Review add-on Shadow Warrior 2: Way of the Wang – “We need more Wang!”

Even despite the fact that the first addition to Shadow Warrior 2 weighs a little more than one gigabyte, and does not add a new additional “branch” of the plot along with the monsters to the game, it is still hard not to appreciate the value of the presented DLC. However, the value of the add-on for the entire project is difficult to overestimate. It’s just that Flying Wild Hog still prioritizes intensive growth instead of expansive growth.

Test mode

Now the territory of the “city”, where the main character is engaged in various trade operations and re-equipped with the latest technology, has expanded slightly. From now on, on this territory it will be possible to find the so-called “Test Stones”. They are “cobblestones”, some magical substances that make it possible to complete unique, special mini-tasks.

→ And here is the same magic stone “Tests”, which will send the hero to a hot place …

And although access to these short trials opens quite quickly, this does not mean that the player will not be able to complete them at the initial stages of the passage. It is also interesting that the full potential of the benefits that can be obtained after passing the tests will only be revealed at high levels, so a good picture emerges.

Each test, in turn, will set a very cruel framework for the player. For example, the level at which the battles will take place will not only be regularly replenished with new opponents, but will also be completely closed. The main goal is that it is necessary to kill all enemies and not go to the next world yourself. Death, in turn, leads to total defeat, as a result of which the test will have to be repeated.

→ “Trials” will test your strength, so get ready to use all your samurai skills.

In their structure, the levels will look unusual, although familiar elements are still encountered. For example, battles take place in closed corridors, but, for example, surrounded by a lava lake with small islands. There will be many similar places and each will pleasantly surprise you. Of course, the new conditions make it much more difficult to fight, even if there are no new enemies in the “Way of the Wang” expansion.

Advanced customization

By the way, passing tests is also such a peculiar stage in the development of a well-updated weapon improvement system. Let me remind you that the “clean” (release) version of Shadow Warrior 2 had a fairly simple role-playing model: in it, players could insert various and unique magic stones into their weapons. Thanks to the stones, the properties changed, however, the minus was that these properties were terribly few, and as you went through it was possible to notice that the difference between these stones of different levels was only in the fact that the numerical values ​​changed and nothing more.

→ With the advent of the add-on “Way of the Wang” bloody and “meaty” scenes have not gone anywhere. Everything looks much better against the background of a lava lake.

For that, there were, however, a lot of stones. In addition, a wide variety of weapons more than covered the minus of simple customization. However, all this time the authors did not waste time in vain and gained much experience in these “chips”. So now with the arrival of the first expansion, weapons can also be improved using random enchantments. Add the fourth gem in a row, thereby achieving even more massive damage per second. You can carry out inlay (connecting the same stones to each other in order to strengthen one specific stone). Now you can even purify stones, removing a couple of properties you do not need from them.


Thanks to the tremendous work that has been done to improve weapons, within the walls of Flying Wild Hog, people have achieved a much more complex game mechanic as a result. And, in this way, one of the main problems of Shadow Warrior 2 was solved – limb.

Although given the cost of the game (which is only 700 rubles), it cannot be said that Shadow Warrior 2 ended quite quickly. It takes about 20 hours to complete the game on maximum difficulty, and that’s a really good twenty hours.

→ Meet the improved weapon customization system!

If earlier it was possible to complete the game again a maximum of 2-3 times (“firearms”, melee and hybrid), now the duration of the passage of Shadow Warrior 2 has increased due to the fact that there are three new difficulties like “New Game Plus” and a new system improvement of weapons, which became one of the main “cherries” of the released DLC.

But to argue that the game received eternal life is stupid. Even if it was quite loudly stated in the title of the supplement. Nevertheless, the fact is that now Shadow Warrior 2 pays for itself for the money that it asks for, and more than once, and not even two.

Of course, now you can find fault with the fact that the developers are not working too quickly on updating the bestiary of the game, which, although it is diverse, has already become particularly fed up in a few tens of hours. But do not forget that the authors, at the very least, do not require money for this add-on.

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