Review of Red Dead Redemption 2. A hero of our time

Red Dead Redemption 2, after years of waiting, has finally made it to our screens. The original Red Dead Redemption is one of the best Rockstar games ever, and the second, much better than the first, is simply indescribable. It’s all over, they are used to the fact that Rockstar cannot release something other than masterpieces, but the Americans manage to surprise the audience every time. After many days with a gamepad in hand, I am pleased to report that the wait for RDR2 was not in vain. Unfortunately, you will also be accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of emptiness after you finally get what you have been waiting for. We, the players, will be waiting for such an exceptional experience for a very long time. Although the game is not exclusive to PS4, it should be in the collection of every owner of this console. Because everyone should have Red Dead Redemption 2.

The perfect start

Red Dead Redemption 2 does it right. It provides you with a game world that is large enough, solid and varied, yet detailed enough so you never feel the annoying need to spend too much time in the saddle aimlessly. Plus, every trip around the country is a reward in itself, because we’re related to one of the most beautiful worlds I’ve ever visited in my gaming career. In addition, and you will notice it very soon, the developers have created the map in such a way that you will be amazed by the magnificent landscapes, breathtaking views that echo perhaps the most beautiful sky ever depicted in a virtual environment. You can walk the rainy streets of Valentine in the rain, ride the dusty roads around Rhodes, hunt alligators in the treacherous swamps at dawn, or hike the mountains in the moonlight. And I guarantee you that in all these moments you will be overwhelmed by how great it looks. And when you first arrive in Saint Denis and see the first real city, and the first tram passes you, you will find, like the protagonist, that the time of criminals is finally over.

Red Dead Redemption 2 review

However, the most beautiful world would not make sense if it were not filled with many interesting characters. Fortunately, Rockstar left nothing to chance in this game, and their project is filled to the brim with personalities of all sorts, who at the same time act not only as plastic roles, but are real, living characters passing through the history of their own development. … The focus, of course, is on the central Dutche van der Linde gang, which includes our protagonist Arthur Morgan. The decision to make Red Dead Redemption 2 a prequel to the first part I appreciated many times during the game. On the one hand, for players who have not played the 2010 game, this removes an unpleasant problem in the form of various misunderstandings, but fans have the opportunity to look at the souls and fate of the characters as they looked twelve years before John Marston sat down in train to Armadillo.

Boredom? We don’t know such a word

But the game wouldn’t be nearly as exciting at all if Rockstar hadn’t offered an overwhelming amount of fun to do. Forget repetitive side tasks, just forget. Bank robberies, train chases, bus hijackings, farming, gambling of all kinds, hunting for criminals, searching for treasures on their sketched maps, finding a serial killer, and even meeting strange aliens who will give you even more wonderful orders, are waiting for you. like finding dinosaur bones or hunting runaway circus animals. Plus, across several categories, you’ll find challenges to test your riding, shooting and hunting skills. Hunting alone is so detailed that RDR2 can easily claim the laurels of any special hunting simulator. If you want really high quality leather, you need to choose the right hunting weapon and the place where you can get your prey. When a small rabbit is shot from a shotgun at close range, then you should not expect much prey either. And if you have enough free time, you can devote yourself to fishing. There are also different types of lures, and even seasoned fishermen will enjoy catching some of the unusual creatures in the water. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention that rare species of animals roam all over the world and are waiting for skilled shooters. In short, the hunt may well separate from the main game into a separate series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 review


The map of the game is very varied and offers almost every conceivable natural complex. Bison hunting on the endless prairie? Wading through muddy crocodile swamps? Majestic waterfalls? Wide lakes? Virtual USA offers everything. The huge map blesses RDR2 with a long life after completing the storyline campaign. Before the release, the creators bragged about the extraordinary number of animals that live in a wonderful world. And all this is justified. It is simply unrealistic to count them, but there are deserts where you will have to survive and exist in a completely different way. And by the way, the richer a region is for all kinds of animals, the more skillful a hunter must be. The animals become very shy and wary, so if you gallop into a deer and shred them to pieces, the leather will naturally lose its value.

Red Dead Redemption 2 review

Don’t forget your roots

Good old Red Dead Redemption retains a familiar face throughout the entire duration of the passage. There is still a lot of travel, a lot of exploration, and a lot of shooting. However, the first two activities predominate. Fights play a slightly secondary role, there are fewer of them, but all this is replaced by the intensity of each of them. Surprisingly, without them, many missions will be radically different – their development is pulled by an excellent system of dialogues. Through the context menus, the player can redirect topics for discussion in different ways or react to events around them, but first of all he makes it easier for himself to interact with passers-by. In a sense, you can talk to everyone, be it the sheriff, the salesman, or the beggar. In principle, you can answer positively or negatively, but sometimes the palette of answers will expand and we will have many interesting options.

Red Dead Redemption 2 review

What’s the bottom line?

After the passage, the time spent at the console will definitely take on a shade of unpleasant emptiness, which speaks of the imminent change of generation. At least until the second Last of Us or Death Stranding comes out on PS4. Yes, Red Dead Redemption 2 is by no means a revolutionary game. Many game mechanics take it to the next level, but it doesn’t bring anything like we’ve never seen before. But its advantage lies mainly in the fact that the familiar delights of video games here grow to unimaginable proportions. Every minute of the game reflects the fact that someone poured an astronomical amount of money into it and devoted themselves to caring for this dear brainchild. These hundreds and thousands of hours of work, backed by millions of dollars, translates into quality content that will rival other games for many years to come. Red Dead Redemption 2 is smoother, more serious, darker, more intriguing. This is why it is completely different from GTA V. The story starts out like some Tarantino movie, and when it ends it gets really sad. However, the feeling of a difficult emotional experience felt after the game is something unique.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


An epic adventure. Will be remembered for a long time. Definitely one of the main games of the generation. Must have, no other way to say. Prepare to spend many hours here

Taking into account the fact that at the moment the game is a console exclusive, the rating scale is applicable to the picture in terms of the graphics of console games. On the nine pulls without much criticism.

The character of the prairies, saloons and the Wild West in general is perfectly conveyed. Rockstar tried their best here too

Single player campaign

The single player in RDR2 consists of at least 50% of side, completely optional quests. But the obligatory storyline is very intriguing. This format is very suitable for modern games. You shouldn’t take the multiplayer into the hotel sub-item – it is purely punctual here, but it is present.

Rockstar has worked out everything in this aspect for years. Virtually no problem.

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