Review of the game Expeditions: Viking – “The harsh life of a Viking”

This year, there are more and more games that, in one way or another, affect the Scandinavian era. The only problem is that most of these games affect only the mythological world of the Vikings, based on a variety of sagas, incredible stories and legends. A new project from the Logic Artists studio called “Expeditions: Viking” shows a different side of the North. The game is an epic battle with huge trolls or giants. No travel to and from Valhalla. No conversations with Thor or Odin. Expeditions: Viking introduces the harsh life of a Viking, which only relates to the real facts of the time.

They dreamed of such a game for years. About a life that would have been shown without embellishment, but also without too much pressure of blackness and gloom. About a life that would be half criminal, half political, where there would be no place for a jumble of clichés, cheap heat of passion and epicity. Where would the players be shown memorable characters: simple, more human (with their own shortcomings and advantages) and at the same time who would seem damn interesting. In general, such a game is already here: it is called Expeditions: Viking and costs almost a penny on Steam. The only problem is that it is impossible to play it. It turned out so crude and crooked. And yet there is a chance that far from all is lost. This game review Expeditions: Viking on the large gaming portal “”, the passage of which was crowned with success.

Whose power is the law

“One of the interesting differences in this game is that strangers are not greeted here as ideal saviors of everything that is precious, but as those whose lack of understanding of the general situation can be profitably exploited.”

Britain in the eighth century was the site of death for many northerners. Expeditions: Viking events take the player to a Danish village. The ruler of the village died proudly in battle in an attempt to obtain treasures in a very easy way for a Viking. The main character in Expeditions: Viking becomes the son of the very late head of the village, on whom the developers have shouldered all the burden of government. Of course, many neighbors are unhappy with the fact that some young man who does not have serious achievements in the harsh military culture becomes the ruler of the clan, therefore they believe that he does not have the right to inheritance.

It is also worth adding that the father of the protagonist was not the most successful ruler, so it is quite obvious that he led his people to complete poverty and the inability to compete with other neighbors. So the heir finds himself in a rather difficult situation: if you don’t figure out how to save the village, it will go into the “clutches” of another ruler.

In this regard, it becomes more interesting due to the fact that it will be possible to prove to the Danish king his true right to the throne in several ways at once. For example, you can focus on developing your own army, or plunge headlong into the delights of the trade craft.

So in order to lead your poor people to a brighter future, you can not only go hiking in order to acquire treasures, but also plunder other villages by making raids. You can also find valuable allies and other equally useful trading partners. In the end, no one will forbid you in Expeditions: Viking to do all things at the same time.

“Apart from the choice of sides, there are also vast wild lands, through which you constantly have to wade somewhere.”

Plus, there are choices in Expeditions: Viking, and every choice has consequences. It is necessary to clearly understand and be aware of what you are doing if you want to succeed in the course Expeditions: Viking walkthrough… The relationship between other characters and the main character will take place through interactive dialogues. In these dialogues, as a rule, there are several options for answers – each answer leads to certain decisions. So, for example, it will be possible to come to an agreement with some ruler, finding a way out of the situation common for both parties. Others can be deceived, while others can be quarreled with, condemning several detachments of soldiers to death.

“The developers never judge the choice they have made. The companions condemn, but the writers never impose a certain point of view. ”

Walkthrough for Expeditions: Viking will give a lot of entertaining situations. For example, the formation of a combat situation depends on what decisions you make. However, the prefix “RPG” in the description of the game is not for the sake of beauty, because the role-playing part of the game, one might say, is quite strong. And this applies to both the development of events and the process of pumping heroes. The main character (or heroine) can be created from scratch at the very beginning of the game: by choosing, portrait, name, appearance, characteristics and skills. By the way, the characteristics will affect not only how the hero will fight, but also the total number of available dialogue options in the next conversation. If you wish, you can even create a real high-class diplomat who will resort to force only in incredibly difficult or even hopeless situations.

In general, even if the story in Expeditions: Viking is beaten, it looks pretty fresh, because no one is going to cut everyone out with a relative, just the main character may lose power over his legal settlement. But do you need it? Thus, in Expeditions: Viking, the developers presented a kind of medieval political thriller.

Political games

Special thanks go to Expeditions: Viking for the great music and location design. ”

The storyline in Expeditions: Viking isn’t as pointless as it sounds. She is quite interesting to herself. At least due to the fact that it makes it possible to see the Vikings not only in their usual form, when they represent brave warriors who do not know fear, but also in the sense that they show ordinary people: greedy, cunning and sometimes incredibly mean.

