Shadow Warrior (2013) Review

This time we have to visit modern China – here you will see tall skyscrapers, cultural values, various courtyards, temples and statues. You will also spend part of this fascinating story in the World of Shadows, the views of which will fascinate you every time, but the problem is that there are too few of them.

If we touch on the gameplay, then we can safely say that we have before us a real representative of the “Old School”, but as in the case of Hard Reset, he is not a purebred. Complex, open and simply huge locations, many different weapons, a large number of enemies, very dynamic battles – all this merged together with the RPG-system of our hero’s development. Throughout the game, the main character will develop, increase his health and stamina, learn more and more tricks and even spells. In addition to all this, there is even an opportunity to install various modifications that not only increase the attack, but even the characteristics. All of this greatly affects the gameplay of the game. Thanks to this, the dynamics of battles increases, so instead of running away from opponents, you have to go into a frontal attack again. But the trouble is that all these mechanisms have been working only for a while.

As always, in many new projects, new ambitious ideas are brought to the fore, so Shadow Warrior was no exception and made the same mistakes: staging, balance and content. Apparently, the game developers also chased after innovations and completely forgot about what “OldSchool” shooters are based on now.

The first couple of hours to notice the catch is simply impossible. The shooter seems to be just fine. There are also challenging battles that require you to apply all the necessary skills. It seems that Shadow Warrior will be able to compete with the likes of Bulletstorm, Painkiller and Serious Sam. But the deeper you go, the more you begin to notice errors in the game design of the game.

First of all, it is worth noting the balance: firearms, even with pumping and improvements, still become useless, and in magic, healing magic is more or less useful (but here it can get to the point of absurdity, since with a good skill leveling, enemies for you will become walking first-aid kits and health you will have every time more than enough), but the katana here is so “cool” that with it you can go through the entire game.

In the role-playing system, only some of the characteristics really represent some kind of usefulness, so you don’t really need to get hung up on the hero’s leveling. The content also represents the lion’s share of shortcomings: if at first the developers are trying to diversify the monster chopper, then after going a little further, every time you are simply thrown into various arenas, which, in turn, are crammed with the same monsters. So the game shows all its trump cards before it even reaches the middle.

The boss fights only worsen the current situation and do not bring any variety. As a result, we have a game that is just a kind of “killer” of your time from which you did not get even a drop of pleasure. What can I say, if even the level of difficulty does not play a special role here.

It becomes more offensive that many nice little things were simply cut out of the game and it would be enough to just “polish” the game to get rid of some of the shortcomings.

The project can’t even rehabilitate the storyline in any way. There are only really stylish comic screensavers, a couple of interesting dialogues and references to the most popular action movies, but otherwise everything gradually “melts”. Thus, the main plot remained too weak, so apparently Bulletstorm will continue to occupy its worthy old school place for a long time.


For Flying Wild Hog, Shadow Warrior is still a small step forward. They were able to fix quite a lot of mistakes. Harg Reset were able to make everyone believe that their next project will be able to reach a really high level, but perhaps it is worth taking on Shadow Warrior when its competitors are erased to the very holes.

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