard strange voices inside her head. Developers from Capcom used this technology so that each player could accurately and accurately learn to recognize everything that is heard around the heroes.

Using any stereo headphones and at the same time choosing the binaural sound function in the settings, then the true immersive effect is turned on and you can feel everything to the smallest detail, because the audio picture of the game is rich. The remake allows you to feel like a real child who cannot sleep for a long time after passing, because you begin to worry that somewhere in the dark a monster is hiding. It is strange that so far this function has not gained wide popularity, because the function really works on the atmosphere and sensations of the game.

And it is impossible not to note the work of the sound engineer of this project, who definitely spent a lot of time working with sounds, recording a large number of different audio tracks. The sound is so well developed that you can hear even the weakest noise, and it will change depending on the position of the characters and the obstacles in front of them. And since the soundtrack in the game has its own certain radius, you can hear what is happening in the neighboring rooms, so you often do not want to go in one direction or another, because it is terrible to the point of horror.

Capcom Studio has worked out in detail every sound that the character makes: noise when walking, friction of clothing elements, breathing and much more. Sometimes even such an effect is triggered, which the game Silent Hill 2 is famous for, when you just begin to worry about the sounds that your own hero is making: you begin to be frightened and then get lost in your own doubts. All in all, the sound in RE 2: Remake creates the right type of atmosphere in horror, which soon makes it just uncomfortable.

And the developers skillfully play on the emotions that fans received in the original game. The bottom line is that in some places during the passage you can hear elements of classical compositions. The same applies to the legendary staged moments that appeared in the remake directly from the original – this can be seen here, for example, in new, but well-known cutscenes.


Resident Evil 2: Remake isn’t just a remake of a dream, it’s an example of what remakes should be. An example of how you can please the fans and in case of what to regain the lost trust. After passing the game, you can confidently say that Capcom offers not only a competent, but also a properly created project. Classic mechanics in a modern “wrapper”, a high level of detail, chic graphics, exciting gameplay, tense and incredible atmosphere – all this is in Resident Evil 2: Remake.

Reviewer’s verdict

Exciting and diverse variability of the passage, different endings, improvements, weapons, the need to survive, dangerous battles, new mechanics. What else do you need for a dream remake?

The game is completely worked out. You will never be amazed by the details of enemies, locations, kills, weather effects and a huge number of other trifles. This is the game in which the graphics are on top.

The soundtrack in Resident Evil 2: Remake is something incredible. Get ready for the fact that you will be frightened even by your own steps. Thanks to careful work, you are unlikely to sleep soundly at night anytime soon.Single-person campaign

In general, the plot story is known to almost everyone, but it does not cease to be stupid or simple. It awakens deep feelings of nostalgia, it is frightening in places and even manages to intrigue.

Control in the remake not only made a huge step forward for the series, but also acquired all the necessary functionality that is required for a comfortable game. And not without a wonderful, smooth animation.

Resident Evil 2: Remake is a real gift, an example of a re-release and a great start to 2019 in the gaming industry. The remake is definitely worth buying and passing it to all those who appreciate not only the genre of “survival horror”, but also the RE series.

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