Sniper Elite: Zombie Army Trilogy Review

Starting to review the Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy, it’s worth saying right away that this is the final part of the popular spinoff in the Sniper Elite series about the zombie fascists who have returned to life. Surprisingly, the third part came out in a large pack, so the trilogy combined all three parts of the series.

The history of the game still touches on the theme of the war with the zombie Nazis. But if you hear about it for the first time, then here is the full story: Adolf Hitler is already at the edge of the abyss, so knowing that “advice” is about to destroy the Third Reich and give him devils, he goes over to his plan “B”, and precisely to occult technologies and as a result, resurrects a whole horde of zombie fascists who begin to fight on his side.

What happened in the end? Europe is drowning from zombie misfortune and other hellish spirits. A little later, thanks to the “fruitfulness” of the Second World War, the whole world is already kneeling beside the zombie-fascists.

As expected, in the face of a universal threat, people who were previously enemies unite to repulse a common enemy. In general, people gathered and began to fight Hitler, who went crazy. The new group of heroes represents people from all over the world: Russian, American, German and even British. Together they set off to hunt the leader of the infernal misfortune, who, as it turns out, has settled in the very “heart” of Europe and is surrounded by zombie minions.

The big hunt hasn’t gone out of style

As expected, the gameplay has not changed since the two previous installments. Based on this, the cooperative part dominates in Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy, where players as part of a group (which consists of four players) roam the various arenas and each time fight against “clouds” of advancing zombies, and in the final part they fight as it should be with some cool Boss.

By following the “twist” of Sniper Elite, players can shoot cool and beautiful sniper shots, which are also known as the X-rey camera. As usual, each player can watch how the fired bullet hits the body of the enemy and goes through the whole body. To put it simply, it will again be possible to observe how you shoot through the bones, arms, legs, skull and much more.

As stated above, the co-op plays an initial role in the game. As it should be, a simply gorgeous arsenal of weapons was created for him. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. A large number of various assault rifles, shotguns and pistols are waiting for you. In addition, the players were also not deprived of dynamite, landmines, stretch marks and grenades. And in general, how can you do without this if a crowd of corpses is rushing at you, and you really want to throw a grenade under their feet so that their body parts are scattered throughout the territory!

Loneliness …

Let’s again touch on the topic of the cooperative mode and be a little sad, since at what time the game is calculated only for the network and cooperative mode. Fighting alone with Hitler’s henchmen becomes too boring, and even a couple of painfully difficult. If you are not playing in co-op, then the game for you loses a huge share of interest. In the new Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy, you may not expect a good singleplayer, but you can still go through the plot for the sake of a technical plan.

There are a number of reasons why singles will not be able to properly play enough of an already existing trilogy. One of these reasons, for example, the most commonplace, is holding a key position. The whole problem is that you will be attacked from several sides and you will need to run from one corner of the map to another, which does not add any comfort. It all comes down to the fact that you have defended one point and run with mats to another, as there is full of walking corpses.

Another no less annoying problem of a single company is that you are fighting with some regular batch of enemies and suddenly, some armored Nazi zombie appears, who immediately starts chasing you all over the territory and it is not so easy to kill him, so as a certain weapon is required, while there is still a horde of ordinary zombies wandering around! Almost the same situation is with the zombies that will jump on the roofs.

Well, the last problem lies in the equipment, since it will not be possible to take a huge amount of weapons with you. Each enemy and a group of enemies have their own weak points, so a pair of each enemy needs a certain weapon. As a result, it turns out to be just a banal problem – a lack of weapons. All battles soon converge to the fact that you have to constantly cut a large number of circles on the map, in search of some kind of weapon. And this is not to mention the Bosses, in a battle with which not only the weapon may not fit, but also you have to perform ten different actions at once.

So what happens? And it turns out to be such an inconvenient passage that only the most patient players can play, who can play catch-up with enemies for hours, do the same thing a hundred times, and of course, miss, because after a miss you usually have to make another hundred laps.

As for the cooperative, it is completely different! Cooperative, something positive about it all. Having assembled a cool team, you can deal with even the most “unpleasant” enemy in the game. At the same time, you will not be bored at all. Even if you look at the cooperative in terms of ammunition and ammunition, you can immediately say that you will have a lot more weapons, explosives and many other “toys”. Most importantly, when playing in co-op, you can always indulge yourself with a faustpatron, a rapid-fire rifle, some kind of shotgun, and even a bag full of stretch marks!

Sniper legacy

Everyone is probably already thinking – how are things going with the shooting? Those who have already been acquainted with the Sniper Elite series, then for sure know that the game is still built around sniper traditions, so again everyone will have to bring down all the corpse-eaters with their competent sniper shooting. In general, nothing has changed in this regard and is still in its rightful places. In addition, players will be able to set their own difficulty level and range of shooting simulation. Each player will be able to arrange for himself the most real hardcore, where wind, distance, direction and even the density of the material will be taken into account.

If you’ve never played a game like this, or haven’t wanted to until now, then just know that Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army puts a lot of emphasis on sniper shooting and sickening bullet flight simulation. It was on these simulations of bullets that the series once became famous, reaching serious positions in the gaming industry. The game will skillfully simulate the hit of a bullet and its passage through the body. Lead will not only achieve the specified goal, but also show you how it got through, where it got to, and much more. You will be shown how arms, legs, skull, ribs break, how a heart breaks and much more.

If you hit the skull, you will definitely see the following picture: a bullet hits the skull, breaks it, pieces of bones, together with the entrails, scatter in all directions and the target dies after that. There are many similar pictures, but nevertheless, over time it all gets boring.

Until the last zombie Nazi

As before, a number of tasks will be available in the game, which in turn will be formed into a company. The plot drags on, as it should be, but still slides into the fact that you are being chased through various arenas and forced to hold back the onslaught of hordes of zombies every time. There will not be any cunning and abstruse corridor – you entered the arena, filled up a crowd of Nazi zombies and stomped further.

There is nothing new, but the battles began to be worked out better and the players are given space, which is enough for maneuvers, turns and other things. Also, now they have made fewer skirmishes in narrow corridors and more in spacious areas, thus making it possible to fully enjoy all the delights of the sniper craft. The dictionaries, which were not given the last place in the game, are also very pleasing. But nevertheless, closer to the finale, you get very tired of all this and generally get bored with a couple.

With the enemies, things are completely different, since it is immediately obvious that the developers were trying to somehow dilute the existing gameplay and significantly complicate the lives of the players. The walkthrough talked about many enemies, but the most important thing is that not all can be laid down with one clear shot to the head. If before that everyone was frightened by a fascist with a large machine gun, with which you would pretty much cut your nerves while you punch his cuckoo, then they added another monster with a chainsaw and even an incomprehensible slugger in powerful armor! In general, such a variety can be enjoyed in cooperative mode, as the game turns out to be surprisingly lively and energetic.


Summing up, we can say that Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy is the most common zombie shooter. She is not the best playing in single player mode, as without a well-coordinated team it becomes difficult and if the enemies do not finish you off, then it will undoubtedly be boring. The third part turned out to be almost the same as the games before that, but it may only have changed due to a more normal and playable concept. Even though we managed to tighten the schedule, the stability of the work is lame, so it raises a lot of doubts. In general, the cooperative carries, as usual, the whole load of cons. If not for the network part of the game, then there would be nothing to do here.

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