Review of World War 3 – “Battlefield for the Poor”

Immediately it is worth noting that the project is budgetary. You should not expect “stars from the sky” from the project, since this is still an indie game from Polish developers from the studio The Farm 51. Next, it is important to know that a team of enthusiasts is working on the project, who, by their own admission (without hiding it), focused on the game Battlefield 4. So players in World War 3 are waiting for modern war, technology, large maps, and gameplay, sharpened for a team game. And more recently, a new multiplayer shooter got to the release. Therefore, at the moment it is in the “early access” of Steam. So it’s time to figure out whether it is worth buying the game at this stage and whether it is able to eclipse the “mastodon” of the genre in the face of Battlefield 4.

Design and structure of maps

World War 3. Review

As such, the game does not have a plot. All battles unfold against the backdrop of the third world war. There is a global and large-scale war between the Eastern bloc (which includes the CIS countries) and the Western bloc (which includes European countries). Battles in World War 3 currently take place in four key cities: Berlin, Warsaw, Smolensk and Moscow. Of the currently available maps, all are available except Smolensk. Battles in nature in the game are not yet provided, so there are only city battles, but for what!

Every city is beautiful and incredible. Large-scale areas. Huge recognizable buildings: the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, red square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, GUM. Everything is in place and almost everything on the right scale. The overall look and design of each map is excellent. In addition, each city has high-quality and correct weather effects. For example, Berlin, in addition to incredible beauty, boasts gloomy weather effects: thunderstorm, rain, cloudy weather. In this regard, World War 3 is a great game.

Plus, there is a recognizability of the area, which benefits the gameplay. At such moments, you realize how much something like Battlefield 4 was missing and how it can really hook. Definitely, the developers have enough courage, because they were not afraid to break the walls of the Kremlin and bomb the Senate Palace, inside which battles are now raging. And in general, since they are so fearless (from a good point of view), it is time to make two more maps next: Sevastopol and Kiev. After all, it will be just a bomb from a political point of view. Of course, the game needs to be supplemented with other important European cities, such as Paris, London or Barcelona. In addition, given the fact that the project is constantly being finalized, new updates will not be long in coming.

Visual style and graphics

World War 3. Price

In visual terms, not all parts of the maps look decent. In some places, there are frankly few details. In other places, the eyes are cut by rather flawed textures. Of course, each of these details catches the eye. Enclosed spaces look noticeably worse and more boring than stunning open angles, which seem to have come off the postcards.

There are in World War 3 and purely logical misalignments. For example, when there is a huge hole inside the building from a shell or from any other bomb, then you can be sure that the interior decorations and glass have not been damaged in any way. In general, the impressions of graphics and effects remain mixed. Because in some places the graphics of “World War III” are really amazing, but in other places they look at the level of some Warface. Because the problem is the textures and design. And so far it is unclear whether the developers will somehow fix it or refine it, but at this stage the cheapness of the game is incredibly jarring to the eye and this despite the fact that it has already been said that beautiful angles still exist.

There are also certain problems with lighting in World War 3: from time to time during the game there are frankly dark areas of the map, where not a damn thing is visible. And for the same reason, there is a problem with enemies, when they are quite difficult to notice, because at long distances they turn into dark silhouettes. I think it is clear that because of such graphic moments you can lose sight of or miss the enemy, who then will not miss the moment to kill you and much more.

Urban battles

World War 3. Buy

All maps are traditionally designed to introduce combat at various distances, thereby giving space to both snipers and fighters from the PP. In this regard, World War 3 also succeeds: battles thunder not only in wide squares, but also inside narrow streets, supermarkets and ruins.

The pace of the game as a whole is slightly lower than in Battlefield 4, but that’s more of a plus than a minus. In addition, the game has funny mechanics, such as a tackle or a fall on the back, which gives the game a small tactical variety. And World War 3 would be like BF4, but if not for some nuances. The first nuance is that there are 40 players on the map, 20 people for each team. In turn, the maps are quite large and in some places even confusing, and a couple of even too confusing. Therefore, mass epic battles from the game should not be expected. The trouble is absolutely the same as BF5: absolutely all the people are “smeared” on the map in an even and thin layer, and the battles consist of several skirmishes between separate squads. And since it is possible to revive either at certain points or on the commander, and it is impossible to raise soldiers who have fallen in battle, the total mass of battles seems even much smaller. Therefore, the epic and extras in WW3 are clearly not enough.

On such chic (from the point of view of design and visual) maps should unfold really epic and large-scale battles, because these are battles for the capital of the state. But in fact, there are rather moderate and modest shootings. In addition, the game lacks the modes that contributed to this, for example, some “Storm” or “Operation” from the same Battlefield. Actually, for this reason, the “Third World War” will not be able to replace the Battlefield series, since the last option gives a true feeling of a real epic action movie, when everything around is filled with action and when the battles are just interesting to watch. On the other hand, if developers continue to work in the right direction, for example, “juggling” the elements they possess and introducing new modes, World War 3 may seem like an adequate replacement for BF4, but clearly not for now. The main thing for developers is just to try to concentrate the gameplay on certain points in order to add mass to what is happening on the screen.

The events of each match add up after the battle into one general outcome of the battle for a particular city, which in turn affects the global course of the war on the strategic map. And this already gives special bonuses to experience, resources and other “goodies” such as a tactical nuclear strike. The mechanics are very good, because in this way, each player feels involved in a global conflict.

