Ryse: Son of Rome Review

Speaking about the game Ryse: Son of Rome, it is immediately worth remembering that for Crytek the game was not at all typical, but completely new. The company, which has been stamping first-person shooters all its existence, suddenly switches to the genre of antiquity splash and, in this case, make an unreleased game for the unreleased Xbox One. But this project was already able to survive the change of its concept and name: at first the game was supposed to be called Codename: Kingdoms, it was supposed to be released on the old Xbox 360 and it was supposed to use Kinect. Moving away from all this news, you could scratch your head.

A lot of time has passed since then, and Ryse: Son of Rome was able to enter its native platform, collect a variety of reviews, but recently, despite the love for Xbox, it was also released on everyone’s favorite PC. As a result, we thought that we need to take a closer look at the new version of the game.

The plot of the game Ryse: Son of Rome is simply woven from a variety of places. From the movie “Gladiator” (Ridley Scott) to the equally famous game God of War. The protagonist is a young Roman soldier named Marius, who has been assigned to the great Second Legion, which is located in Alexandria. Arriving before his parents’ hometown, he goes to tell them the good news, after which they are all attacked by savages. Soon the whole family dies: father, mother and younger sister – subsequently the main character is devoured by hatred for the barbarians. Further, the story tells how he courageously kills outlandish Britons, after which he goes to Rome to take revenge on the real villains.

The game cannot even be called a spoiler – it becomes clear at the very beginning of the game who exactly deprived the young legionnaire of all the most expensive. The plot cannot be called the strongest side – the characters are sketchy to the limit, although there is intrigue, there is none at all, and the entire construction compiled by the screenwriters is more reminiscent of ceremonial functions.

And on the other hand, Ryse: Son of Rome is a bunch of noise, rage, gore, the great Colosseum and deadly sorties behind enemy lines. After the release of the game on Xbox One, many began to accuse the game of having a combat system built entirely on QTE, and this is partly true. At the heart of its fights, Ryse: Son of Rome is more like an Assassin’s Creed game and Batman: Arkham Asylum – all slashing enemies, accumulating various bonuses for combo streaks, while being careful not to get hit. Finishing plays an important role in the game – it here and at the same time displays a bad and good element of the game.

Although all the fights look incredibly spectacular. But finishing off with a pair begins to be repeated, so the opportunity has been made to buy new combat combinations. It becomes interesting to watch with what ardent rigidity the brave legionnaire cuts down everyone who stands in his way. According to the plot, Marius can be said to be reincarnated as the legendary spirit of vengeance, which was perfectly reflected in the gameplay of the game.

All fatalities fit perfectly into the local gameplay. The developers tried to fit fatalities into all the most important elements of the game. After finishing off, the hero can replenish with new health, experience, or “focus”, which begins to be spent when slowing down time or paralyzing opponents. In general, we can say fatality is a local first-aid kit, a mana potion is what modern video games resort to.

And of course it is worth noting that the game is simply incredibly beautiful, especially on more powerful computers. You can watch screenshots and videos for days, but in the “live” sensations there are completely different. When you play Ryse: Son of Rome, you realize how masterfully the game was designed. Even technically and visually. The game picture is so lively and clear that it seems to a couple that the massacre is about to turn into real life.


Definitely. The game Ryse: Son of Rome will be especially appreciated by those who love beauty and spectacle. To stop thinking about something, you just need to plunge into the endless bloody meat. Ryse: Son of Rome can be called “God of War: for grown-ups and nerds”. But if you came into the game in search of a deep and unique story, then you just made the wrong game.

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