Review of My Friend Pedro – a beautiful and addicting indie shooter

Judging by the videos of the game, it is safe to say that My Friend Pedro is focused on the colorful shootings. You enter the next level and after a few seconds become Neo from The Matrix, the hero of the action movie John Woo or Max Payne. You will not be bothered here by the complex characters of the characters, the abundance of plot interweaving or any additional elements. You just shoot and use the means at hand, making the action in the game more vivid and memorable.

My Friend Pedro review review

Shoot and listen to the talking banana

The protagonist of the game is an unnamed hero who wakes up in the basement and meets, attention, a talking banana. This fruit tells us that the hero has a whole list of special abilities, including dodging bullets, walking on walls and setting time – this is already enough to turn each shootout into a vivid and memorable performance.

It is worth noting that it will be possible to pause time for quite a long time, and then the “bullet-time” scale is gradually restored. The gameplay is fascinating from the first minutes and after a few shootings you want to quickly run through part of the location in order to face the next opponents and suddenly jump up to slow down the time doing somersaults and firing with two hands.

Of course, one time dilation is unlikely to make the game interesting for a long time. In this regard, the developers decided to diversify the gameplay by adding various kinds of objects at the level: either there will be a barrel in front of you that can be thrown out and blown up, then there will be a skateboard on which you can drive along the way, shooting enemies, then there will be special walls nearby, from which bullets will bounce. The funnest thing in the game is the frying pan, which you can toss, and after firing at it, the bullets will scatter in all directions.

My Friend Pedro review review

Nevertheless, after passing most of the game, the developers’ desire to add more and more new mechanics to the game is already beginning to get bored. Cheerful running around with gunfights and time dilation begins to be replaced by some inappropriate puzzles and puzzles that look rather inappropriate and sometimes even annoying. In some places, the game begins to resemble a platformer, which after a hurricane of action looks boring and boring. Of course, the puzzles here are simple and do not differ in complexity, but you yourself understand, in the game where we can be Neo from the “Matrix”, I really don’t want to do that.

The design also deserves criticism, the levels, which the developers with all their might wanted to change with new decorations, but its basis is always unchanged – monotonous rooms and long corridors. This also makes the game boring in the later stages. It can be assumed that because of this monotony, the creators of the game decided to add different kinds of puzzles, realizing that by the end of the game the players will “get enough” of the monotonous action in almost identical locations, but it turned out to be quite mediocre.

My Friend Pedro review review

We shoot in flight and somersault

Nevertheless, even all the above-mentioned shortcomings are not reflected in any way from the drive and positive emotions that this game can give you. Once again, when you have another group of opponents in front of you, you start to turn on time dilation and anticipate a colorful battle. The main character has a good arsenal, which increases as you progress through the game. At first it is a banal pistol, then there are two of them, then a PP appears, then a shotgun, a machine gun, etc. The best option is to take a PP in each hand and shoot enemies in a jump, spreading your arms to the sides.

And it’s quite a shame that all these “chips” appear in the first half of the game, and closer to the finale, everything is somehow deflated and bored. The game becomes kind of gray and banal and there is no longer that drive and enthusiasm that was at the beginning of the game. But there is definitely something to do here – you can shoot enemies from above with a hook, kick barrels at the same time putting headshots or standing on a skate at full speed to pierce several enemies with bullets on each side. And the enemies themselves do not change much. Only small changes in appearance and the ability to take more damage.

My Friend Pedro review review

Variety of levels and their passage

There are unusual levels, such as falling from a height or being chased. However, there are very few such levels and they are not able to bring much variety to the game. There are also boss fights here, they are also quite banal and they do not have that drive and fun as in the battles in the initial locations. It seems that the development team had good potential to make the game better, but they did not take advantage of it, which is very sad.

My Friend Pedro’s play time is about three hours and this is on the average difficulty level of the game. After completing the game, there are no additional bonuses, but it is possible to replay individual levels to get the highest score (rank S). Points in the game are awarded primarily for good and long-lasting combos (quick elimination of several opponents at once in the most colorful way), as well as for the speed of passage and for the absence of deaths at the level. If the game seems simple to you, then its creators offer you two more locations where you need to use the ability to dodge bullets at times more often than on average difficulty.

My Friend Pedro review review


My Friend Pedro is not a bad or even boring game. It is pleasant and interesting to play, it is very beautifully made. It’s nice after a hard day to go through a couple of levels, making beautiful combos and trying to get the highest score. But, sometimes, there is a feeling that the game is incomplete. Here are interesting levels and crazy skirmishes in which you want to participate again and again, but insanely boring puzzles with levers and platforms. There are very few games of this kind now, so you shouldn’t ignore the My Friend Pedro project, but you also don’t need to expect that the game will be exciting and interesting from the beginning to the very end, since, alas, there are enough boring moments in it. just like fun and interesting.

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Stunning and reckless skirmishes at the first levels, unfortunately, over time are replaced by boring puzzles, which is why the drive from passing the levels at the initial stage eventually gives way to indignation from boring and monotonous puzzles in later locations. Nevertheless, in terms of the action component, My Friend Pedro is very cool and will definitely appeal to all fans of good shooters.

My Friend Pedro is an indie game and therefore the graphics in it are unlikely to meet the needs of those who are used to playing modern AAA projects. However, the developers of this game were very attentive to the visual component of the project and from the point of view of the graphics My Friend Pedro looks pretty good, considering that this is an indie game from an independent studio. However, the monotony of locations, which only occasionally change with the interior, but do not change their appearance, do not allow to evaluate the game according to this criterion for the maximum rating.

Sound is what is done well and well in My Friend Pedro. Voice acting for heroes, shootouts, explosions and, of course, a soundtrack that only maintains the level of fun and drive in the game – all this is done at the highest level and deserves the highest marks.

Single player campaign

As mentioned above, My Friend Pedro is very different in the early stages of the passage and in the final locations. If the initial levels in the game can immerse you in your head and captivate with their amazing shootings, then at the final stages of the game the fun begins to slowly disappear, and you are no longer so enthusiastic about going through the last levels to find out how the story ended. For the lack of a coherent plot and an interesting story, it would be rather silly to find fault with the game, because the developers focused on something completely different. But then there is a talking banana, and that’s already worth a lot.

In addition to the sound in the game, one more aspect raises no objections – control. It was he who made the shooting in the game so easy, fun and interesting. Controlling the heroes in My Friend Pedro is as easy as shelling pears, whether it be battles with enemies or boring quests, so it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting at the keyboard with a mouse or you have a fancy joystick in your hands – controlling the hero here will be easy and simple.

My Friend Pedro is a good indie game that can easily captivate you with gunfights and is a pleasure to play for a couple in the evening. Alas, the raw gameplay and a number of other errors make it impossible to evaluate such a project with good potential to the maximum.

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