In-game physics

World War 3. System Requirements

And yet World War 3 is a shooter, so the main thing is that the battles turn out to be rich and interesting. First of all, it is worth noting that the TTK feels much lower than in BF4, but we are still not talking about a game that claims to be a realistic game, like Arma 3 or Escape from Tarkov, but about an ordinary multiplayer shooter.

Shooting in WW 3 feels quite good. The game has no visual recoil or random spread. For that, there is a toss of the weapon when shooting, which is quite realistic. Initially, the spread is difficult to fully control, but after installing a more ergonomic body kit, like a muzzle compensator and a tactical handle, it becomes quite convenient to shoot from the same AK and at medium distances with a clamp.

Weapons, modifications and customization

World War 3. Game

At the beginning of the game, you must choose the side of the conflict: the West or the East. The appearance and arsenal of each side is exactly the same. Absolutely all fighters by default look the same. The same goes for things: one and the other side have the same list of helmets, uniforms, and camouflage available. And that’s bad, it shouldn’t be in this game. After all, if the game demonstrates the third world war, then there should be a clear visual division, especially when there are quite recognizable samples of camouflage, weapons and equipment on both sides of the conflict. Equipment should be divided clearly by the parties to the conflict, add variety to Russian equipment (because at the moment it noticeably “suffers” and the most recognizable is missing), and all sorts of clowning should be removed completely. After all, World War 3 is not CS:GO or Warface, but a serious shooter.

The list of weapons is not very impressive, but the language does not turn scarce to call it scarce. The game presents real-life models of firearms from different European countries, but mainly Russian and Polish weapons prevail. True, the AK family is presented in the form of an AK-12 prototype, which in fact remained a prototype, because it did not go into the series (that is, such an automatic does not exist in nature). There are also domestic PP presented by Vityazem and shotguns presented by Veprem. It cannot be said that there are a lot of trunks, but their number completely compensates for them with unrealistic customization possibilities. And in this regard, even the Escape from Tarkov remains on the sidelines, because such space in terms of weapon modifications has not yet been anywhere else. You can change pistol grips, stocks, sights, muzzles, colors and much more up to idiocy. For example, you can install three laser pointers at once: one on the bottom and two on the sides. No one forbids anything like this, but it is still difficult to say whether the effect is summed up.

There is also the ability to install side sights, and this turned out to be even more functional than the beveled front sight in Battlefield 4. On the same AK-12, you can put two-fold optics, and attach a collimator to the side for close combat. And it will be quite a convenient assembly. In general, the possibilities of customization are simply huge. The number of available modules is off the charts. Moreover, all modifications have a real prototype and give certain bonuses, but at the same time increase the weight of the weapon. And weight plays an important role, because the heavier the fighter, the slower he will move.

By the way, the armor in World War 3 protects only the area where the armor-element is actually located. And at the moment, the armor in terms of functionality differs only in the level of severity and degree of protection, but not in its area. And you can carry with you two types of weapons at once. And it can be both two absolutely identical “Kalash”, and, for example, two grenade launchers or other different variations of weapons (for example, a grenade launcher and a pistol).

It is also important to note that the full breadth of customization is also available for military equipment and speedsters. Score-streaks generally play an important role in World War 3, because they allow you to call: an ATV, a quadcopter, a drone, additional military equipment and even an air strike on a certain area. In general, interesting mechanics, which again strategically and tactically diversify the gameplay. Available military equipment for today in the game is represented by tanks and armored vehicles. In general, the technique is quite standard and is not particularly different.


After a few dozen hours, World War 3 shows not only its cons, but also its pros. In general, the result of the studio The Farm 51 is more than decent. It’s definitely not a masterpiece or killer of “Battle”, but for that quite a good shooter about modern battles in an excellent setting and with just incredible customization. “World War III” will appeal to any player who is not now interested in the transition of DICE to the fields of the Second World War. Who can’t wait for the new modern multiplayer wars. Who missed modern weapons and equipment. And, despite the fact that the game has recently hit the “early access”, all the mechanics work well, and the project itself is quite playable. The project has all sorts of glitches, bugs and bugs, but they are either isolated or quickly corrected. However, even if you do not dare to buy the game right now, you can wait and watch the game a little, because it definitely has potential.

Reviewer’s verdict

The gameplay of the game is quite good, as for a shooter. There is equipment, a bunch of weapons, unusual maps. Another thing is technical problems. Of course, the mistakes will soon be corrected, but until then, the game may seem like a disgusting project.

In general, any map and animations – everything is great. But there are places with bad graphics, which is impossible not to pay attention to. That’s how disgusting it is in places, but the situation is saved by the darkest possible rooms, in which not even enemies are visible.

Beautiful soundtrack. Weather effects, sounds from vehicles and enemies, shooting – everything is done at a good level. The sounds of gunfire are slightly inferior to those in BF4, but only the most ardent Fan of Batla will notice the difference.

The main disadvantage of multiplayer is that the maps are large, and the skirmishes are local. Connoisseurs of large-scale and epic battles, WW3 clearly will not like it. The game is sorely lacking in serious and active battles.

Management in World War 3 does not cause any negative emotions at all. The characters move smoothly, and the technique and weapons respond as they should. Plus, the game has its own “chips” like tackles and the ability to lie on your back.

WW3 is pretty easy to decide. Miss modern multiplayer shooters? Feel free to buy, the game will be brought to mind. If in doubt, just wait for patches and updates. Fortunately, the price of the game is within reason.

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