Review of the game Hello Neighbor – “The Neighbor’s Secret Revealed?”

Many came across the strangest personalities who, by the will of fate, were in the neighborhood. Each family, and people individually, have their own concept of what kind of life is considered normal. And the way people sometimes behave at a certain moment in any situation can simply shock you. In addition, suspicions are far from always justified and supported by indisputable facts and evidence. As a rule, this is just a banal precaution. But in the case of Hello Neighbor, everything is completely different.

It is worth taking a step back and saying that surreal games are not fun for many. And not even for most developers. Why? Because, to begin with, authors should have an intuitive vision of the boundaries, beyond which the aesthetically valuable absurdity turns into the most stupid imitation with meaningless mysticism. For example, the game Virginia and The Franz Kafka Videogame are projects, albeit not ideal, but for that they do not smell of what is commonly called “cheap”. But from the game created by Dynamic Pixels studio blows. And very much.

Mystery for mystery’s sake

Hello Neighbor. Plot

The story in Hello Neighbor begins promisingly and quite cheerfully: the protagonist becomes a witness to strange events in which the neighbor is involved. If you turn off the logic with questions like “Why doesn’t he call the police?” really a criminal.

“Wanting to protect his home, the neighbor will not know the measures.”

Nevertheless, further the plot takes the form of a ball of threads, which can only be unraveled by visitors to thematic forums. Each subsequent level represents the penetration of the protagonist into a more improved neighbor’s territory. But when and how a neighbor managed to fence off his house from the rest of the world with a huge wall or how he managed to build a railway is unknown. However, why every time you have to wade into these architectural creations, what needs to be found and what the neighbor has done in the end – all this is also a good reason for speculation.

And you shouldn’t hope that Hello Neighbor ending will place all the dots in their proper places. Because, firstly, it comes too unexpectedly (Hello Neighbor walkthrough it will definitely take you no more than four hours) and secondly, the ending only deepens the general misunderstanding of the picture. It’s so easy to immediately understand that now the final of this whole confusing story, which stretched over several years of development, has really come. Perhaps the writers have their own extraordinary vision of the plot and can explain the meaning of every detail during the passage. But you, as an ordinary player, will definitely not want to go through the game again, so that, already knowing about certain information, look for additional clues or facts of this story. So after passing the game, the opinion remains that the storyline does not have any exact information about what actually happened.

“And who even came up with this animation of the legs when going up the stairs? Does the main character walk? Walks. Well, that’s all. “

No logic – just intuition

Hello Neighbor. Overview

The gameplay in Hello Neighbor is absolutely the same problem as the storyline. At the beginning of the passage: enthusiastically paving your way through a neighbor’s house in stealth mode, looking for objects, distracting the mustache’s attention and solving a variety of riddles. But, as they say, “the further into the forest, the more firewood.” The mechanics of the game remain unchanged throughout the passage: you can take a variety of things, throw them and use some of them. A neighbor dilutes the routine a little, because he wanders around the territory and periodically arranges “catch-up”. This process may resemble Alien: Isolation, but only superficially. That is, you can distract the attention of your neighbor, like a stranger, with thrown objects; you can hide in closets or under a bed, and the whole process is accompanied by disturbing music and a shaking screen. Only from hiding, the hero watches not a creepy monster, but a strange mustachioed man who, if he catches it, does not bite off his head or tear off some limb, he simply sets a lot more traps, and the level reboots.

“There is no animation of the movement of the legs, but for that there are hands!”.

And during the entire passage you will have to run from room to room, choose less annoying penetration routes and solve puzzles. But the whole gameplay of Hello Neighbor consists of puzzles. The funny thing is that from these puzzles in the game only, in fact, the very definition. Their value is questionable, and the logic to which they obey is far from the most obvious, therefore Hello Neighbor walkthrough not many people can do it without YouTube.

This game is very strange. It’s weird in every detail: mechanics, visual design, plot. The style of the game is really nice and funny in places – you can’t argue with that. Typical horror elements and intense sound effects are curiously combined with colorful graphics. In addition, many locations are beautifully executed, so more than once you can find interiors pleasing to the eye.

“You try to catch this petty weasel, you always set traps, and then once – and become depressed.”

Many levels in the game are executed, so to speak, carelessly. The premises either do not have furniture, or this furniture is repeated. The bulk of the interior won’t tell any story. The design in Hello Neighbor is made without any sense or even logic. Users come up with some creative ideas themselves. From what he saw, it seems that the developers simply lacked talent. Therefore, if, for example, in the game The Beginner’s Guide such emptiness is explained by the fact that the project has such a concept, then in Hello Neighbor it is just hack.

Technical implementation

Hello Neighbor. Technical problems

But playing Hello Neighbor, I would like to tell a lot more about the technical implementation, because the gameplay does not contain so many details that could be somehow interesting to talk about – everything is banal and simple. The gameplay in the game is full of all sorts of flaws and problems. For example, in the game there is an impermissible crazy physics: either the character pushes off the ground with a hanger and makes a ten-meter jump, then the ball laid on the ground rolls to the very edge of the level. Chairs get stuck in the walls. Plates are in balls. And the neighbor in general – whatever.

“This neighbor is broken, bring a new one!”

Accidental combination of any two material objects is accompanied by an unpleasant rattling sound. Hello Neighbor can even lose sound, crash, or any other unexpected event that doesn’t even cause fun. And I remind you that this is the final version of the game – release.

Even at the beta testing stage, there were many bugs. And even their developers haven’t fixed them since that time. The correct sequence of solving puzzles can be easily bypassed, and far from in one place: for example, you can get some object behind bars, corny using clumsy physics in the game, or in some places you can just go through the wall.

“A chair in the wall is a very common situation for Hello Neighbor.”

Even deceiving a neighbor and locking him up in a room costs nothing. So there is no need to use the author’s options for this, like the same gatherings in the closet. When you understand how the game works, then you can completely forget about all these “hide and seek”, goose walking and imperceptible penetration. Because quite often it happens that a neighbor does not follow an ideal trajectory, cannot overcome any obstacles and in general often gets stuck in some textures.


Hello Neighbor is a pathetic attempt at a surreal-style stealth horror game. Of course, the language does not dare to call this attempt successful. In addition, if you take into account that the developers promised a self-learning neighbor, then you can’t look at the game without tears at all. You rarely have to really think logically, because the solution to the puzzles has no obvious connection. The only thing you can grab hold of and consider it an advantage of the game: a pleasant visual style and racing with a mustachioed neighbor. Otherwise, Hello Neighbor is a failure. Failure in every sense: campaign, poor gameplay, plot, technical implementation. The game can interest only those who enjoy every trick of the program code and riddles inaccessible to the ordinary mind.

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