Review of The Outer Worlds – Fallout with bright space adventures

Obsidian Entertainment is famous for its good RPG games that have won an army of fans. However, the studio has one bad trait at times to release their projects a little unfinished. In this regard, the studio’s new project – The Outer Worlds was awaited with apprehension. But what happened in the end? Well, in short, we have a mixture of Fallout and Mass Effect, as well as many interesting mechanics and unique style.

Certainly not Mass Effect?

The plot, missions and setting in The Outer Worlds are at a high level. Of course, there is no such pathos and scope as in the same Mass Effect, and the game itself is more reminiscent of projects such as Oblivion and Fallout 3. Unfortunately, the game will not please you with colorful videos and well-designed animation of heroes, and the dialogues in The Outer Worlds represent is nothing more than a conversation between two heads. And if you take into account that the hero is not visible in the frame, then even one.

Review of The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds game review

More RPG and less cinematic

In the game we will have the opportunity to choose a partner from the NPC. All of them are very bright and interesting personalities. Whether it is a religious fanatic or an alcoholic hunter – they all have their own character and their own quests, which are very interesting.

However, you are unlikely to be very attached to such heroes. The fact is that Obsidian Entertainment placed great emphasis on the RPG component of the project, and not on cinematography and colorful stories, where a good plot and memorable characters are its integral part.

We solve problems

The plot of the game The Outer Worlds takes place in the distant future, where humanity has learned to colonize entire planets, and power is concentrated in the hands of large corporations. The protagonist of the game is one of the colonists, who was sent, like tens of thousands of others like him, to colonize another planet, however, the ship with him deviated from the course, began to wander through the expanses of open space and was safely forgotten for 70 years. But one fine day one fugitive scientist arrives on the ship fleeing from pursuers and takes us out of cryosleep. He then challenges us to help him and awaken the other colonists.

Review of The Outer Worlds

To do all this, you need to travel on a ship to different planets and complete various tasks, along the way building relationships with various factions in the game. Here you will meet rank-and-file corporations, various groups, mercenary gangs, etc.

We get involved in a storm of events literally from the first minutes of the game. In the first task, we need to find an engine for the ship, which turns into a real long adventure with variability and moral choice. In terms of the same variability in the game, everything has been done quite well, for example, after a couple of tasks, we have a choice: hand over the fugitive scientist who saved us to the authorities or continue to carry out his orders. In the first case, we have to become loyal allies of the local authorities and work for them. Variation affects not only individual tasks, but also the development of the plot as a whole and, of course, one of the many endings.

Review of The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds game review

Lots of options

It is worth noting that the game has a large open world through which we can almost immediately travel on our ship as an analogue of the base.

Each planet has its own fauna, climate, as well as individual locations and quests, both main and secondary. Any quests are distinguished by their non-linearity. For example, one of the missions is to save the son of one mother, who went to the anarchists. When we meet our son, he turns out to be a grown man who is simply tired of the fact that his mother controls him everywhere. And now we are faced with a choice: to intimidate the son by sending him to his mother, to leave him alone, or to talk to both parents after solving their problem. All in your hands.

This kind of variability manifests itself in everything. Even in ordinary battles with bandits, you can either just go ahead, join their gang, or solve everything in a democratic way by arranging negotiations.

Review of The Outer Worlds

Better to chat than shoot

The pumping system in the game is very versatile and well thought out. If you are familiar with Obsidian Entertainment games, then you are well aware of the importance of eloquence and the ability to find the right words. Indeed, in The Outer Worlds, a large number of problems and challenges can be solved using your speaking skills. The game also has parameters for medicine, hacking, science, technology, etc. All of them also affect the passage and even some parameters of your equipment.

There are no clear classes in the game. During the creation of a hero, we choose his gender, main characteristics, skills and a bonus from his specialty. For example, a researcher gets +1 science. And a representative of another profession communicates more easily with other NPCs or owns weapons. In general, there is definitely something to choose from here, and most importantly – no one drives you into a frame, and you can be both a good doctor shooter and a hacker with good eloquence skills. So choose whatever abilities you like.

It is possible through brute force

The Outer Worlds is not an RPG in the spirit of Planescape: Torment, so you will have to participate in battles here quite often. Fights here are similar to the latest games in the Fallout series, however, they look more impressive and spectacular. You can combine melee and ranged combat, use slowdown, and also command your teammates to attack individual opponents.

The game features a wide arsenal of different types of weapons, which can be modified and improved in every way. The game also has a so-called “scientific weapon” that can reduce your opponent or temporarily weaken him. However, in order to master it, you need to pump the skills of science to one degree or another.

The game also has a system of vulnerabilities, which notifies the hero about certain problems and offers to solve them by acquiring this or that skill or ability. For example, our hero often takes damage from plasma. He is immediately offered to buy the appropriate defense skill. Well, it’s up to you to agree or not.

Review of The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds game review

Is there anything to complain about?

What’s wrong with The Outer Worlds? If we talk about the relatively weak sides of the game, then we can note not the most perfect graphics and facial animation.

The planets in the game can hardly be called very open. There are a couple of settlements here, and there are long downloads between locations. In general, the game world is not very diverse in terms of life.

The game has a very mediocre stealth. You can disguise and take cover, but the game does not allow you to kill the enemy with one hit by sneaking up from behind. Also in the game, although there is a weapon modification, the need for it arises quite rarely, since a large number of various and good guns can be obtained from killed enemies after a battle.


Be that as it may, The Outer Worlds is a pretty decent open world RPG. The game has an interesting plot, a good setting, as well as an abundance of farce and black humor. It feels like the developers of the game were inspired by both the first parts of Fallout and the latest games in this series. All in all, The Outer Worlds is definitely worth your attention, and you will definitely not be disappointed with this game.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


Colorful battles, wonderful dialogues and an open world of the game with a good setting and storyline will captivate you for a long time. Only long downloads and not the most lively locations spoil the impression a little.

The graphics in the game are not at the highest level. This also applies to general locations and facial animations in the game. It is felt that the visual component of The Outer Worlds, although very colorful, but, if you start paying attention to the details, is still slightly inferior to many modern projects.

The game has a good and varied soundtrack with good voice acting. But there are no especially bright melodies that will firmly engrave in your memory and make you sing a tune at the moment.

Single player campaign

Vivid adventures, memorable quests and a colorful, albeit not the most diverse, open world. The skirmishes in the game are well done, and it’s always a pleasure to participate in dialogues and learn new details about charismatic heroes. What else do we need to expect from a good RPG?

Here you can do without unnecessary words. The controls in the game are simple and convenient and will not disappoint anyone.

One of the best RPGs of this, it has minor downsides like long loading locations that generally don’t really affect the overall experience of the game.

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