Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 1 Review

It should be admitted that the episodic system, where there are attributes from the TV series “In the next episode” and “Earlier …” took root quite well. For example, the same Telltale Games studio divides absolutely all of its projects in parts, so it does a good job of maintaining the intrigue in the game and even creates the illusion of some low cost. Each episode takes two hours on average and costs a few dollars. Capcom decided to use such a system on the Resident Evil series, which badly needs something fresh and new.

The mechanics of the game, in principle, have not changed much since the days of Resident Evil 4. If you look from the one side, it works great (surprisingly), but on the other hand, all the other parts have not been able to overcome, jump over Resident Evil 4. Studio Capcom each since it transfers an already existing concept from one part to another, along the way they improve all sorts of little things and thereby make the game more friendly for the player. The episode feature is fairly new and seems to fit very well in the new Resident Evil: Revelations 2. But that still can’t justify the length of the first episode!

So, the new story tells, as usual, about the fight against bioterrorism, but this time the old woman Claire Redfield and a girl named Moira Burton appeared in the picture. In general, young girls are kidnapped by unknown soldiers, to an incomprehensible place, with incomprehensible motives. In the end, both girls find themselves on a dark and eerie island. A little later, it turns out that a certain complex was made from the island, where very terrible experiments were carried out on living people, thereby making them monsters incomprehensible to science. The complex, at the moment, has already been abandoned, but is still full of unsuccessful experimental results (or successful ones, from which side you can still look).

Another very interesting detail is the bracelets. Each girl and those whom they meet next have bracelets, and they have different colors as a pair. The bracelets resemble some kind of fitness trackers. As mentioned above: why, where and for what the girls were kidnapped is not clear.

A little later, in search of Moira’s beloved daughter, a caring daddy old Barry Burton sets out. Surely most of him knows from past games in the series. Soon Barry also has a company – a little girl Natalya (the same experimental subject of this complex, moreover, a completely unknown character).

As a result, we get a split episode into two parts: in one we play as the girls (Moira and Claire), in the other we play as Barry and Natalie. The whole “salt” lies in the fact that playing as Barry you follow in the footsteps of the girls, that is, passing the same places where they were before. It turns out now that you can go through the location twice. But do not be upset and do not bother yourself with the fact that the passage will be of the same type – no. Each time the developers do some interesting and previously inaccessible places, some tasks and so on. In general, they do everything to somehow diversify the passage.

The gameplay itself is more similar not to the Resident Evil series, but to Revelations, and this is understandable. Each group of heroes has its own unique skills, between which you can switch from time to time. If we talk about full-fledged heroes, then there are only two of them: Barry along with Claire. After all, it is they who kill packs of enemies every time, make important and difficult decisions, and much more. The other two heroes practically do not know how to do anything special, if killing monsters is considered a feature. Moira can blind monsters with a lantern, break open doors with a crowbar, and, in a couple, get a healthy sledgehammer over the head instead of Claire. Natalia seems to us to be more useful: firstly, she can open huge chests, which contain very useful and good items; secondly, she warns in advance about monsters and other nasty things; thirdly, it can climb through a variety of cracks, open doors and simply help pass hard-to-reach places.

But the most important thing is that now the minor heroes do not need your constant care, as it was with Ashley in the game Resident Evil 4. The tasks are built according to the old principle: there is a chest, so you need a key for it, and you can get the key only on the top floor , but the top floor can only be reached by a staircase that has already been broken … in general, the “principle of Koshchei’s death” is at the heart of these tasks.

It is also worth noting that now the passage of the game has become more or less logical and even consistent: you do not need to go from one place to another many times, since everything is collected as you progress forward. This feature is also undoubtedly pleasing.

The guys at Capcom have learned an important feature of the game when dividing the game into episodes – you need to keep the intrigue. As a result, starting from the first episode, the game keeps the player in full tension. Admit it, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 1 ends at a very interesting moment. Sure, the length of the episode is incredibly short, but the opening is just incredibly good (as for the sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations). Although the game has the usual gameplay, it is incomprehensibly interesting, although earlier it seemed to everyone that it was time for the concept to retire.


It’s hard to say something significant, because this is only the beginning of the season, but despite the short duration of the first episode, the plot is very intriguing. In addition, the “by episode” system has perfectly caught on in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, so we look forward to the continuation of a great new game.

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