Review of the game Rage 2 – bloody mess in the post-apocalypse

The release of the game Rage 2 came as a surprise to many, because the first part, which came out as early as 2011, turned out to be rather nondescript and average, so the release after 8 years of its sequel looks rather unusual. But was the efforts of the developers from id Software worth it and how did the second part change in comparison with the original game? After many days spent in the post-apocalyptic world of Rage 2, we can already say something about this project and answer many questions. So let’s go.

Rage 2 review

Saving an already destroyed world again

The game is set in the year 2165. About 30 years have passed since the events of the first part. The world has survived a nuclear catastrophe, and humanity is slowly beginning to revive. Of course, there is no talk of a normal government and cities yet, so the world of Rage 2 is full of various bandits and murderers from which civilians and the main character will have to constantly defend themselves. By the way, a few words about the protagonist. His name is Walker, and he is the last ranger (something like the local protector of the survivors), and it is he who must confront the enemy organization led by General Cross, who is hunting these survivors. The sequel is a direct continuation of the first part, so in the story you will meet the long-familiar and aged heroes of the first game. As is customary in such games, Walker has a rather modest mission on his shoulders – to save the remnants of humanity from evil people and to make the surviving society revive and develop again. What pleases the plot is the lack of linearity. We do not need to complete story missions, but we have the opportunity to do what we want. You can both explore the world of Rage 2, and complete side quests from local NPCs, or simply destroy the local bandit, which is the most fun activity in the game, but more on that later.

Rage 2 review

Cruel and not so original world

Not to say that the world of Rage 2 is something original and unique. It is clear that the developers were inspired by games such as Mad Max and Fallout, however, everything in Rage 2 is already commonplace and obvious. The same deserts, the same camps and stuff like that. Nevertheless, the world of the game cannot be called boring and deserted because there is always something to do, from collecting certain items to battles with raiders or mutant bosses. Nevertheless, most likely gamers are already accustomed to the usual locations of the post-apocalypse and they would like to see something more original, which, alas, the new part cannot offer.

Rage 2 review

Jump, crash and shoot

When it comes to the gameplay of Rage 2, there is one important detail to notice. One of the developers of the game is the id Software studio, which was responsible for the shootings in the game, and the fact that the authors of the Doom re-release were working on the sequel can be seen literally from the first shots. The action in the game is the strongest side of Rage 2, which is its main trump card, and which can easily cover such disadvantages as an unoriginal setting and a rather banal plot. Killing enemies here is really fun and interesting. The player has a wide selection of very different weapons with the possibility of modification, as well as various special abilities. Each shootout in the game is unique and fun. Here you shot several enemies with a rifle, quickly closed the distance, threw back a few more enemies with the help of telekinesis, and then quickly changed the rifle to a shotgun and turned the remaining opponents into a pile of mince. And this we have not yet touched on the exciting battles with bosses, which are, as a rule, healthy and ugly mutants, which makes it even more pleasant and fun to colorfully destroy them using rocket launchers and bombs. It is worth noting that the game also has very good physics, this applies to both shooting and how the enemies behave after being hit by bullets. What can be said about the gameplay in the end: if you value good shooting and bright shootings in a shooter most of all, then you will definitely like Rage 2. Well, if you liked the Doom restart in 2016, then the second part is simply a must for you, you will definitely not regret it!

Do not forget that in addition to shooting, the game also has the opportunity to explore a large and open world using local vehicles. And then it immediately comes to management. The fact is that, knowing the specifics and genre of the game, criticizing Rage 2 for the “arcade” driving will probably not be very correct, but still the developers could devote more time to transport management and not make it so simple and primitive. Although, I think that for fans of shooters and shooting – this will be more a plus than a minus. Not to say that driving and battles on the roads in Rage 2 can be compared in dynamics and entertainment with shootings, however, they bring a good variety to gameplay and allow you to take a breath between battles at the next checkpoint or enemy base.

Rage 2 review

RPG elements

As in any modern open-world game in Rage 2, there is also the possibility of pumping the main character. With the help of a simple but convenient system, you can both improve his weapon skills and develop supernatural abilities in him, such as telekinesis. I would like to note that the key to success here will be the successful alternation of both shooting skills and the use of special abilities, which will give you the opportunity to easily adapt to battles, as well as deal with enemies brightly and effectively.

Picture and sound

In terms of graphics, the game looks pretty good and meets modern standards for a good game. The game has colorful locations, good animation and vivid special effects (especially during battles). We can say for sure that in terms of the picture, the game looks more than diligent and is unlikely to disappoint fans of good graphics.

If we talk about the sound in the game, then this aspect is also made at a fairly high level. You can enjoy how each weapon sounds and the enemy’s head explodes for hours, and the dynamic soundtrack adds additional dynamics to the overall drive during the next skirmish with opponents.

Rage 2 review

What do we end up with?

Rage 2 is a prime example of current trends and what a modern large project looks like. This is an open world game with a familiar and familiar setting, as well as a simple plot, but interesting and addicting gameplay. The game has its strengths and weaknesses. If we talk about what this project can bribe with, then this is definitely gameplay – killing enemies here using various types of weapons and special abilities is fun and interesting and you are unlikely to get bored with this process quickly, especially if you take into account the availability of a pumping system. The game also has good graphics and sound, but if we talk about the cons, then here we can note a boring plot and a monotonous setting. Which of these things is closest to you to decide for yourself, but my personal opinion is that in the game the main role is played by the gameplay, and this already makes Rage 2, albeit not ideal, but a pretty good project worthy of attention.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


Vivid firefights, a pumping system and the ability to explore the open world in vehicles make Rage 2 quite interesting in terms of playability. However, some missions, especially story missions, would benefit from variety.

The graphics in the game are at a high level and can pleasantly surprise even the most demanding gamers. Locations, special effects and animation of characters are made at a high level and allow you to immerse yourself in the gameplay and enjoy the game.

The amazing sound in the game allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and get more pleasure from the passage. Whether it’s a simple weapon reload, an explosion or a soundtrack, everything that sounds in Rage 2 is made at the highest level and deserves the highest praise.

Single player campaign

Unfortunately, Rage 2 has a lot of complaints about the storyline. The game in this regard is very monotonous, unoriginal and boring. Of course, there are several interesting missions in the game that can better reveal the heroes and even interest them in the plot for a couple of minutes, but you definitely shouldn’t expect an interesting and exciting story from Rage 2, the game is not strong for that.

The controls in the game allow you to enjoy Rage 2 to the fullest: it is convenient, simple and enjoyable. Whether it’s driving a vehicle, shooting with enemies or using another special ability – all this is done easily and easily, thanks to good control.

A good and addictive game with vigorous and interesting gameplay, good graphics and sound, but a boring plot and monotonous setting. Whether you enjoy Rage 2 or not depends more on what you value most in games. But if you just want to have a good time in the game and get a charge of good emotions, then the game will definitely help you with this.

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