The story develops in such a way that it makes it possible to literally feel the whole essence of people to the smallest detail. During Expeditions: Viking walkthrough the main character is also in every possible way formed and changed, and the companions at this time carefully observe and follow him. Therefore, it is quite obvious that with some companions, even the most faithful ones, relations can be pretty spoiled, while with others they will move to a new level. It all depends only on what kind of vision of the situation you have.

At first, Expeditions: Viking may seem a little meager in variety, but after a few hours of playing through, you stop thinking about it, and the game will completely absorb you, if, of course, you are not afraid to read a lot of text. From time to time you can go on a journey to new lands, and in the meantime, your native village will either develop in your absence, or become poorer. In any case, upon returning, you will be able to see certain changes that have occurred in the absence of the protagonist. So change can go both for the better and for the worse – it all depends on your government.

Fight loves courage

“The camp is part of the big picture, but it doesn’t take away much attention – rather, it just beautifully illustrates everyday adventures.”

No matter how perfect a diplomat you are, sometimes you can’t avoid battles. In Expeditions: Viking, you can’t always be an exceptionally positive person, no matter how much you want it. Sometimes you have to decide to go for a sneaky act, and in some cases even resort to deception and robbery. After all, don’t forget that you are a Viking, not a fairy or a unicorn. Fortunately, fights are also pleasing.

In this game, they are performed with dignity. The battles take place in turn-based mode, therefore it implies a tactical approach to battles. But you will need to think not only about how to kill all the enemies as soon as possible, but also about how your companions do not receive serious injuries, because even after a victorious duel there are consequences. So, for example, someone can be seriously ill.

It is always necessary to clearly and correctly form the squad. Each character must be correctly selected and used. Moreover, you need to have useful skills not only for one character, but also for others. It is necessary to create interaction so that each Viking somehow helps another Viking. Thanks to this approach, not only tactics are formed, but also the general strategy of battles.

“During the transfer, subordinates will spend their time and energy. Over time, they wear out, starve and even come under attack from the outside. ”

At first it may seem that the battles are a little bland, but a little later they reveal their full potential. For example, a warrior with an ax can pick up the enemy’s shield and throw it aside until the end of the turn, after which an archer or a spearman joins in the battle, deftly killing the opened enemy. And that’s not all. The tactical possibilities of interactions are simply surprising: a slinger can throw a pot of oil at an enemy warrior, after which the archer sets fire to that very oil with a well-aimed shot, and at this time your soldiers pour water over themselves so as not to burn out like these poor fellows. Otherwise, there are melee warriors, there are ranged warriors and there are support characters. Tactical emphasis and correct positioning can only be compared to XCOM.

Problems and cons

“Improving peaceful skills is only worth it when the need arises. Of course, Conquistador veterans know this very well, but not newcomers. ”

But as perfect as Expeditions: Viking seems, it comes with serious problems and downsides. The first thing I will note is the bugs and poor optimization. And not just bugs, but serious bugs. Expeditions: Viking technical issues so serious that the game can slow down even in those places where it has the most advanced graphics and technology.

Walkthrough Expeditions: Viking may be aggravated by some kind of black screen. Generally, black screen in Expeditions: Viking Is one of the most common problems. It only saves that the game can often be saved without losing, thus, the progress achieved. Although there are still times when you forget to save and at the most unexpected moment Expeditions: Viking crashes

Bugs and technical issues in Expeditions: Viking – that’s not all. The controls are also incredibly upsetting – they are wildly inconvenient. Especially the camera, so it is annoying. The crux of the problem is that sometimes the viewing angle simply does not allow you to see all the important elements. As a result, you have to spend a lot of time exploring the territory.

Problems in the game can also arise from translation, because it is incredibly crooked. For example, some skills and characteristics are sometimes translated incorrectly, so in some battle not quite what I read about happens. From here there are problems with pumping. It lacks the text and the little things, so the whole story sometimes collapses due to rather strange dialogues.


Expeditions: Viking is a truly addictive game. Whatever the plot, it will not become absolutely realistic in the game, nevertheless, it deserves to plunge into all these events. This is not the same Gods who descended to earth. There are no great heroes. Expeditions: Viking has much more important problems: power struggles, medieval politics, adult problems. The game has its own unique atmosphere, a lot of interesting tasks, tactical situations and, most importantly, choice. A choice for which you will not be punished or condemned. And that’s the beauty of it, because you are left alone with the problems that you yourself have created.

Like the previous project of Logic Artists, Expeditions: Viking tells about the relationship of people in difficult circumstances, about the clash of cultures and religions. But unlike other similar projects, which are designed for the widest audience, in this game they do not throw dogmas and do not try to chew on the fact that the characters living in this world should be silent and understand everything by default. The result is good. It is so good that the game will appeal to any connoisseur of tactical RPGs.

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